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Healthy Nutrition Rules for Capricorn

Capricorn: Character Features

The mighty patrons of Capricorn — the Lord of fate Saturn and the elements of the Earth — endow him with unique strength of mind, practicality and discipline.

The hard and wise ruler of the order of Saturn, by giving his child a high spiritual goal, helps him to be hard-working, loyal and at the same time careful, because great trials are attached to great gifts.

As a rule, happiness on Capricorns from the sky does not fall, every little luck has to achieve great and tireless work.

Capricorn is happy when he has a lot of work and a lot of responsible projects are ahead.

However, with excellent abilities and hard work Capricorn does not always reach the goal — excessive ambition and stubbornness, which turns into obstinacy, and sometimes even the unrealizability of the goal itself, interfere. Capricorns life is especially striped, happiness always alternates with truly evil misfortunes. Capricorns literally attract problems to themselves, in certain cases it can plunge them into the most severe and long depression.

Therefore, Capricorn, prone to melancholy and burdened with domestic and world problems, is absolutely necessary to learn to relax, relax and just have fun.

Capricorn: healthy eating rules

Capricorn is prone to chronic diseases.

His weak points are the bones of the skeleton, the joints (especially knees), skin, mucous membranes, cell membranes. Hence, the lethargy of metabolic processes, which is often manifested by rashes on the skin, a tendency to rheumatism and the formation of gallstones.

Capricorn is conservative in the choice of dishes: it can be the same every day.

However, the food attentive, tasteless and stale will not be, no matter how hungry.

Capricorn — This is the only one of all the signs of the Zodiac that is not contraindicated for daily servings of alcohol: a glass of vodka at dinner or a glass of wine at bedtime, not more. Mitigating rheumatic phenomena contributes to the frequent use of cauliflower and vinaigrette, richly seasoned with garlic or marjoram.

Capricorn is shown a separate diet — do not mix fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

In the daily diet Capricorn mandatory lean meat, kefir, pasta, bread, fresh and boiled vegetables.

From fruit it is preferable to cherry, sweet cherry, strawberry, blackberry, plum, pomegranate.

Do not abuse fatty fish, canned food, caviar, game, fried meat, potatoes and spinach.

And as little salt as possible!

Parsley and celery should be present in the daily Capricorn menu.

Cottage cheese is better to replace kefir or acidophilus.

To cleanse the body — the kidneys and intestines — you should drink more water, preferably weakly mineralized (dining room).

Vitamins for Capricorn

Capricorns especially in need of vitamins D and R. The first promotes the absorption of calcium and is contained in butter, milk, egg yolk.

Vitamin P affects the blood vessels, restores the liver after poisoning, and diabetes.

It is contained in tea, dogrose, onions, cranberries, lingonberries.

Capricorn’s energy salts are calcium phosphate and fluoride. Sources of the first — milk, nuts, celery, cabbage, blueberries, blueberries, plums, egg yolk. Sources of the second — tea and sea fish.

Aphrodite’s Potion for Capricorns — ginger jam, lettuce leaves with vegetable oil and garlic, radishes, sea fish.

Capricorn under the influence of Aquarius

Capricorns last decade — born from 12 to 20 January, already subject to the next Zodiac sign Aquarius, and the more, the closer to the border. They intelligently plan their lives and do not succumb to momentary weaknesses.

Noble and responsive, they are very demanding of themselves and others. They are more than other Capricorns are subject to sudden and unexpected trouble — and their own fault, and because of fake friends.

Despite some despotism, intransigence, they forgive a lot because of a sense of humor.

Affecting Aquarius and the health of its predecessor. As the two signs draw closer together, problems with the ankles and veins, with the hematopoietic system and the sympathetic nervous system may become more pronounced.

Also Capricorns have to overcome the bad habits of their airy neighbor with its irregular diet and overeating.

You need to drastically limit yourself to cakes and pastries. Avoid preservatives, prefer lean fish. If possible, replace butter with vegetable oil, sugar with honey, and salt with aromatic herbs.

Bread, rice and all sorts of pasta to use less, but sour milk products as you like.

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