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Headache products

The causes of headache can be very different: lack of sleep, muscle overstrain, cervical osteochondrosis, problems with blood vessels, severe stress, viral infection.

In a third of cases, the problem is serious (and that is why, if the headache often worries, it is better to see a doctor). But at other times you should not immediately grab the pain pills.

Some products for headaches can be found right on the shelf of the refrigerator.

The first thing to do with a headache is to drink a glass of non-carbonated mineral water. Indeed, often spasmodic pain in the head arises from the fact that the body is dehydrated.

And this can happen not only in the heat, but also after intense workouts, and simply because we forget to regularly replenish the reserves of body fluids.

No matter what it will be — the main thing is that it is warm. Sometimes a headache is a sign of hunger and fluctuations in blood glucose levels in this connection. In this case, the first remedy is to eat something lukewarm and thin to quickly digest.

If there is no soup, liquid porridge will do as well.

Warm water with lemon will relieve a headache, especially if it is caused by problems with digestion.

You can also attach a lemon peel, peeled from the white flesh, to the forehead and temples.

In aromatherapy, by the way, lemon scent is considered one of the surest remedies for migraines.

Ginger root very well helps with the so-called tension headache.

Substances that make up ginger relax spasmed vascular walls of the head and neck and improve blood circulation. Thereby "turn on" natural stress relief mechanisms and associated pain.

The best remedy is ginger tea: cut a small piece of the root into thin petals and brew with boiling water, cool slightly.

Drink several times a day.

The best remedy if you woke up with a sore head (but not because of a hangover!). Cut a piece of apple, salt and drink it with warm water — the pain will recede.

Apple cider vinegar will also help: you just need a few drops in a glass of warm water and drink it in two or three doses.

Apple cider vinegar based inhalations also help.

Almond kernels have anticonvulsant and analgesic effects. Therefore, a handful of these nuts is enough to ease the headache in 10-15 minutes.

Vitamin E, which is contained in nuts, protects blood vessels — namely, problems with them most often cause headaches.

For example, chili or cayenne.

In fact, it is to knock out a wedge with a wedge, but the remedy for this does not become less effective. The essence of the method is that capsaicin contained in hot pepper causes the neurotransmitters responsible for the pain to switch from the head to other zones: the headache is replaced by a burning sensation on the oral mucosa, but it is much easier to fight. Of course this "burning" The method should not be used by those who have stomach problems.

For these cases, there are warming creams based on hot peppers, which are applied to the forehead and temples.

Substances contained in mint have a calming and analgesic effect. Brew tea from mint (can be combined with other herbs, for example, rosemary, melissa or thyme). Let it brew for 10 minutes, stir a spoonful of honey in a cup — and drink a sip.

Peppermint oil has a similar effect: use it for self-massage of the temples and tense muscles of the back of the neck — the pain will recede almost immediately.

It contains a lot of potassium and magnesium, which relaxes the walls of the arteries, which makes it possible to improve cerebral blood supply. And a headache can be caused by a sharp drop in blood sugar levels: in this case, honey will also help slightly sweeten the problem.

In any case, brewing mint, lemon or ginger, and simple tea, add a spoonful of honey to it — it should be easier.

Her scent, loved since childhood, makes us forget about all the problems! But cinnamon sticks also contain substances that help with migraines. Prepare a thick paste with the addition of water from ground cinnamon.

Apply on the forehead and temples for half an hour, and then lie down for about half an hour.

Warming fragrant paste will drive away a headache, especially if it is caused by cold allergies or vascular spasm during an abrupt change in temperature outside the window.

Even our grandmothers advised to put a cabbage leaf on the forehead for a headache — he would “put off” the pain. And they were not so wrong.

Cabbage leaf drop for a minute in boiling water, then cool and attach to the sore spot — forehead, neck, temples.

You can use freshly squeezed cabbage juice: you can moisten a napkin in it, attach it to your forehead, temples, and also lubricate them behind your ears and on your wrists (pulse points).

Better after that lie down for about 15-20 minutes.

An excellent alternative to cabbage: boil potatoes in their skins, mash them directly in the peel and apply to the forehead and temples while still warm.

Milk contains riboflavin, or vitamin B2, one of the symptoms of a lack of which is headache. In our body, this vitamin is not accumulated, so it must be obtained daily from food in an amount of about 1.3 mg.

A glass of milk drunk by sips — warm but unboiled, because during heat treatment, riboflavin is destroyed — will help turn a sore head into a healthy one.

If pain is often disturbed, it makes sense to revise the menu and include more milk, cereals, greens in the diet, instead of meat leaning on the liver, do not forget about yeast and mushrooms.

All of these products have a lot of B2.

Drink pills.

We usually throw a pill in the mouth, but most analgesics and vasodilators themselves can provoke a painful attack.
Drink a glass.

Yes, the vessels (including the head and neck) will immediately expand, and the pain will recede.

But then come back with a new force.
To drink coffee.

If the pain is caused by hypertension, even one cup can hurt a lot.

And even if the pressure is normal or low, but you are accustomed to drinking a few cups of coffee a day, caffeine will not help, but will only aggravate the situation.
To smoke Nicotine causes a sharp spasm of blood vessels.

The pain will become even stronger.

Some foods, by contrast, can trigger a headache — the so-called gourmet migraine.

Among "provocateurs" — hard cheeses, chocolate, cocoa, citrus, spices, red and sparkling wines, seafood, legumes.

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