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Guide to the Egg Festival in Usachevsky Market

September 15 and 16 at Usachevsky market in Moscow will be held Festival of eggs and breakfast, organized by the culinary group Eggsellent.

Especially for the festival in 25 gastronomic corners will be created dishes that are not and will never be on the menu.

Project Eggsellent every weekend holds a pop-up breakfast in different Moscow locations and cafes — for Polina Yurova and Sveta Mikhaleva it is an excellent occasion to gather friends and arrange a holiday for the whole day in order to charge guests with a good mood for the whole week.

This time they have teamed up with Usachevsky market in order to conduct a full-fledged Egg festival: On September 15 and 16, about 25 corners will offer guests unique dishes that will never be on the menu.


  1. UnitedKitchen. The gastronomic bistro offers for breakfast a duck leg confit, a poppy made from duck eggs and a crispy, slightly sweet apple-potato salad (590 r.).
  2. ZizoGourmet. Mediterranean restaurant has prepared a dish with seasonal ingredients for the festival. Truffle scramble with pickled artichokes in combination with goat cheese, dried tomatoes and juicy pumpkin, served on aerial bruschetta (480 r.).
  3. POKE — make the morning ahi-poke of ingredients that are not in the usual menu. Black rice, tuna, mini-asparagus, avocado, green figs, mango, radish (500 r.).
  4. Sliver specializes in smoking. For breakfast, they will make blanched asparagus with poached egg, truffle emulsion and smoked bacon (440 r.).
  5. Coffeemania specially for breakfast on the market will prepare bagels. Soft buns, smoked coho, grilled avocado, poached egg and greens (590 r.). And for dessert, the famous “Egg-toe” drink: coffee dessert with creme brulee mousse (430 r.).
  6. Uzbek Gourmet, As the name implies, they cook colorful dishes of Uzbek cuisine. And most importantly, they have a real tandoor in which they will cook Tuhum Samsu — an Uzbek crispy pie with egg and greens (77 p.).
  7. Meat grinder — shop homemade meatballs. The festival will prepare a traditional British dish — scotch eggs (eggs in Scotch), which combines an egg, minced beef and crispy breading. Served on mashed potatoes with green peas (320 r.), As well as Scotch-style egg in Russian style with Kamchatka crab meat (380 r.).
  8. AvocadoPoint — the first avocado bar in Russia, where in every dish there is an avocado! For breakfast, waffle waffles with poached eggs, salmon, avocado and cream cheese (550 r.) Will be prepared.
  9. PinzeriabyBontempi — masters of Italian cuisine will surprise everyone with the Grande fratello dish, which will be cooked from ostrich eggs. This breakfast is designed for a large company of 6-8 people and is prepared only by reservation (4300 p.). And for dessert, here you can try Sabayon from an ostrich egg with strawberries (4300 r.). Dessert is also big for 6-8 people. So call friends.
  10. AT Ram ram — All dishes only from lamb. For breakfast, the guys came up with a club sandwich with fried eggs. Crisp bread, baked mutton ham, grilled tomato, red onion and homemade mayonnaise (390 r.).
  11. UMAMI Moscow — a new project on the second floor of the Usachevsky market specializing in seafood and combining 4 kitchens in one room. Tuna tartar with burnt yolk (540 r.), Steam omelet with crab (430 r.), Soup with shrimp and egg (390 r.), Poached egg with grilled avocado, crab and salmon caviar (550 r.), And Another special cocktail is the banana flip (450 rub.).
  12. Primeme Bar — Prepare a morning ragged steak burger from stewed beef with egg and cheddar cheese (600 r.). The burger is served with french fries and ketchup, and the beef in it is very tender and juicy, because the guys have a special recipe for cooking it.
  13. Laksa&Co — Indonesian restaurant. Here will cook the morning «Nasi Goreng» with shrimp (320 p.). This is jasmine rice with egg and onion, oyster sauce, some spices and chili.
  14. Gokos Invented the world’s first breakfast gyros: it includes lukaniko (Greek sausage), egg, hollandaise sauce, juicy tomatoes and the most delicate chalumi cheese. All this is wrapped in a real Greek pita (270 p.).
  15. Ojahuri — Home Georgian cooking. Nobody invented anything better than khachapuri, and there is an egg in khachapuri in Adjar, so they decided, without changing the content, to change the color of khachapuri! See for yourself, but Adzhar pink Khachapuri is worthy of your instagram (290 r.).
  16. SoulSeoul cook an omelette baked in a pot (it is also called a volcanic egg) and onion pancakes with seafood (250 r.). There will also be a cup of sea broth so that it is just like in Seoul.
  17. Fo-fa — Vietnamese restaurant. For breakfast, you can order a dish “Mui Ne pizza” — an Asian pizza with shrimps, vegetables, tuna chips and homemade Asian mayonnaise (400 p.). For dessert sabayon «caramel-lemongrass» in a waffle basket.
  18. In the restaurant Cheese factory they use only cheeses from their workshop, so for breakfast they will cook a griddle with sweet corn, chanterelles, homemade ostratella and poached egg (550 r.).
  19. Pinhole camera for the egg event will hold a special promotion. If you come with your ceramic cup, thermos or biodegradable dishes, you can get any coffee at a discount of 10%. We advise you to take this move in the habit to take care of nature.
  20. Dzendao — Chinese restaurant. For the festival they are preparing a dish “Sunrise”, a tasty, slightly hangover spicy broth with handmade egg noodles, vegetables and an egg (380 r.).
  21. EAT Sandwich Bar they know everything about golden crisp bread and interesting toppings toppings, because nothing can compare with a sandwich in which the fillings are more bread. For the breakfast festival, they will cook a classic tuna sandwich according to their own recipe with fresh cucumbers and radishes, red onions, homemade mayonnaise and farm eggs, baked in the lid of the sandwich (320 r.).
  22. Chicken RF — a project specializing in chicken. For breakfast they will make a company roll with a fried egg, chicken breast, breaded in garlic sauce, mozzarella and fresh vegetables (350 r.).
  23. Macadamia — Mai Rai will prepare a special smoothie for a good start to the day. Ingredients: pineapple, strawberry, orange and banana. And for the code word «mayra» — a discount of 20% (300 rubles).

The festival will also have an educational and interactive program: cooking classes in the open kitchen on the second floor of the market, where they will not only cook, but also talk about food waste and the experience of conscious consumption, the MAD festival in Copenhagen, will tell you how to choose spices and etc.

For kids, a special Kids Brain quest will be organized: six stations with games and a big safe lottery in the final.

And if you have a suit for your four-legged friend, feel free to take it with you and participate in the competition to win food and help the dogs in the kennels.

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