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Hawthorn — product description on

By utility, hawthorn is a little inferior to wild rose. This is a real storehouse of vitamins C and biologically active substances, and carotene in it is no less than in carrots

Latin name hawthorn crataegus goes back to the Greek κραθαιος, which means strong. This shrub got its name due to its ability to survive in the most difficult conditions.

This is a valuable medicinal plant: in the leaves and flowering shoots of boryshnik contains substances that have a calming effect on the heart, so they make various tinctures.

Hawthorn is a genus of deciduous, rarely semi-evergreen tall shrubs or small trees up to 4 m tall Apple subfamilies, families of pink, of the order Rosaceae. Its flowers are white and pinkish, in corymbose inflorescences.

Hawthorn fruit has a lot of seed, hard skin and a small amount of edible pulp.

Hawthorn feels great in temperate climatic zones of North America and Eurasia. For example,

The berries of the plant are soft, sour-sweet, although they do not possess a bright taste.

For healing value, hawthorn is almost as good as dogrose. This is a real fount of vitamins C and biologically active substances.

In some species of hawthorn carotene no less than in carrots.

It is known that during the Great Patriotic War, soldiers were given hawthorn extract for the prevention of heart disease.

Its fruits contain many fructose and the complex of active substances: bitter substance crategin, tannins, crategar acid, tannin, citric and oleanolic acid.

In the old days in Russia, hawthorn was used mainly as a fixative for dysentery. In the 19th century, tea made from flowers and leaves of hawthorn, which was thought to purify blood, became popular. And since the XX century, traditional medicine strongly recommends the fruits and flowers of hawthorn as a medicine for diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Also, hawthorn is used to prepare an alcoholic tincture, which is consumed 1 teaspoon each to reduce blood pressure.

Hawthorn is a wonderful honey plant.

Hawthorn honey has a pleasant mountain and does not sugar.

Bright-red berries of some species of hawthorn ripening in August-September are edible, most often Spanish hawthorn berries (also known as Pontic and Azarol) are used in cooking.

In Russia, grows around 50 native species hawthorn 100 species It was imported from other countries, including from China and the Caucasus.

Of hawthorn berries prepare kvass, compote (with the addition of apples), tea (from dried hawthorn mixed with rosehip), wine, jam, jam, jelly, marmalade, marshmallow, and wipe them with sugar.

Hawthorn does not occupy a large place in the national cuisine, except perhaps China.

There from hawthorn is prepared very popular sweets, marshmallows, jellies and juices.

In other countries, these berries are known more because of their medicinal qualities than taste. Nevertheless, hawthorn is made from dried and ground hawthorn fruit flour, from which sweetish bread is baked.

Also, dried fruits are used to make surrogate coffee.

Jams to improve the taste of hawthorn is better to do mixed, for example, with currants or sea buckthorn.

Marmalade from hawthorn can then be used to make sauces, especially for game.

When eating hawthorn berries, it should be remembered that in large quantities they can cause mild poisoning.

Blooms hawthorn in May — June.

TO september flowers turn into bright orange or red «apples».

All year round, you can buy dried hawthorn berries in supermarkets and markets, and leaves in a pharmacy.

When buying or collecting it is important to make sure that the berries are ripe: they must have a uniform dark red color, they must be well separated from the stem.

On the berries should not be signs of mold.

Dry fresh hawthorn berry can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 weeks. To do this, you need to put it in any dish and do not cover it with a lid. In the freezer hawthorn fruits do not lose their beneficial properties during the year.

Dried berries in a dry and ventilated place can persist for 1-2 years, it is better to keep them in linen bags so that they are not moldy.

After freezing, the amount of tannins in hawthorn decreases, and the berries become tastier and sweeter, the bitterness leaves them.

Hawthorn drink has a refreshing effect. They can easily replace the traditional morning.

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