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Green Mashed Beans (Mush)

Leguminous crops — mash — comes from India.

Not long ago, small, green oval shaped beans were transferred from the biological genus “beans” to the closely related genus “Vigna”.

Despite this separation, many perceive mung bean as one of the variation of beans.

Leguminous crops — mash — comes from India.

Not long ago, small, green oval shaped beans were transferred from the biological genus “beans” to the closely related genus “Vigna”.

Despite this separation, many people perceive mung as one of the variation of beans, and in some ways they are right.

Particularly popular mash gained in Indian cuisine.

From it is prepared the main dish ayuverdy — kichri (kichari). This is a spicy vegetarian dish, a mixture of stewed rice with mash and oil-roasted spices, sometimes with the addition of vegetables.

In India, it is actively used for soups, including sweet ones, as well as preparing stews, seasoning with local spices, and adding grated coconut.

Soaking mashed potatoes for 6-12 hours, then rubbed into pasta along with ginger and salt, fried like pancakes for breakfast.

The combination of «mung bean and ginger», in general, is very popular.

Mung bean is widely used in Asia. They are called “green bean” there and are cooked in China, Japan, Korea and other countries of Southeast Asia. Eat whole, peeled, or germinated.

In China, starch from mung beans is used for gelling and production of funchose. Ice cream and drinks are prepared with it, and lunar Chinese cookies and rice dumplings are stuffed with mash paste.

In Japan, green beans are made into bean vermicelli and germinated to obtain bean sprouts.

In the Philippines stew with shrimp and fish or chicken and pork.

In Indonesia, mash is a popular pastry filling.

Love mash and in Central Asia. For example, Mashhurda is one of the most famous soups in Uzbekistan. It is homely: in a restaurant, cafe or teahouse, it is unlikely that it will be possible to taste it.

Following the precepts of old chefs, “mash butter loves”, in this dish, in addition to rice and vegetables, use a large amount of fat tail and lamb.

In general, mash is great for cooking side dishes, soups, broilers and stews.

As for sprouts, in Chinese cuisine they are fried with garlic, ginger and green onions, sometimes with pieces of salted dried fish. Raw sprouts are used as a filling for Vietnamese spring rolls.

In Korea, they are blanched and then mixed with sesame oil, garlic and local spices.

Mash is a nutritious, healthy and nourishing product.

It is rich in fiber, B vitamins and phosphorus.

Like beans, mash is a source of vegetable protein and reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

Dry beans mash soak is not necessary. Mash is boiled for about 40 minutes and tastes like beans with a nutty flavor.

Salt it should be 10 minutes before the end of cooking.

To germinate dry beans simply pour water.

They can be found on sale, where they will simply be called «bean sprouts (seedlings)».

Mash is an independent legume, the ancestor of variegated beans and soybeans.

This porridge with a wave, rice, lamb fat and sour milk (katyk) — surprisingly successful.

The potatoes in this soup are not a random figure. Here he is responsible for the creamy texture and.

Golden rice is complemented by spicy notes of turmeric and fenugreek (shambhala). It is very easy and fast.

One of the most famous and favorite soups in Uzbekistan. True, he is home: in a restaurant, cafe or.

There is a popular belief that traditional Uzbek soups are necessarily cooked on roast. Not at all! .

This simple dish is very demanding on the pot — it must be with a thick bottom. .

Cooking in clay pots remarkably extraordinary taste and simplicity. And Uzbekistan.

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