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Guinea fowl — product description on

This African bird got its Russian name from the word «Tsar», because it first appeared in Russia as an ornament of the royal court. Guinea fowl dishes are still considered table decoration today.

Guinea fowl — an African bird that appeared in Europe in ancient times.

Then they forgot about it, and only in the 15th century the Portuguese navigators brought the guinea fowls to Europe again.

It received its Russian name from the word «Tsar», since it first appeared in Russia as an ornament of the royal court.

Guine-fowl weighs about a kilogram — one and a half kilograms. Her meat, according to experts, to taste like pheasant meat.

There is less fat and water in her meat than in chicken.

The protein composition of guinea flesh meat is much more saturated than that of other domesticated birds; It contains about 95% amino acids.

Such a meat product is useful in the regular diet of both adults and children; It is especially beneficial for patients, pensioners and pregnant women.

Casserole meat is rich in water-soluble vitamins (mainly group B), as well as minerals.

Wild Relatives of domestic guinea fowl live in Africa and serve as an object of hunting there.

In Europe, they are known exclusively guinea fowl — i.e. tamed common guinea fowl.

During the years of selection, several breeds of domestic guinea fowl were bred.

Volga white, Zagorsk white-breast, cream and gray-speckled breeds are known in Russia.

Much more active than in Russia, guinea fowls are bred in countries Central Asia, Transcaucasia, at Italy, Of france, Ukraine; in these countries, their own breeds of domestic chickens are known.

In cooking, they use meat of young guinea fowls, usually three months, less often four and five months (three months weigh about a kilogram, five months weighs up to one and a half kilos).

Fillet of young birds of brown color, and after heat treatment becomes white.

Usually guinea fowl before cooking, they are soaked in a mixture of olive oil and spices, and only then baked, stewed or grilled. Whole carcass guinea fowls are often stuffed with different fruits, as well as cottage cheese with ham and greens.

From spices use juniper twigs, spicy greens, lemon juice, cassia, cinnamon.

The meat of any guinea fowl dries very easily during the cooking process. To keep the meat dry, it must be constantly watered with oil or covered with bacon (in order to get a ruddy crust, it is removed a couple of minutes before being ready).

In Greek cuisine olives and tomatoes are served with fried or stewed guinea fowl, sometimes medium-hot tomato sauce.

Guinea fowls rush from spring to autumn, the season of laying eggs lasts about six months (mostly from April to September).

The incubation period lasts 28 days, then the guinea fowl matures up to 3 or, more rarely, 4-5 months.

Consequently, the main season of roast meat begins in mid-summer and lasts until the beginning of next year.

Most of the guinea fowls, which are sold in Russia, are three-month-old (or rather, grown until the age of 75-80 days), their meat is more dry.

Guinea fowl grown to 3.5, 4 or 5 months, more well-fed.

Guinea fowl meat has a bluish tinge, as it contains little fat.

Press down on the meat with your finger — the hole on it should disappear.

If the fossa is left — this indicates a low quality product.

Do not buy frozen meat with a lot of ice.

In the refrigerator, guinea fowl meat is best stored for no more than two days.

Put the chilled guinea fowl in a vacuum container and store on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator for no more than two days.

Keep the guinea fowl in the freezer is better not more than three months.

In the Kaluga region operates a large chicken farm La Ferme, which specializes in guinea fowls. .

In cooking, use meat of young guinea fowls. A guinea fowl weighs from one kilogram to one and a half.

For Russia, knowing both turkey and ostrich meat, the guinea fowl is still exotic. For comparison: y.

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