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Herring fillet fried in teriyaki sauce with sesame Fish — More

Herring fillet fried in teriyaki sauce with sesame fish&More

Fully prepared herring in Asian sauce, packed in a sealed, durable package, can be a quick and convenient culinary solution, for example, when guests come unexpectedly.

To prepare a family dinner or a snack on a festive table, with it you just literally have a couple of minutes, checked.

First of all it is worth noting that standard packaging (200 g) is conveniently calculated exactly 2 (if we talk about a full hot dish) or 4-6 (as a snack for a company) servings.

If the remaining fish, even from a small portion, needs to be put in the fridge, it can be safely done for a couple of days, wrapped in food film or placed in a glass container.

Thawed fillet easily released from the packaging and due to the sauce itself slips onto the plate.

The sauce in the package is quite enough to season them with not only fish, but also, for example, pour rice or add it to a salad dressing. Those who have ever tried to butcher a whole herring, marinate it and, moreover, fry, can estimate how much effort it is worth washing their hands, knife, chopping board, marinade containers, rid the kitchen of the smell …

And here the manufacturer takes all the rough work: fillet carefully separated from the bones — thus you understand that the real fish is before you, not chemical pulp), cleaned from skin, fried, sprinkled with thick teriyaki with sesame … As a result, you immediately get a ready-made main dish in the literal «one touch» to the package.

But the most intriguing taste. Honestly admit roasted herring — the product is not the most traditional.

But the manufacturer saved us from the dubious aromas when frying fish.

The final result pleasantly surprises: from the elastic, tender fillet one does not hear any specific “herring” plowing.

A sweet tart sauce enriches the taste of the fish itself. There is nothing superfluous in the sauce, only oil, salt, sugar, soy sauce, mirin, balsamic and sesame. It is distinguished from most variations of inexpensive teriyaki in factory bottles by the absence of harsh chemical, “rubber” notes.

Everything is well balanced: sweetness, salinity soy sauce, astringency inherent sesame.

When tasting, the fish in the sauce clearly resembles eel, which is served in good Japanese restaurants.

Although herring, of course, at a price about ten times more democratic.

It is logical that herring fillet of teriyaki will appeal to everyone who is not indifferent to Asian cuisine.

Sushi, rolls, which now many of us have learned to «twist» at home — what lies on the surface in determining its culinary role. In hot dishes, it also fits perfectly into the Asian trend: using fish and sauce attached to it, adding some vegetables, you can cook noodles udon or buckwheat soba, and wok rice.

However, a fish with a sauce can revive long familiar homemade dishes, adding an unexpected note of exotic to them. Try to cut it into slices and add it to the green summer salads (the taste of the fish is especially bright in the vicinity of the fresh cucumber).

Sweet Sauce will have to be the way and in warm salads with beets or green beans, even the taste of the usual vinaigrette in her presence will sound in a new way. Grilled herring — it is also an important ingredient for trendy Scandinavian dishes, such as sandwich grill sandwiches. And if you need a sprint solution, make canapés or bruschetta with Asian herring.

It is also interesting that the exotic taste of fish perfectly reveals the traditional rye bread.

For example, custard or Borodino.

Fried herring fillet is a non-standard and surprising product. Ready and thoughtful solution, already portioned, leaving clean hands and kitchen.

A ready-made recipe is a guarantee that the dish cannot be spoiled, and the multivariate of the serving will allow to diversify the menu of the family table and festive dishes.

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