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Healthy Food Rules for Aquarius

Patron of Aquarius, the planet of independence and ingenuity, Uranus gives its beneficiaries initiative, originality, will, and often awakens a passionate desire to speak out against what seems unfair.

Another mighty patron supports the tireless striving to fix everything in the world that seems wrong. Aquarius — the element of Air.

Idealists, sometimes eccentrics and dreamers, Aquarius can be practical.

They are friendly, loyal, prudent, strong in spirit, patient, even compassionate.

And at the same time, stubborn, unpredictable, prone to sudden changes in mood.

They are easily inspired, loyal in friendship, but often seem cold and indifferent.

Their location will be conquered by intuitive and out-of-the-box people.

But Aquarius needs to learn to listen to other people’s advice — too often he is sure in advance that he knows everything better than others.

It is very useful to look closely and listen to your antipode — Leo, learn from him the discipline and ability to focus on the problems of today.

The main health problems of Aquarius are anemia, varicose veins, instability of hormonal systems and ankles.

Dryness of the mucous membranes and various rashes on the skin indicate blood contamination.

It should be noted that the weak points of the antipode of Aquarius Leo are also associated with blood circulation: the heart, arteries, to which are added more spinal problems.

The trouble Aquarius — irregular diet, the habit of snacking on the run, overeating sweet.

Therefore, the Aquarius diet should be based on the prevention of circulatory disorders, care for blood purity and normalization of the nervous system.


Aquarius should periodically follow a vegetarian diet.

Sharply limit the consumption of confectionery and alcohol.

Avoid canned food.

Go to bed on an empty stomach or drink a glass of kefir.


Meat is harmful, even white is desirable no more than once a week; fish — low fat; vegetable oil.

Instead of sugar and salt, honey and aromatic herbs.

It is necessary to reduce the amount of bread, pasta, but fermented milk products can be plenty.

From fruit should lean on pomegranates.

Strengthen the nervous system with vitamins B1 and B12, which are abundant in yeast, peas, soy.


Garlic in all combinations!

Blood-purifying tea from infusion of nettle, thyme, linden flowers and hawthorn.

Due to the increased need for vitamin A, however, butter and liver should not be avoided.

Enrich your diet with carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes, oranges, preferably sea buckthorn.


The energetic salts of Aquarius are sodium chloride in the role of an antidepressant that helps even with eczema, and magnesium phosphate, which normalizes the state of the nervous system.

Get plenty of food to soften rheumatic ailments, such as cauliflower and vinaigrette with garlic and marjoram, as well as foods with calcium.

To pay more attention to the raisins, dates, millet and buckwheat porridge resisting anemia.

Aphrodite’s Potion for Aquarius — green peas with marjoram and basil.

Healthy recipes for Aquarius:

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