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Hair care, or How to make hair beautiful

Hair care, or How to make hair beautiful. Tips from a professional hairdresser

About Camille
I fell in love with the smell of a hairdresser in my childhood, when my mother took Camilla, 5, with her.
At the age of 14 she already ran a hairdressing salon in the hope of getting a job as an intern.
After school, she entered the circus circus college in Tashkent, but one day she met a barbershop in the street where she studied at the CPC classes at school. Having received an invitation from him — to go to him as an apprentice, Camilla began to combine college studies with training for a male hairstyle master.

A month later, she began to cut.
Up to 20 years she worked in 50 videos and two full-length films, becoming a famous stylist in the star circle.
In 2005, Camilla arrived in Moscow, worked in the best metropolitan beauty salons, has a large base of VIP-clients.
In the near future the opening of its own workshop.

Camilla, tell me, please, what hairstyles are most in demand among your customers?
For several years, long hair has been popular among women, with the most natural look and color.

With me, my clients have grown the same long hair as mine.

The clients of men are mostly perfectionists, creative people, so they want to implement new ideas, creativity in their hairstyles.

You let slip your hair (really, gorgeous and beautiful!).

Tell me, please, how do you care for them?
In general, I have such long hair for the first time, I used to be very creative, of all kinds: shaved sides with patterns, and short bangs and crown, and malachite feathers.

I tried the colors of the whole palette, I even went blonde.

But at the age of 25 I realized that naturalness is the real beauty.

And then my friend persuaded all the masters in the cabin not to cut me. Now such a result.

Well, the components of my hair care are nutrition, the choice of organic shampoos and conditioners, lamination, toning with non-ammonia dyes.

If there is no filming and meetings, do not use the iron and hairdryer.

And about the proper nutrition for beautiful hair, you can learn more?
Be sure to include in the diet of fruits, salads and greens ..

Be sure to take drugs that contain iron and vitamins B and C as a dietary supplement to maintain normal hair growth.
Also, for the health of the hair requires an adequate amount of protein and water.

If you are a vegetarian, to fill the protein shortage, eat soy products and dairy products. As for water, in the summer it is especially important to keep the water balance: drink at least 6-7 glasses of water daily. Ordinary dining or mineral water is the best drink, both for your skin and for hair growth.

And yet, do not sit on strict diets!

By the way about leaving in the summer.

Can you give some hair care tips in the hot season?
If you spend a lot of time in the sun, if you are planning a vacation at sea, wear kerchiefs so that the direct rays do not fall on your hair and do not spoil their quality.

Be sure to moisturize your hair, nourish them with appropriate masks.

Use natural care products without formaldehyde.
Yes, and observe the frequency of washing the head: preferably 2-3 times a week.

Advice from Camilla: “Use organic shampoos!”
Such products are more expensive than usual, but safe.

To determine ekoshampuni, carefully examine the packaging: the label should indicate that the shampoo is made on a soapy basis, and not with Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS, sodium sulfate).

Also find on the package one of the well-known eco-certificates (BDIH, NaTrue, ECO-control, ECO-cert), which objectively act as a guarantor of product safety.

In addition, the quality of the organic product can be assessed by the absence of abundant foam — safe shampoos do not foam well.

In the care of hair is also important master in the cabin.

How to identify a truly professional hairdresser?
I personally noticed that a self-confident master will never blurt a client. The more a master of himself is promoting, the less he is.

In general, I believe that in this case it is better to rely on the masters recommended by your friends. And, of course, personal perception is important.

So I choose a master in my heart: if I feel comfortable with him, then this is really my master.

Sometimes we come to the master and not very clearly understand what we want to get at the exit.

How to do so, not to be disappointed after visiting the master?
If such an undecided new client comes to me, I first communicate with him about the environment in which he rotates in order to understand what is permissible and what is not, ask leading questions to find out the sympathies and taste of the client.

And so together we select the hair and / or color.
And yet, so that the result certainly brings the maximum of positive emotions, I recommend to come with an image (printouts) of 3 hairstyles that you like, and 3 hairstyles, which you absolutely refuse.

You should do the same with color: choose three colors in the palette that you like very much, and three that you would not like to see on yourself.

Please tell me how often it is worth going to the hairdresser?
If you have a short haircut, then you can come to the correction once in 1-2 months. If you have long hair, come every 3 months, depending on the appearance of the hair and your personal desires and sensations. The frequency of coloring the roots depends on the color: if you are blonde (and if the roots are light and the main length is dark) or you have gray hair, you can come to the master 3-5 weeks after dyeing.

Repainting depends on the dye: it is desirable not to abuse ammonia and paint no more than once every 1.5 — 2 months, and non-ammonia ones can safely be tinted once every 3 weeks.
If you are a blonde, in addition to the gradual dyeing of the hair, you have to constantly and systematically maintain the health of your hair.

You should be aware that proteins important for normal growth and appearance of hair die when they are brightened or washed, and the restoration of the optimal amount of protein in them takes about 3 weeks.

Camilla, can you tell me about a regular and hot haircut?
If your length is shorter than the average and you cut your hair once every 1.5-2 months, while maintaining the same shape, then you can easily cut it with regular scissors (trim the tips about once every 3 months). Although in my practice, even medium-length hairs are cut with hot scissors if they want to keep the same hair thickness from root to tip (hot scissors solder the tip, thereby protecting it from the section and toxins that fall through the ends of the hair).

In general, for long hair (and if you want to grow them), I definitely recommend a hot haircut.

The technology is as follows: the first three times the hair is cut once every 3 months, and then — once every six months. At the same time, hair grows well and maintains health.

However, if you kill hair with forceps, irons and dyes, even the use of hot scissors will not protect the hair from cutting.

On the Internet, there are many recipes for masks and decoctions to grow hair faster.

As a specialist, what do you think, is it possible to affect hair growth in general?
I noticed that hormones influence hair growth well: if my client is in position, her hair grows faster than usual.
Well, in general, the average hair growth is 10-12 cm per year.

If growth rates were guaranteed to increase from the use of these Internet miracle masks, people would not have increased their hair.
But in folk hair care products, in their positive influence, I believe.

For example, in my homeland (Uzbekistan — editorial note.) Used to successfully use the katyk (a product of fermented milk fermentation, popular among Turkic peoples — editor’s note.) Instead of balm, and applied eyebrows (southern herbaceous plant that makes dark hair color more saturated and activates their growth).

Now, in addition to traditional care, they offer vitamins for hair.

Does it make sense to use them?
There is a sense if you turned to a tachologist or an endocrinologist, and based on the results of the tests, you were prescribed special vitamins for hair. Hairdressers and stylists do not have the right to prescribe vitamins themselves, unless they themselves are trichologists.

Stylists should give beauty, and physicians are responsible for health in the first place.

Are there any fundamental taboos regarding hair care?
Yes. You can not iron your hair with an iron or forceps and use professional cosmetics yourself (because in stores that specialize in professional cosmetics, they do not always correctly consult, and you don’t know exactly what exactly you need).

For hair care consult the master.

My clients consult with me even when they cannot come to me at a particular moment, for example, they are in another country.

At the end of the conversation, Camilla, what key recommendations would you give to our readers?
Find your master! And it is also advisable to keep a diary where you will record the dyes, oxides or activators that you use. If you have a haircut on the lunar calendar, like me, fix it too.

Do not dye your hair if you do not have gray hair, and if you still want to change, then do it with caution.

When choosing quality tools, trust first of all the word of mouth, the recommendations of people you know, and advise them when finding good tools.
The more you love and praise your hair, the more health and beauty they begin to give in return. And the more often you say that you have “three hairs in two rows”, but earlier there was more, the more likely you will aggravate the situation, because the hair also has energy: how to charge them, so they will lead themselves.

Take care of the health of your hair and, of course, love them!

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