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Herring under a fur coat with pickles, step by step recipe with photos

  • medium boiled beets — 1 pc
  • medium boiled potatoes — 2 pcs
  • salted herring fillet — 4 pcs
  • 2-3 cucumbers
  • Hard boiled eggs — 2 pieces
  • mayonnaise — 1/2 cup
  • big apple — 1 pc

There was a herring under a fur coat in an era of total shortage, when the products in stores.

Traditional New Year’s recipes with photos are recipes for a real holiday and a great one.

really liked the design of salad! +5

I will be at the New Year’s table to please my family with such a beautiful dish)

And I recommend putting butter on a fine grater and a thin layer on top of the herring, and then apply a layer of mayonnaise.

Moreover, if you use mayonnaise in the recipe, the dish will be easier.

I always bow onion with boiling water for 1-2 minutes.

In the salad there is no bitterness from him, there is a smell in the mouth and so nice crunches.

Great! Has anyone tried to replace herring with smoked balyk or smoked herring?

The taste will shake you!

Salad is a miracle! And it looks great and eats with pleasure.

Just decorating the table. My son’s birthday falls on Lent.

I cook this salad without eggs and with lean (soy) mayonnaise — yum fingers, and again a festive look.

Thanks for the recipe.

did not understand something when there is a beet? in front of cucumbers?

In my herring (and I love her very much) there is everything: finely chopped potatoes, small herring, chopped onions, boiled-grated eggs on a large grater, carrots, the same thing, and beets. .Thank you very much))))))).

And for my family I have long been making herring under a fur coat without potatoes and finely cutting ingredients.

It turns out a light salad. Thank you for a great design idea.

Be sure to try.

Recipes of herring under a fur coat with onion-carrot-cucumber potatoes are just a salad with herring, which is also very tasty.

Try to cook this dish a little differently. This is something special and completely different vkus.

The formula is simple — this dish should combine 3 tastes: salty (herring), sour (apple) and sweet (beet). Recipe: put a herring into slices, grated apple, grated beets and mayonnaise in a deep transparent salad bowl, then in the same sequence another layer, and more layers, how much will fit into the salad bowl.

Keep in the fridge for 3 hours, then grease with mayonnaise and decorate.

Try it, you will not regret!

I always add onions, but only green. But at all I do not recognize the apple in this salad.

Making Pts. it is tempting. I think cucumbers should shine

The idea is good. It is better " scales" place in the opposite direction.

I made scales of boiled carrots and cucumbers. Placed in stripes, i.e. a row of carrot circles, a row of cucumbers.

Slightly walked gelling solution. turned out beautiful shine and contrasting color ..

And the second fish did only carrots, chewed 2 times, stronger. turned out " gold fish".

And the scales are really the other way around.

I did like a living fish.

From this taste has not changed.

Made one fish (recipe floor).

My husband really liked it. Well, that without a bow. Many do not like him.

The fish was very beautiful and tasty.

Thanks for the idea.

Master class failed, but the idea is great, thank you!

It seems to me that the scales are made in the other direction. or is it so conceived?

original and just gorgeous !!

In myring, under a fur coat for my taste, it is better to soak the onion in vinegar and water for 10 minutes, then squeeze it well and put it in the first layer.

Before laying fish, you can still, onion, sprinkle it with vegetable oil.

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