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Herring under a fur coat, step by step recipe with photos

One of the most popular salad recipes on our website and in Russian Internet.

  • potato — 3 pcs
  • eggs — 2 pieces
  • carrot — 3 pcs
  • beets — 2 pieces
  • salt — to taste
  • salted herring — 2 pcs
  • mayonnaise — 200 g
  • apple — 2 pieces
  • onion in husk — 1 onion

Before serving, herring can be sprinkled with chopped green onions.

No New Year’s salads — Olivier, mimosa and herring under a fur coat, we already no longer.

The most famous salad with herring — of course, the good old "fur coat"one of the pillars.

Traditional New Year’s recipes with photos are recipes for a real holiday and a great one.

For every meal, for every occasion and at any time of year there will be suitable recipes for salads. Because .

There was a herring under a fur coat in an era of total shortage, when the products in stores.

Tina, what kind of pickled onions do you want to know?

Small pearl or about the classics — about the powder? Here are a couple of recipes for pickled onions: https://www.gastronom.ru/recipe/14357/marinovannyj-luk, https://www.gastronom.ru/recipe/8415/marinovannyj-luk, https: //www.gastronom .ru / recipe / 34347 / luk-marinovannyj-s-kivi

Oh, how many comments. Only a third mastered read. Many write about pickled onions.

Tell me, please, how are you marinating?

What avocados!? It will be no longer "fur coat".

Just for the classics! Great recipe.

And I, too, for the classic recipe 🙂

Word "potato" exists in the Ukrainian language.

For Natalia from 11/24/15! First, read the original recipe.

Secondly, the word potato does not exist. Thirdly, gourmets would add avocado, and not a sour apple. Straight "Love affair at work".

And all the beautiful New Year, with a classic table.

SMOOTH .. what else to say

When eggs, potatoes, carrots are put in a fur coat, this is a terrible medevoy, hellish vinaigrette! Real gourmets put in this salad: beet, herring, onion, sour apple, squeezed lemon and mayonnaise.

Easy and wide!

and still very tasty to replace herring with boiled beef and add a thin layer of walnut or peanut

For Amel! With ready fillet, it is so-so salad. You can not peel the fillet, do not cook this salad.

Most importantly, not beets.

And that the salad would not be watery beets just just need to squeeze.

With regards to mayonnaise, it is to taste, and without fanaticism.

For Amel. The highlight of the salad is not in beet color.

Herring, sliced ​​with his own hands, gives this salad a special highlight, not a combination of salty and sweet. This is generally nonsense. And that the salad was not watery beets should be pressed.

It should sometimes include logic. Happy New Year)

I do not mess with cutting herring, buy fillets in oil. The most important thing — the beets should be sweet and rich burgundy color. I hate the pale coat!

If the beets are not sweet, the whole zest of the salad disappears — a combination of salty and sweet, there will be no fur coat. And it is better to bake beets, then the salad will not be watery, with mayonnaise, you also need to know the measure

I chop the onion finely and put it in the marinade consisting of water, sugar, salt and vinegar for 30 minutes, and then take out, squeezing out extra liquid I don’t put apples and eggs at all, I think this is like a mockery

And I’m surely chopped the onions with scalds of boiling water, then the marina in apple bite for 1 hour, and only then I cut finely in "fur coat". I do not use eggs.

Bravo, guest! -Well said about fried potatoes, etc., then called "under a fur coat" :)) Read about the history of this salad.

The basic ingredients are herring, onions, potatoes, carrots, apples, beets and mayonnaise. There are no eggs at all.

I make a very thin first layer of potatoes, if the salad is cooked on a flat dish, I don’t smear anything on it, there is already a layer of herring on it. Solely that the finished salad looked better, the potatoes absorbed the liquid from the herring, and the salad did not "swimming".

Then again potatoes, carrots, apples, beets. Beets are good baked in the microwave or oven, there is no excess water in it and the salad looks good.

Between all layers (except the first potato and herring layer) a good non-sour Provensal.

If the herring is postnovat, it is not bad to soak a layer of herring with vegetable oil.

I love herring .. and beets. and "Fur coat"..but I cook without eggs and apples .. a minimum of potatoes and carrots, more herring and beets. Onions are always marinated. If according to the classic recipe, then the layer of herring is the first. But in general, an amateur.

But please, if you add fried (!) Potatoes, peas, cucumbers or replace herring for anything, DO NOT CALL it "A fur coat".If you had enough imagination to fuck up a salad, then think up the name of your burda.

Thank you. Very tasty! I cooked and tasted.

I am 10 years old. But I want to make herring salad under a fur coat

And who asks you to salt herring? If you have no taste and common sense, then at least read carefully: all layers of vegetables are offered to salt. If commenting on other people’s recipes is all you can do in cooking, post your recipes for us.

With pleasure we will be curious.

I’m cooking "fur coat" since I found this recipe, everything fits perfectly, including an apple.

The proportions (adequate cooks will pick them up, even if the bulb is about the size of a child’s head) are quite understandable.

Thanks for the recipe, the author — you instilled in me a love for this salad!

And who asks you to salt herring? If you have no taste and common sense, then at least read carefully: all layers of vegetables are offered to salt. If commenting on other people’s recipes is all you can do in cooking, post your recipes for us.

With pleasure we will be curious. I’m cooking "fur coat" since I found this recipe, everything fits perfectly, including an apple.

The proportions (adequate cooks will pick them up, even if the bulb is about the size of a child’s head) are quite understandable.

Thanks for the recipe, the author — you instilled in me a love for this salad!

from Mathieu it is not at all that herring is another thing I cook almost as well just not salty if you drink well it will be that nada

The dumbest recipe! Who is salt herring? She is already salty, with this recipe one salt is obtained!

don’t give up — and do not judge — balbes — that only official mistakes are seen and too lazy to cook — as parasyat eat everything —- what we give to them

piled with the peasants all in one pot mixed, but when transported the salad shook, then turned over, in general, all the layers were mixed.

And that’s the main thing-the taste was the same. do not worry!

I always cook this salad according to this recipe, it turns out very tasty.


OK. should sand be salty or sweet? or the old fashioned usual crisp like in childhood?

To those Guests who are indignant about the sand: to you when they say in the auto repair shop: "candles need to be changed"Are you going to buy wax candles? Or if you are told: "oil painting", You think about cream?

Each profession / industry, in sports, art, yes, anywhere, has its own specific language.

And if you at the word "sand" In the recipe for the sandbox you think, it means that you are not only a beginner in cooking, but most likely you are holding the recipe in your hands for the first time.

It would be also good if the cooks were guided not only by the recipe, but also by common sense, as well as their own taste.

It would be nice if they wrote in recipes of what size or weight, for example, onions. Or carrots.

Here we have bulbs with the head of a two-year-old child. Of course, I am not a professional, but I feel that with such an onion I will spoil the entire fur coat. Especially if the beet is the size of a chicken egg.

Proportions, please, gentlemen.

By the way, someone mentioned sand there.

Is it about sugar?

Very tasty if the potatoes fry.

The remaining layers as usual.

Very tasty if the potatoes fry.

The remaining layers as usual.

Here, I read on one site such a comment under the recipe: "Elena 13 Feb 2007 19:28 We need to sprinkle onions with sand and let them stand a little bit, bitterness will go away, and mayonnaise dilute some water in which the beets are boiled and add some sand — the result will be amazing!" 🙂 And, I thought, and if you add more gravel to the salad, it will turn out to be yummy!

Thanks to all the good people who share their wonderful recipes! Let the New Year’s Horse give each of you its lucky horseshoe!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

For clever people who condemn illiteracy.

Before recommending that others write correctly, you need to learn how to do it yourself.

See the difference between a dash and a hyphen, do not forget the letters at the end of words, put commas in the right places. And check written before printing, taking care of those who then it will read.

I also do not like it when people write illiterately, but from such self-affirming and illiterate authors feel sick even more.

This is a culinary site, and comments should relate to recipes, not your self-esteem problems that you carry with you to all sites.

What nonsense are you all carrying here. Yes, you cook this "fur coat" as you like, but why clog up the site with nonsense?

Yes, still illiterate.

It is a shame, gentlemen.

To the previous guest 12/30/2013 7:37:04 You do not make mistakes before teaching others. Google to help you) friend’s hint: check the word kagbudto)) and have a hand on or by

Well, what to say. Housewives are wonderful. Even, mostly, well brought up.

And with the Russian language as if not familiar.

It’s a pity.

It may be necessary to have dictionaries at hand. For the advice where the vegetables are cooked in the oven — thanks! Happy New Year!

Good luck and prosperity!

I steamed vegetables.

You read and hair on the head stand on end.

Over the past 23 years, we have grown an illiterate generation, they don’t even understand what we are surprised at and resent.

Although sometimes in the running line of the 1st TV channel, there are also enough errors.

and I cut everything into small cubes_ except for onions (half rings). I pour over the field and the onion with lemon and sprinkle with pepper. then korotushka, carrots, eggs, beets. I smear all the layers with moonaise (a little) in the winter I add dried greens to my monoise, it tastes better. my husband really likes)

And instead of boiled carrots, I put it raw. Delicious !

People, learn the great Russian language.

You are welcome!

Salad is very tasty. Thank you for the recipe!

The most delicious coat is obtained when baking vegetables in the oven in foil. When I do not cook vegetables for salads, they lose their vitamins and become watery.

1 layer of herring 2 layer of steamed onion and sprinkled with lemon, a couple of drops 3 layer of potatoes cut into small cubes, mixed with sour cream and dill 4 layer not large apple on a fine grater 5 layer of cubed markov mixed with sour cream and a pinch of mustard 6 layer of beads cubes mixed with sour cream, a clove of garlic and a tablespoon of walnuts. Everything is decorated with nuts

Very tasty coats, Venigret and Olivier salads are obtained when the vegetables are baked in the oven in foil, they retain their vitamins. All guests praise for the most delicate taste and secret I give to everyone with pleasure.

And when preparing puff salads, I do not lubricate each layer with mayonnaise, but immediately mix the ingredients with mayonnaise (naturally, each separately) and spread it into a salad.

With this method, the salad will always be juicy and the likelihood that it will not be soaked with mayonnaise is excluded.

Herring fillet, boiled egg-finely chopped, grated beetroot, grate, put everything one layer at a time, coat with salted sour cream on top.


No apples, carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, mayonnaise. This is a HERBAL SOLDER.

No salad vinaigrette "confusion".

Reread a bunch of recipes "fur coats" and all the reviews here. Nowhere is there such a composition to which I am accustomed. My mom always cooked, and now I don’t even" fur coat"and easy "robe".

But the beauty is precisely in its lightness. Layers: herring, onion, apple, beet, mayonnaise, egg. Maybe someone will need this recipe.

Much tastier than with potatoes, as it neutralizes, clogs all tastes.

for the place of apples, you can add pickles .. as for me it turns out delicious.

Herring under a fur coat can be made without apples, everyone decides for himself how he tastes better. I like it with apples, but I don’t have a husband or daughter, so I submit 🙂

And I put herring, onions, potatoes, carrots, beets, some sunflower oil and mayonnaise in a herring under a fur coat.

And very tasty, everyone likes.

And we always did at home without apples and eggs.

And all the components of the salad were ground through a meat grinder, so it turns out a very delicate and tasty salad.

I always do the same under a fur coat and my family really likes

Everyone has different tastes, apples are perverted for me! I rub on a fine grater))) Potatoes.

Herring mixed with onions and mayonnaise.

Carrots Beetroot Mayonnaise with a little garlic))) Eggs. Dill))) Thickness of mayonnaise is impossible to eat, and two layers of herring and svera are quite enough)))

what you have nothing to do?

I work in a restaurant, so we have to add chefs to the salad, apples. We can say that they do not spoil the taste. But sometimes, if the apples are sour, it’s just terrible.

Restaurant guests are one and complain. My opinion is that there can be no apples, why add to the salad, where all the vegetables are boiled, fresh apples !?

I liked the recipe, the salad is very tasty

And I agree with the opinion about apples. You can add anything, but it will be a different salad.

Need to write, they say, a salad based on "Herring under a fur coat" etc.

I agree with the opinion against apples.

Everything has its place. And shoving apples and oranges in everything is a sign of a lack of taste. IMHO.

There also pineapples and prunes.

And I do everything on a fine grater! gentlest miracle!

Although the apples did not add, but I will try.

Very tasty recipe!

I always make herring with a green apple, it gives a very unusual spring taste! Those comments that flatly deny an apple in a salad and are still angry at this are most likely written in the distant outbacks of our homeland, where they still don’t know what delicious salads are with mangoes, and oranges, etc.

So, my herring: potatoes, herring, onions (scalded and soaked for 20 minutes in wine vinegar), mayonnaise, carrots, mayonnaise, protein, mayonnaise, cheese, green apple, mayonnaise, beets, mayonnaise, yolk.

Good evening! Very chic recipe! Thank you very much!

People. And who is this recipe angry boil or bake potatoes and eat with herring! Delicious!

And do not be angry.

Each cook has his own recipe.

Apples combine with absolutely all vegetables, also with carrots, for example, take an apple, carrot, garlic and mayonnaise, isn’t it tasty ?!

Hello. There is the following variant of layering: beet, herring, onion (pickled), beet again, potatoes, carrots.

In this version, all components retain their flavor.

Congratulations to all with the Old-New Year! I wish you the very best! I’m angry at the presence of apples in the recipe!

More b jam added! ABOUT "fur coat" I know about 25 years.

The simplest and quite tasty recipe: potatoes, herring, onions, beets, and between them naturally mayonnaise (homemade). Closer to nature and less chemistry. If the herring is well salted, then you can not salt.

In general, Olivier and Mimosa COX.

Not everyone wants to poke around in the herring. Bon Appetit everyone!)

I like herring very much under a fur coat, but since I like to experiment, I decided to change the recipe a little bit. Try it, very much nothing.

The first layer is finely chopped herring, sprinkle with finely chopped and scalded onions, lightly grease with mayonnaise.

The second layer of eggs grated on a large grater (I have a grater is not very large), grease with mayonnaise. The third layer of beets grated on the same grater, again with mayonnaise. Top grated cheese on a medium grater.

It turns out very gently and airy.

Herring under the fur coat.

Oh. I do not know girls, I have everything turned out without apples

I constantly cook herring under a fur coat, then with my mother, then without)) I just think that an apple is not combined with a vegetable such as carrots, beets and potatoes. But this is my opinion)

I will allow, instead of herring, a bed of mother in oil.

Danuta, and what is the problem between "fur coat" and children? My wonderful eat and do not represent the New Year without this salad!

And the Guest gave a hint excellent!

Even in the finished fillet bones come across!

At the expense of apples, this is all a matter of taste, my mother has always done with apples and I, accordingly, also do.

Very good recipe. Great photo.

Thank you very much.

for guest: children "fur coat" with a herring? If the child does not cope with small bones, then WHAT to him "fur coat"?herring? ForSergeyB.: Marinaded onion in vinegar.provide your recipe.thank you.

ALL: I do not lay EGGS. Not "fit"..for"Mimosa"- great.

without apples, it seems to me that the salad is tastier. Try putting salted salmon instead of herring.

I want to share a way to prepare the herring for the salad.

This applies especially to those who have children. It is very difficult to completely clear the fish from the bones and peels, so when I was prompted to turn herring through a meat grinder, in which all the bones remain.

The resulting slurry is laid as usual in alternating layers with vegetables, but the children eat calmly and save time on cooking.

And I use onions only pickled. I cut rings of medium thickness (about half a centimeter). For a minute, pour hot water (not with boiling water, but 60-65 degrees, and very briefly — this will keep it "crunchy properties" : 0) I pour out the water and pour marinade: water, vinegar, sugar, salt, black pepper, laurel.

Good — a suitable onion in such a way can be very tasty marinated in an hour. For a fur coat, of course, then I cut it more finely.

And I tried it with an apple — I did not like it. And I also put a layer of grated boiled yolk on a small grater — this is an airy coat. 🙂

Today I will try with pineapple instead of apple

I remember as a student I conducted a survey among classmates: what is your favorite salad? "Herring under a fur coat" — became number 1 🙂 Very tasty salad, but we make it without apples and still it turns out delicious

You can put in the fridge for 10-20 minutes, he will have enough time to register in full

my favorite salad, I make it almost every weekend but only without onions




I’m doing a fur coat like this since childhood: I rub potatoes (all layers are no more than 0.7 cm), then I spread the little herring, I rub carrots, egg white, beets and mayonnaise on top (we grease but don’t crush the fur coat).

So 2-3-4-layers, how much patience and the height of the tank will be enough)). On top of it is a small yolk like a mimosa. Soak up the night.

Very tasty. Onion never put.

And I do this: in some plates I mix potatoes, carrots, herring, etc. with mayonnaise. I give a little stand, and then I just shift the layers on the dish (you can smear a little more with mayonnaise when cooking, it will be even juicier) Very quickly and juicy, try it!)


In this salad, the most important thing is good herring and expensive tasty mayonnaise, make layers thinner, chop finely herring, then potatoes, carrots, eggs and beets, smear all the layers with mayonnaise and leave for the night to soak it. my friends can not cook at all. but they come to me for both cheeks, they gobble up and always say … what is your secret? And more delicious than my salad, I have not eaten where

And if instead of boiled carrots add carrots in Korean homemade.

Try it, very tasty.

Wonderful herring under a fur coat! I make a salad according to this recipe for every holiday and not only, it always goes off with a bang. Only when I do not add apples and cucumbers.

I always make in one layer, the first layer — finely cut the herring spread on a flat dish, then chopped onion, egg on a grater, carrot on a grater, potato grated, the top layer of beets on a grater. Smear each layer with mayonnaise. From the top I decorate an egg yolk.

Egg gives tenderness in this salad.

I read a lot of comments about the recipe Herring under a fur coat, but as they say how many people have so many opinions.

I put chopped herring and onions in a jar, sprinkle with vinegar and leave for 15-20 minutes. and then I start making salad, instead of mayonnaise I use sour cream with a drop of lemon juice.

I read in the comments that you can pickle onions for herring under a fur coat. Tell me how?

I noticed that if you use a grater to grind eggs, then its taste in the salad is somehow lost, it becomes almost imperceptible compared to other products. As if he was not there at all.

Whereas the crumbled with a knife is not too small, perfectly emphasizes the taste of the dish. (This also applies to other salads using boiled eggs).

Although, of course, “Tastes don’t argue.”


By the way, here in the comments someone already mentioned that he also prefers not to rub, namely, CUT TO the ingredients.

super))))))) old in a new way) with apple otsadka) I lay seven) yum-yum)

and even easier, if mayonnaise in a soft package, cut a corner from it to get a small hole using which to put on each layer "mesh" .

It is very convenient not to coat the layers with mayonnaise, but at once all the ingredients of the salad, except the herring and onions, mix with the mayonnaise and, then, lay down the layers. — Time for production and impregnation decreases.

And I, on the contrary, beets "hiding" — I put it immediately on the herring. And onion mixed with mustard, it turns out very tasty. Layers do this: onions with mustard, fish, beets, potatoes, carrots, potatoes, eggs.

But all the recipes are very interesting and worth trying them.

thanks for the recipe! The first time I tried with apples! I was pleased! who does not like apples, do not grumble, do not put everything! and it’s not true that apples spoil the tastes of salads! they give their sourness .. especially, try green ones, change tastes and ingredients .. why sit still?

Thanks so much for the recipe!

I’ll try without an apple.

I make it without apples, and so that the onions do not taste bitter, the chopped onions are pre-marinated in vinegar, it turns out a sour salad.

I make it without apples, and so that the onions do not taste bitter, the chopped onions are pre-marinated in vinegar, it turns out a sour salad.

Thanks for recapt.

I’ll try.


we did it like that but I don’t know how to add an apple but I didn’t add it thought it might not be tasty and then all the same I tried CLASS and THANKS to you!

hello i am ready for a new city i have 8 layers so tasty and well advised to repeat and write 2012

and we do not put onions and apples)

I love this salad. Not a single celebration is complete without it!

True, I cook without apples.

how funny! There are only two simple steps in the recipe — and so many emotions, so many comments, so many disputes. it seems no recipe on the site deserves so many words. what are they important — these two steps.

It is strange that all tinder grated.

Much tastier when everything is cut into small cups (except carrots).

1 layer: potatoes; 2 layer: herring with onions; 3 layer: egg; 4 layer: carrots; 5 layer: beets.

And between each layer to anoint mayonnaise. And so I do everything in 2-3 layers

In general, only one thing is clear: the layers can be placed in any order, you will not be mistaken! it will still be delicious 🙂

I will do this recipe for the 3rd year. It turns out delicious, everyone likes;))

v salate objazatelno jabloko"antonovka ‘idobavljau klukvu, interesnii vkus i vnesnii vid, bez morkovi.

Dear Guest, in order for the onion not to taste bitter, it is necessary to scald the bulb with boiling water, slightly support it in hot water, but just for 5-10 seconds, depending on the bulb. And about apples, I am also against peas, they create a different salad, but for lemon juice, because Salad is fat and it eases the recipe))) And more. my mother and I always did this particular salad))): 1. lay out the first layer of herring thickly, sprinkle with finely chopped onion and smear with mayonnaise on top 2. put the potatoes grated on a medium grater and carrots on the same grater, salt a little and grease with mayonnaise 3. put the potatoes grated, sparse layer of onion, sparse layer of herring, then carrots with a thin layer, salt a little bit and smear with mayonnaise 4. if you have enough layers with fish, then go to the final (if not, then go ahead to make layers !) — impose a thick layer of beets, grease abundantly m Ionez 5. decorate "fur": in the hearth there is crushed yolk, crushed white around the circumference, and can be decorated with parsley and dill leaves.

P.S. You can sprinkle lemon when you put onions, but do not overdo it!

Interestingly, there is an onion in the recipe.

I am categorically against onions: lettuce must be insisted, and onions from time to time spoil it, bitter and smell. Try without onions (and diced apples), but with green pressed peas — it turns out to be w-di-vivo delicate, melting in your mouth. mmmm You can not tear it off by your ears!

And on the herring (carrots, beets and potatoes) it is good to squeeze out some lemon juice.

It is desirable to finely cut all the ingredients. Grate the beetroot on the last layer on a fine grater and mix with mayonnaise.

And on the contrary, I add more eggs and apples, and smaller carrots))) Very tasty!

And I am confused and apples and eggs, for the first time I hear about it!

Thank you very much for the recipe!

Loved the coat! The only thing I did without an apple. My family doesn’t like apples in a salad.

But even without apples, it was wonderful!

Neither pickled cucumbers, nor carrots, let alone apples ever put.

However, once I tried to add an apple, nobody began to eat. Without the above, the fur coat is swept off the table first, for more than 20 years.)))

Please write a recipe for the destruction of the pop-up window!

Because of it, nothing is visible, but in my opinion, it does not really taste.

I love sliced ​​ingredients in this salad.

Grated, even very drunk, I will not eat.

And with pasta tried instead of potatoes?

Unusual and edible.

I almost choked on saliva while reading the tips. I never ate a coat with apples, but along the way I got the idea: what if apple is sprinkled with apple vinegar. All recipes are good.

I just add some garlic to the beets. It seems to me so juicy.

Dying, I want herring under a fur coat.

Everything is good everywhere, well, how can I not understand why there are APPLES? Would you have sketched pineapples with apricots?

Where can herring and apple come together!

Sometimes it is possible to flavor the onion very slightly with vinegar for sourness, and everything else is SUPER!

here they write that grated is better. but I do not like when salads Tinder. it feels like someone chewed it up to you. but of course to each his own. more pleasant when the salads are fresh and jovial. it is already felt that this is not a pap and a salad. my men eagerly eat such salads, and I am not a fan. I love spring. In my opinion, salad is good. It would be a pleasure. and everyone has different tastes.

Maxim, two days to do a fur coat. Buy a grater and you will learn how to rub a fur coat in half an hour)))

Who wrote about what to cut with a knife?

I listened to you, spoiled the salad. All the same, grated, and right above the dish, light and airy everything turns out

thank! helped) made a new year in the middle of summer, it turned out very tasty))

Sorry in advance if I’m angry "professionals". It takes me two days to prepare this dish. First, absolutely all the ingredients I finely chop with a good, sharp knife.

Turks, this hellish invention, in my kitchen simply do not. The herring, of course, should be at the bottom, and the onion at the top, crowns everything, naturally — beets. Mayonnaise is needed, as well as chopped eggs and an apple.

I shift each of the products with a thin layer of mayonnaise. Sometimes changing layers in places. For example — herring, potatoes, carrots, pickled cucumbers, apples, onions, beets.

Between each of the vegetables mayonnaise a thin layer.

Then, the layers laid in a flat-bottomed salad bowl, I put in the refrigerator for the night, during which time the juice of vegetables will stand out. Please do not be afraid to use a knife, and not a grater, because the juice from the vegetables can only be extracted if the vegetables are finely chopped; when rubbed on a grater, most of the juice flows out.

I hope my knowledge will help you. Thank:)

When I first tried herring with a pickle, I couldn’t pull it over my ears !! I do it as much as possible if barrel cucumbers come across. And I will give my sovetik: Onions are required. scalded and mixed with herring and mayonnaise. leave for the night.

I lie only on the potatoes.

And I advise those who do not like carrots — Do not be afraid!

Put as much as it should be. You can’t hear it there!

And try the apple too! After all, it is refreshing salted herring. And it does not interfere in the slightest! enjoy your meal!))

I read the recipe and comments to it, once again I was convinced that everyone has different tastes — but the aggressiveness of some commentators is not clear.

Well, do not like an apple or eggs in this recipe do not put. For many years I have been making herring under a fur coat like this — on a fish dish I rub boiled or roasted beets on a large grater, mayonnaise nets on top (cut a small corner in a bag of mayonnaise) then boiled potatoes in a uniform and previously cleaned, mayonnaise nets , carrots cooked with peel and peeled, then chopped herring and if there was caviar and her too, finely chopped onions, sour apple grated on a grater (by the way a couple of times it was a sweet and sour apple was not worse) then a carrot on a grater, a grid of mayonnaise, potatoes, mayonnaise nets, beets, mayonnaise nets, cut eggs from squirrel eggs and scales in the form starting from the tail, rub yolks on the grater (fish head) from olives circle — peephole, from dill twigs — fins.

You can immediately on the table, since the layers are layered with mayonnaise is not dry. Not once did she visit, when friends or relatives are not scheduled to gather — they always asked for a recipe …

I make according to the classic recipe: herring, onions, potatoes, carrots, beetroot _ all rubbed on a coarse grater, and onion slightly passer, spreading on each layer with mayonnaise mixed with sour cream (I also smear the bottom of the salad bowl) Everyone likes my coat.

How many different variants of this truly national dish are offered here! But I wanted to offer one more, this option is generally called "General’s salad cake" and he is from my grandmother, who brought him from the North from the military garrison where they lived for several years.

So in this version there are a lot of layers and all the ingredients that some of them separately suggested are there.

Herring is needed very delicate and not very salty and cut into small cubes. Onions are finely chopped, and all other ingredients are rubbed on a coarse grater: boiled potatoes, carrots, eggs, pickles, apples, beets.

Oh, and green peas from a jar, preferably not large, but it is not necessary to rub it, respectively. We post it like this: boiled potatoes — onions — herring — pickled cucumbers — apple (green without peel) — green peas — eggs — carrots — beets.

This can be done both on a deep plate and on a platter, only if it is necessary to impose all sides on a platter.

Each layer is coated with a mixture of mayonnaise and sour cream (this is more tender and less calorie, although what can we say about calories if it is herring under a fur coat). A small nuance: it is better to squeeze the cucumbers a little from the juice, just do the same with the apple, and coat the layers with a thinner layer of mayonnaise and sour cream. And the top layers of the beets are completely smeared with the mixture and for beauty you can sprinkle with one finely grated yolk.

This recipe in our family has been cooking for 40 years already and the salad goes off with cheers from the guests! And everyone is always asking for a recipe, and recently I tried this option, but only with salmon.

I must say that it is also very tasty, especially for those who do not like herring itself.

Bon Appetit everyone:)!

The most AMAZING fur coat.

Only now I will do it. Everyone liked doing exactly the recipe. Only ingredients a little more put. there .. potatoes, etc., so that all layers are the same in thickness))))))))))

I just love herring under a fur coat 🙂 I have never eaten with an apple, so apparently I don’t do it. I also don’t lay eggs, it seems to me that it turns out to be harder with them. I’m doing this: I rub vegetables on a coarse grater, cut herring, and the onion is smallly chic. then: I shape the dressing with mayonnaise-potato-mayonnaise-herring-a little onion-carrot-mayonnaise-beet-mayonnaise-and in the second circle: potato-mayonnaise-herring-a little onion-carrot-mayonnaise-beet-mayonnaise. it turns out not dry and the herring will definitely fall! :)))) if the form does not fit, then I adjust the upper layers as you like. for me the main thing is that herring was 2 layers :))) so delicious (to me) and layers are not salt! I decorate with greens.

The apple in this recipe is undoubtedly the topic! Placed plate in the evening! :))

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