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Herbal tea

Leningrad market is two steps away from my house, I sometimes buy tomatoes there. The most beautiful ones are on the counter, wrapped in an Azerbaijani newspaper.

One day, a tomato saleswoman Esmeralda stopped me: “Take a present, honey!” — and poured a handful of tea.

So I learned about the herbal collection.

White, blue, pink, purple flowers, leaves of different shapes, some kind of sticks and twigs all smell like childhood, a flowering meadow and fresh milk.

I have already bought more than one kilogram, I give it to my loved ones and friends, and everyone finds in his scent something of his own, dear and nostalgic.

Tea is called uncomplicated — «Fifteen herbs.»

Azerbaijan Esmeralda gladly lists the composition of tea to each customer, but is already knocked down at the tenth point: chamomile, oregano, clover, bell, wild carnation, St. John’s wort, thyme, mountain mint, strawberries.

And he continues in Azerbaijani: sarychichay, ulducha.

All the ingredients for this tea are harvested high in the mountains in July, dried from August to September, and then sent in huge canvas bags to Moscow. Esmeralda said that from time immemorial, everyone in her family had been treated with herbs.

And the grandfather was known as an authoritative medicine man, which did not prevent her granddaughter from completely forgetting the names of several plants in herbal collection.

I arranged an exam for tea with the most biased expert I have known — with my grandmother.

Carefully picking leaf after leaf, inflorescence after inflorescence, the grandmother approved all the herbs that Esmeralda called in Russian.

Despite the fact that several components of tea have remained a mystery to us, I boldly recommend it to you.

Because in Azerbaijan, as in Russia, to the question “What does it help from?”, They answer — “From everything”.

Fifteen Herbs Tea, 100 rubles / 200 g

“I was born on June 21, the longest day of the year, on the same day as Prince William.

I have two red diplomas. I speak five languages ​​- Russian, English, Italian, French and Ukrainian, like my grandmother. I managed to work in various companies, and as a result I chose what I get great pleasure from: throwing words, catching them and putting them into sentences.

I am lucky and I have a great intuition. I can cook, embroider, drive a car.

I love Chekhov’s stories more than anything else; I am lazy and tasty to eat.

I almost always manage to combine these three pleasures. ”

First sample:

Lavender tea

I am a restless person. I am anxious on numerous occasions and without them. But I have a long-time proven way to return myself to the state of goodness.

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Taro — Hairy Potatoes

Yulia Andreyanova continues to try products purchased on the Vietnamese market in Moscow. Today, our gastronomic magician.

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Jasmine Mint Sweets

Marina found jasmine sweets in the Moscow store, which brought a share of aestheticism into her life and successfully replaced the bad habit.

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Goat’s milk oil

I have heard more than once from experts that goat milk products are not only healthier, but also much more tender and tastier than cow’s.

I like goat cheese, but the butter.

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Dried sausage

For the arrival of guests from Germany, Marina Pankova spat on healthy food and bought fat French sausage, also in the ashes.

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Goat cheese

Marina found in the store cheese of wondrous beauty and irresistible taste.

As a result, her purchase returned faith in the cheese to the person who. See below.

Amaretti Cookies

For readers who take care of their figures, Marina Pankova has found a special dessert — Amaretti, small air cookies, light and elegant.

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Pasta with spinach, tomatoes, beets, carrots, turmeric

Marina Pankova went shopping and found a product reminiscent of the outgoing season — “Autumn Leaves” pasta.

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Mango Chips

This week Marina Pankova went shopping and found mango chips.

Unexpectedly and boldly.

We try! Actually, I’m calm about exotic fruits.

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Napkins for removal of wine plaque from the teeth

Marina Pankova, the leader of the “First Test” column, found an extremely useful thing for all lovers to miss a glass or two of red wine.

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