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Healthy fast food

Useful fast food. Cafe Prime Star, Wokie Dokie, Yakitoria-Bento, Udonasan, McDonald’s

Newspapers and television enthusiastically tell us about the dangers of french fries, and the owners of fast food chains spend huge amounts of money on developing “fast” and wholesome food.

As a result, healthy restaurants and fast food restaurants appear in megalopolises one after another, where you can eat really fast, and the food is full of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

We visited several such establishments in Moscow.

However, we first define what it is — «healthy food».

On the one hand, nutritionists strongly praise the Mediterranean food system: an abundance of vegetables and fruits, fish, fresh whole grain bread, olive oil, nuts and seeds, a minimum of animal fats and the rejection of long-term heat treatment of products.

On the other hand, our idea of ​​healthy eating was seriously influenced by Asian cuisine: rice, fish and seaweed firmly established in our diet.

On the basis of these products and creates a healthy fast food menu.

This chain of ready-made food stores appeared in Moscow ten years ago. At first Prime in Kamergersky Lane, they fed mostly sandwiches with sandwiches, but after a couple of years, the youth became addicted to sandwiches: Prime reminded her of London catering establishments. Then Arkady Novikov created a competing network. Five stars, and after some time Prime and Five stars came to the conclusion that they could only plant Moscow on sandwiches if they came out in a united front.

Now the united network is called Prime Star.

The basis of the menu — all sorts of sandwiches, salads, sushi and rolls.

But the main thing here is fresh vegetables, fruits and green salads.

Prime Star — These are light spaces with modern design, simple metal or wooden furniture, sometimes — soft sofas with red upholstery, a fresh business press.

It is quite obvious that the local situation has exactly to a quick snack, and not to long gatherings with friends. Some points of the network are located in office centers, but the majority are stationary establishments on the streets of the city. All the dishes that are already packed are on display cases, and at the entrance there are baskets, as in supermarkets.

Guest himself puts lunch in a basket and goes to the checkout, where you can also take soup, drinks and desserts.

The menu is dominated by sandwiches: triangular British of grain bread (from 105 to 120 rubles), French baguettes with a crispy crust (from 110 to 130 rubles), salads, rolls of thin-thin flatbreads similar to Armenian lavash (from 105 to 110 rubles ).

There is a minimum of bread in such “rolls”, and they look more like salads than like a “harmful” sandwich.

And their names are appropriate: Greek (105 rubles), Caesar (110 rubles), roll in Mexican.

Sandwich Fillings in Prime Star variety.

Eat tuna, chicken, salmon, turkey, cheese.

But the main thing is that they contain a lot of vegetables, lettuce leaves, nuts and very tasty dressings.

In addition to sandwiches, the network menu presents the whole a collection of «useful» salads (from 75 to 135 rubles).

There is a fruit salad, tuna salad, Scandinavian salad with salmon, potatoes and mustard sauce, and the ubiquitous Caesar and Greek, and exotic Sichuan salad with rice noodles, and even a salad of baked beets with cheese and pine nuts.

Lovers of sushi and rolls are intended sets of Japanese dishes (there is even an algae salad!).

Moreover, as the creators of Prime Star say, all dishes are prepared not in the common kitchen factory, but directly in every restaurant.

Sushi with eel turned out to be of very good quality, but Philadelphia rolls (195 rubles) pumped up — salted fish doesn’t go at all.

There are quite a few soups in the menu, and there are many interesting ones among them: carrot-ginger, lentil, beetroot with feta, chili.

Unfortunately, only two soups are usually present in the menu of a single institution — they change from time to time.

AT Prime Star There are always yogurts, several types of kefir, and even freshly squeezed juices, although for some reason there was no fruit pulp in orange (95 rubles). For dessert, you can take a berry cake (shortbread dough and fresh berries — raspberries, for example) or energy bars made of nuts and dried fruits, as well as fresh fruits (apples and bananas).

And you can eat on the spot or take all the dishes with you.

There is no queue, because everything has already been prepared and lies on the “open access” counter, which means that the speed of service is really maximum.

Wokie dokie — This is a Scandinavian healthy eating project, which the franchise opened several years ago by Russian entrepreneurs.

They promised a network, but so far only one Wokie Dokie works in the capital — it is located in the MEGA Khimki shopping center.

Menu Wokie dokie — This is a kind of designer: you can take as a basis jasmine rice or egg noodles (both of them — 30 rubles per 100 g) and add to them everything your heart desires: vegetables (Mexican mix, mushrooms, asparagus, broccoli, etc. ) or something more nutritious — fish, pork, chicken, shrimp.

What and how to combine — decides the guest himself, he chooses the sauce (sweet and sour, pineapple, teriyaki, etc.).

The average price of such a complex dish is 200 rubles.

The service does not go beyond the typical fast food: go to the checkout, call the composition of the dish, pay (at this time the chef prepares the dish) and after a couple of minutes you take the order.

Why is it healthy fast food? First, everything is fresh and instant cooking. Secondly, the combination of rice plus fish is very successful.

Third, no high-calorie dressings and cooking oils: as in typical Chinese eateries, the chef instantly mixes and prepares all the ingredients in a wok.

The menu also has salads — Caesar with chicken (93 rubles) and shrimps (108 rubles), Spring (43 rubles), Greek (97 rubles) — and soup of the day (57 rubles).

However, not everything is so smooth here.

Of course, no turn in Wokie dokie No, but the food apparently stale, and often instead of serving really fresh and wholesome food, the guest is given a box of thawed broccoli, fresh salmon that have lain in the freezer for several days, and cocktail shrimps, which were also removed from the sea for several months.

And the question arises: is it not better to go to a nearby institution where hamburgers are cooked — harmful, of course, but without obvious flaws.

TC «Mega» Khimki

In the network menu about 60 items.

Prices are much lower than in Yakitori: Sushi with salmon cost 25 rubles, with tuna — 30 rubles, with eel — 35 rubles.

Sushi makes a special machine, not a cook, so they are all the same shape.

With all this lunch a visitor can make himself: just put in the basket all the vending dishes and come with them to the checkout.

In addition to sushi, Bento has hot miso soup, a whole line of other Japanese products and 40 kinds of drinks.

Now in Moscow there are two points. Yakitoria-Bento, but large-scale network expansion is planned.

And the places will not be alike: somewhere it will be just a shop of ready-made sushi, and somewhere it will be something like a cafe with a couple of tables.

st. Tsyurupy, 28, tel. (495) 128-95-44
Balaklavsky pr-t, d. 5A,
Shopping Center «Shtaer»

Udonasan — This is a new network of Asian lashpichnyh, which speaks of the entire city.

At first, people came in, asked if there was a sushi on the menu, and turned around when they heard a negative answer.

But now everything has changed.

At lunchtime on Seleznevka full house: clerks are happy to eat udon noodles with different fillings.

The noodles are cooked directly at the establishment and, if desired by the guest, are mixed with other ingredients.

Waiting time — just a couple of minutes.

AT Udonasan self-service: an order, as in a classic fast food, you need to do at the checkout, focusing on the light menu with pictures.

There are tables around the perimeter, there are high fashion tables in Europe, and on the street at the entrance (just like in Asia!) There are plastic dummies of dishes.

Why is udon noodle considered a good food?

Firstly, during the preparation no oil is used, and secondly, all the ingredients used are of excellent quality.

According to the creators of the network, it is udon in Japan that is eaten every day, while sushi and rolls are festive dishes.

AT Udonasan there is also udon curry with beef and curry sauce in Japanese (130 rubles), and wakame udon with algae (160 rubles).

Some noodle dishes are served with broth, others, on the contrary, like classic main dishes.

The menu also includes rice dishes (cariray with beef (180 rubles) and onigiri rice balls, 40 rubles per pair), miso soup (40 rubles), and Japanese salads (40 rubles each).

st. Seleznevskaya, d. 28
(499) 978-7217

Very smart people work on this network: a few years ago they realized that Mcdonalds should change with their guests and in the future become — as far as possible — “healthy” junk food.

First, natural juices, salads, yogurts appeared in the USA and Europe, and then a part of the position was introduced in the Russian part of the network.

By the way, the heroine of the new advertising campaign Mcdonalds An energetic, toned-up girl doing a morning jog with a player in her ears has become the perfect image for promoting healthy eating.

Salad in Mcdonalds two — «Vegetable» and «Caesar» with chicken.

They are served in a nice bright bowl, which depicts green leaves of lettuce.

Salads are made from a mixture of iceberg, romano, lollo rosso, tatsoy leaves, carrots, cherry tomatoes are added, corn and fresh cucumbers are added to “Vegetable”, and parmesan chicken is served in Caesar.

Refills offer a choice of oil and wine vinegar, sauce «1000 island» or «Caesar.»

And if you choose the lesser of two evils, then it is better to stop at “Vegetable”: according to the table of energy and nutritional value of products, it contains 60 kcal, whereas Caesar — 250 kcal because of a solid piece of chicken.

Salads have a typical taste of «fresh» food from Mcdonalds. If you have ever bought ready-made sets of salad leaves for long storage, then you will immediately understand what kind of taste it is.

And they seem to be fresh, juicy, but this freshness has a different nature than salads, for example, from Prime Star.

Network coverage, on the other hand Mcdonalds much wider than competitors, and if there is no opportunity to have a snack somewhere else, then healthy and healthy dishes can be found here.

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