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Halloween holiday in Moscow restaurants

Halloween holiday in Moscow restaurants.

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Halloween — a night full of horror and unbridled merriment, when the boundaries between the material and supernatural are erased and all the evil forces are near us.

Appearing in Ireland as the eve of All Saints’ Day, this holiday found its modern appearance in America: it was there that his main symbol, recognized throughout the world, “Jack-lantern”, an empty pumpkin head appeared (the Irish cut something like that from a turnip).

At all Halloween they celebrate on the night of October 31 to November 1, but tradition is not a decree in Moscow restaurants and clubs: they choose the time for fun — someone on Friday night to Saturday, someone from Saturday to Sunday, some walk for four days — from Thursday to Sunday — or even a whole week.

Halloween holiday held October 30th.

The program of the festival includes live music, contests, prizes, an evening in the style of the 80s-90s, striptease, oriental dances.

Ticket price — 250 rubles.

The price includes a cocktail of choice (“Sex on the Beach” or “Martini-Orange”) and a sandwich of your choice (with cheese, sausage or ham).

A restaurant In the dark?! invites to celebrate Halloween holiday in a truly dark atmosphere.

Visitors are guaranteed an unforgettable experience, surprises, gifts and more — free «Living water (40%) from Dr. Medvedev.»

Sessions: 15.00-17.00, 17.00-19.00, 19.00-21.00, 21.00-23.00.

Friday’s American restaurants and American Bar and Grill celebrate this year. Halloween three days in a row — October 30, 31 and November 1.

These days, the waiters and guests of the restaurants will be merry and reckless ghosts and monsters.

In networks T.G.I.

Friday’s and American Bar and Grill in the days of celebration Halloween Guests are expected to have a creative approach in costume and makeup.

The main celebration will be held in the evenings. In Friday’s the entertainment program will start at 19.00, American Bar and Grill — at 20.00. All guests who came in costumes will receive a festive cocktail as a gift.

The waiters and bartenders will dress up too.

The organizers will prepare fun contests, the winners of which will be awarded with festive prizes.

During the festivities, guests will be offered traditional Halloween dishes — pumpkin soup and cake.

Special prices are set for branded cocktails during the holidays (almost half the price than usual).

October 29 in the restaurant Look in DJs will be lit by comic characters: Spiderman — a web of hands, Batman bat — gloomy robust, iron Man — in a helmet for ever, Superman — Cloak to the knees.

DJ parties October 29: Dj Jason, Dj Iron Man, Dj Spider Man.

DJ parties October 30: DJ Sashsa Vibe, DJ Ksenia Vegas, DJ Alexander Smith.

“Enchanted cocktails” will flow like a river: mystical “Cat’s Eye” based on fruit wine, rose vermouth, gin with a light hint of sour apple; inspiring GreenFairy based on vodka, rum, tequila, melon liqueur, Red Bull and absinthe.

Halloween holiday a restaurant Tommy d meets with the most exalted artists of Europe — Bunny Lake.

The main musical freaks, instigators and shocking people of the European jazzy-rock scene will be burned out in fantastic costumes.

Bunny Lake was founded in 2004 by singer Christian Fuchs and musician Dr.

Nachtstrom. In the same year, singer Suzy On The Rocks and bassist Christof Baumgartner joined the band.

In 2006, Bunny Lake released their debut album, Late Night Tapes.

Critics agreed that the album «is a soundtrack for the night of excessive party attendance, in which euphoria can only be achieved due to the risk of a terrible hangover the next morning.» The band’s second album saw the light in 2007, and was a combination of electronic dance music and rock and roll energy.

The remix on the track “Disco Demons” has become one of the favorites in the collections of many of the world’s most famous DJs.

The third record called “Beautiful Fall” was released in 2009. The group became the winner of one of the most prestigious music awards in the world — MTV Music Awards’10.

Halloween holiday in a restaurant Tommy d will be held on October 30th.

The beginning is at 21.00.

Celebration Hallowin in a restaurant Rosie O’Gradis will take place on the night of October 30-31.

Entry strictly in carnival costumes.

Pumpkin head is an essential symbol Halloween — it is not necessary to take with you: Rosie has plenty of this stuff.

You are waiting for a special bar menu, retro disco 80s and fun contests.

Halloween holiday it is celebrated on October 30, on Saturday. It will be a ball of magic and miracles.

Fairy-tale characters will surround you until the morning.

DJs will be at the helm of music all night. They promise they won’t be bored.

And further.

A restaurant Dantes announces a competition for the best costume.

Find your image and come!

October 30 in the club-restaurant Reserve Black Carnival will be held.

Black night is a night of intrigue. The organizers of the party promise: “Our witches will give you a real test of the senses, and it is still unknown in whose arms you may be at the end of the carnival!”

In the program of the Black Carnival — the performance of a cover band Moscow Manchester and a disco from the best DJs of Moscow (DJ Stamp, DJ Sanin, DJ Mauros, DJ Aspirin). Collection of guests at 18.00, the beginning of the holiday — at 19.00.

Entry — 300 rubles (reservation table), 400 rubles (on the day of the carnival).

In the club Music town October 30 will be held Rock halloween.

The celebration involves mythical creatures — charming witches and sexy devils, insidious demons and mischievous devils, seductive succubi and fascinating vampires.

Hackmesser — “Russian Rammstein” — will perform on stage.

The program also includes a dance show, a striptease, contact juggling, fencing fights, a LED show, a vampire dance, and a fetish show of Moriel Corsetry. For a special currency in the form of “sinful souls”, you can take advantage of a variety of services and entertainment: create your own image with a professional make-up artist, supplement your image with themed accessories, find out the fate of mystical fortunetellers, play with a demon for the soul or drink it, poker, visit a sinners auction, smoke hookah, take part in a professional photo shoot, get a private striptease from the succubus. “Sinful souls” can be purchased from a special Seller of Souls at the event itself. Also at the event will be many contests with prizes.

Celebration held on October 30 from 23.30 until the morning.

The price is 500 rubles, with a flyer 400 rubles, in a thematic carnival costume 300 rubles.

October 29 and 30 in the club Master and Bassoon held Sabbath on Bald Mountain.

You will find yourself in the center of an incredible coven of witches. The whole club will reincarnate in a dark forest, full of secrets and horror.

You will have the opportunity to see how the potion is prepared, and even manage to try it. In addition, the program of the holiday — mystical body art, watching horror films, competition for the best costume, erotic show-duet Witches, Dj Sanches, His Majesty Count Dracula as a host, and as a special guest — a giant man-eating spider. Parking for brooms provided.

Entrance to the Sabbath — 300 rubles.

Crypts tables book in advance.

October 31 (Sunday) at 20.00 Halloween will be celebrated in the «proletarian» beer restaurant Cup. Visitors are expected not only by scary pumpkins and fancy dresses, but also by the hottest Australian «Churinga-party», contests with prizes, as well as the most Halloween film in the world «The Adams Family».

Each guest is entitled to 50 grams of free tincture.

Free admission.

You can reserve a table in advance (closer to the witches and ghouls), at the expense of reservation (300 rubles), you can make an order from the restaurant menu.

Halloween in a restaurant Sipadan will celebrate October 30 at 20.00.

At the party there will be dancing witches, a nightmare aqua-makeup, dangerous gifts, terrible contests accompanied by mystical music.

Coming in costumes evil will treat magic cocktail and branded pumpkin pie.

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