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Hazelnut — product description on

Even in ancient times, people appreciated the wonderful taste and beneficial properties of hazelnuts or hazelnuts, and began to cultivate it. Hazelnuts are especially good for sweets, but their culinary abilities are not limited to them.

Motherland hazel — Caucasus and Asia Minor. Even in ancient times, people appreciated the wonderful taste and beneficial properties of the fruits of this tree and began to cultivate it.

Now cultivated hazel — just it is called hazelnuts — grows in Asia, Europe and America.

In hazelnuts, the shell is slightly thinner than that of hazel, it is more nutritious, and the taste is much more subtle.

Hazel trees are shrubs or trees that are found almost throughout Europe. Fruits — from roundish to elongated, with the nucleolus, sometimes shaped like a heart, are collected in several pieces on one leg. The fruits of common hazel, or hazel, most often called hazelnuts; the fruits of the hazelnut of the large, cultivated form of this plant are hazelnuts.

In hazelnuts, the shell is slightly thinner, it is more nutritious, larger in size and has a softer taste.

And hazelnut has a brighter flavor.

Now cultivated hazel is widely grown in Europe, and in Asia, and in America.

It is believed that the homeland of hazel is the Caucasus and Asia Minor. It was from there that the Romans brought this plant to southern Europe. The Europeans immediately appreciated the excellent taste and beneficial properties of the fruits of hazel and in ancient times began to cultivate it.

Later, the plant spread to more northern territories, and in the XVII – XVIII centuries it was brought to America. Today, the largest suppliers of hazelnuts are Turkey, Italy, Spain and the United States.

In Russia, it is grown on the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory.

Both hazelnuts and hazel are rich in nutrients, especially vitamin E and folic acid. Just 100 grams of hazelnuts or hazelnut a day is enough to satisfy the body’s daily protein requirements, and if you mix these nuts with honey, they help with beriberi.

Hazelnuts and hazel are good at restoring strength: as early as the first centuries of our era they were necessarily included in the diet of the Roman soldiers.

There are wild varieties of hazel and there are many cultivated varieties of hazelnuts.

Most cultivated varieties are hybrid.

Many hazelnut varieties are traditional local, such as Italian "Roman" or Georgian futkura.

Hazelnuts and hazelnuts most often used for making pastries and desserts, in the confectionery industry: they are added to cakes, cakes, bread, baklava, sweets, chocolate and chocolate bars — both in whole and in crushed form.

Especially widely used is nut paste and nut flour, that is, grated hazelnuts.

The latter is an indispensable additive — flavoring in the production of breakfast cereals, chocolate and nut paste, creams, glazes, caramel, puddings, yoghurts, glazed cheese curds and curd mass, ice cream.

From the kernels of hazelnuts and hazelnuts get aromatic walnut oil.

It is also very appreciated by confectioners, because it has a remarkable quality for a long time not to deteriorate and not to dry.

In addition, the hazelnut oil is perfectly absorbed, if used in its natural form.

Homemade pastries and desserts are very good with him.

But the culinary possibilities of hazelnuts are not limited to sweets.

Like many other nuts, it will be perfectly combined with green salads and leafy vegetables, in particular with spinach, will make a decent pair of poultry, such as turkey.

Hazelnut kernel is peeled from its shell and covered with a tasteless brown skin.

One easy way to get rid of it is for 5 minutes. put the nuts in an oven preheated to 180 ° C.

After that, wrap in a kitchen towel (hot) and rub them together.

Forest hazel is harvested in late August — September.

By the way, hazel is meant in the name of the holiday Nut Spas (August 29 in a new style).

In stores, hazelnuts, of course, can be bought all year round.

Peeled hazelnut buy in the market must be careful: there is a danger of being faced with aflatoxins.

Aflatoxins are mold fungi, they are found in stale, expired nuts, seeds and tea leaves. In a small dose of aflatoxins can cause liver disease, and in large doses — a strong allergic reaction. Aflatoxins appear in fruits that have been stored incorrectly or in those that have expired.

Aflatoxins are often found in nuts, which are sold on the markets, by weight.

If there are dark spots and a musty smell on the kernels of the nut, they are infected with aflatoxins.

If you decide to buy hazelnuts by weight, smell the nuts: fresh fruit have a pleasant smell.

Hazelnut is safer to buy not peeled, in a strong, not damaged shell.

As for the nuts in the bags, their packaging should not be transparent: if the light gets on the hazelnuts, it quickly deteriorates.

Before you buy hazelnuts in bags, rub the release date printed on the package.

If it is easy to erase, then, most likely, hazelnuts are packed in a basement factory, hard workers without medical books.

Look at the place of adhesions on the package — it should be smooth, without any nicks.

Buy those nuts that were packaged no more than six months ago.

Peeled hazelnut kernels are stored at a low temperature in an opaque, airtight container, so light and extraneous odors will not penetrate to the product.

Otherwise, the process of decomposition of vitamins and minerals can begin in the hazelnut kernels, and the nut will lose all its beneficial qualities. In the shell, after about six months of storage, hazelnut dries out and loses most of its value.

This means that a special healing effect can be expected only from freshly harvested hazelnuts.

Hazelnuts, also known under the names of hazelnuts and hazel, are widely used in.

Virtually any edible fruit consisting of the shell and edible kernel, in cooking called.

For the preparation of oatmeal cookies are suitable most common oatmeal, and not.

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