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Healthy diet

One of the most common misconceptions: good nutrition is something tasteless, fresh, unattractive. Everything useful is not tasty, and everything tasty is harmful.

No, you can also get sensual and visual pleasure from dietary meals.

Even the healthiest and right food always remains food.

She still does not lose her taste, color, aroma, especially if cooked with a soul.

Perhaps you do not assume that you have already become supporters of proper nutrition, having prepared pike perch with rice meatballs. Or sliced ​​beef tenderloin with tomatoes stuffed with cauliflower puree.

Or veal medallions in baked apricots in berry sauce.

Agree: from some names taste buds come to the thrill!

Unlike vegetarianism, rational nutrition is not limited in the range of products and methods of preparation. Its basis is balanced combination of famous products.

In each national kitchen, elements of a rational approach to food are viewed.

Reference can be called Japanese cuisine: the right foods, plus moderation in their consumption.

Starting to eat rationally, you will soon find that you get much more pleasure from food.

A conscious and well-felt attitude to food will allow you to easily give up your bad habits and become a supporter of healthy eating.

1. You will begin to eat more vegetables and fruits.

They are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. To achieve this is not so easy, but it is quite possible:

  • actively prepare vegetable soups in vegetable broths, fruit and berry puree and squeeze juice,
  • add more vegetables to stews, casseroles and other dishes with meat, poultry or fish,
  • Let now all the side dishes will be just vegetables,
  • snack on fruit
  • Start your meal with a salad of fresh vegetables, seasoned with vegetable oil or natural yogurt.
  • for sweets, instead of baking or sweets, eat fruits.

2. You will choose foods that are low in fat.

And generally reduce the consumption of saturated fat, preferring polyunsaturated or monounsaturated.

Saturated fats in dairy products and meat are usually associated with the occurrence of heart disease.

Most of the destructive cholesterol that clogs arteries is formed due to saturated fat.

3. There will be more whole grain products on your table. You will often buy foods rich in fiber.

Soluble fiber in legumes, oats, and most fruits help to digest food, which provides an uninterrupted flow of energy and regulates the sugar content in the blood.

4. Learn to recognize foods containing fatty acids.

Nuts, seeds, corn and sunflower oil, fatty fish (for example, mackerel, mackerel, salmon) — fatty acid storerooms to help reduce "bad" cholesterol.

5. At the cost of unthinkable efforts, you eliminate sugar from the diet.

Its nutritional value is low, but a lot of calories.

6. And finally, you will drink alcohol in moderation. Studies show that one or two glasses of wine or beer a day helps protect against diseases of the cardiovascular system.

And besides, this is quite enough to understand what the truth is.

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