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Hand fitness

Have you noticed that your arm muscles have lost their elasticity and begin to remind of age?

Do not worry.

Our set of exercises will help you deal with this problem.

The expert in strength training, consultant of the magazine “IFORM” Julian Felix promises that after 28 days the back of your hands will be more elastic, after 6 weeks your hands will become noticeably more beautiful, and after 9 weeks (or slightly more if you have a noticeable subcutaneous fat layer), you will be legally proud of yourself.


1) Training ball
• A good quality ball is needed, it is desirable that its surface is not completely smooth.
• The ball should be well inflated, but not so much so that when you lay your back on it, you roll off it.
• Choose the right ball size:
Diameter = your height
45 cm = below 155 cm
55 cm = 155-171 cm
65 cm = 171-186 cm
75 cm = 187-198 cm

2) Dumbbells
At the beginning of your workout, a pair of 2 or 3 kilogram dumbbells will be enough. When you get stronger, you can start to do with 4-pound dumbbells.

Purchase a set in which the weight of the dumbbells is adjusted using removable discs.

3) A chair with a back, a wall or a window sill that you can hold onto.

Scheme of training for 1-3 weeks


Execution rate: raising your arms, slowly count to three, lowering to five.
Breath at run time: when raising / straining your arms, always exhale, lowering / relaxing your hands — inhale.


For this exercise you will need a steady chair. Grasp the edges of the seat with your hands straight, palms facing forward.

Legs should be slightly apart, knees bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Transfer the body weight to your hands so that the buttocks do not touch the seat.

Go down, bending your elbows at an angle of about 90 degrees. Keep your back and head straight while moving down.

Get down and up, bending and straightening your arms.
What not to do: stand shoulders forward, relax elbows while lifting, lean forward while lowering, bend head forward.
What muscles strengthens this exercise: triceps.


Sit on the gym ball. Take a dumbbell with both hands.

Your nape should be in line with your spine.

Raise the dumbbell up above your head, trying to keep your elbows parallel to each other.

Then lower the dumbbell behind the head, so that the elbows are bent at an angle of 90 degrees.
What not to do: lower the dumbbell too low, make a movement, using all the muscles of the arms.

Only your triceps should work.
What muscles strengthens this exercise: triceps.


Lie on the gym ball so that your shoulders, neck and neck are on the ball.

Put your legs on the floor, bending them at the knees. Keep your back horizontal to the floor. Abdominal muscles should be tense.

Take dumbbells in each hand and lift them up.

Lower the arms with the dumbbells towards the shoulders (the arms should be lowered slowly, not fall!) And lift them to the starting position.

You should feel the movement of the muscle on the back of the shoulder.
What not to do: raising arms with dumbbells up, completely unbend your elbows.
What muscles strengthens this exercise: the inner side of the triceps.

Unraveling the arms

Put one hand on the chair or on the gym ball. Bend forward with your back straight, with your knees slightly bent.

In the other hand, take the dumbbell.

The back surface of the shoulder should be in line with the back, the elbow firmly pressed to the body.

From this starting position, use a sliding motion to extend the forearm down and back.
What not to do: to move down and back with the whole hand and turn the hand.
What muscles strengthens this exercise: the whole triceps.
Make sure that the dumbbell does not twist in your hand; keep it all the time in the same diagonal position, otherwise you risk injuring your hand.

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