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Green like a grasshopper: recipes with green onions

Green onions — natural vitamin injection. Not a single salad, kebab and okroshka can do without the spiciness and piquancy of green onions.

After all green onions for us — greens with the scent of summer.

Let’s tell what he is good and share recipes with green onions.

The white part of the onion pen is the most valuable.

It has the most nutrients. Next come the green feathers up to 10 cm.

And the very tips of the arrows have no special nutritional value.

Green feather is stored for a short time — 3-4 days. The trick to prolong his life is to lay down the feathers, carefully drying them, in a container, paving them with dry paper napkins.

In the fridge, the onion will last one and a half weeks.

The main thing is that the feathers do not break — otherwise they will quickly deteriorate.

Enjoy green feathers from your own summer cottage for the whole summer? It’s simple! If you already have a bed with green onions in the plot, “occasionally” update it from time to time with new seedling onions.

Usually the onions, planted in March-April, already disappear by July, then it is worthwhile to conduct a full audit of the beds and plant them again.

Water the garden, if you want to get exactly the onion-feather, you need to often, otherwise the feathers will be dry or will not grow at all.

Life hacking — plant a row of onions and carrots next to it.

It turns out that they perfectly protect each other from specific pests — onion and carrot flies.

It seems, eat — I do not want, without threat for a figure.

But experts limit the consumption of raw green feathers exactly 100 grams per day, otherwise problems with digestion cannot be avoided.

Onion is a rather tough “brush” for the body. To slightly soften its causticity, season the salads with onions with vegetable oil or sour cream.

A great option — crumble feathers on an omelet or scrambled eggs.

Yes, and the folk combination of bacon + bunch of green onions makes sense.

Green onions with all its benefits are best absorbed with fatty acids.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, green onions must be eaten necessarily because of folic acid, which contributes to the proper development of the fetus.

And in later periods it is better to avoid it: scientists have identified a link between mother onions eaten by mom and a tendency to allergies in a child.

Green onions are distinguished from other onion counterparts by the presence of chlorophyll, a natural antioxidant that “lives” in green vegetables. It fights carcinogens, cleanses the blood, reduces inflammation.

As in other types of onions, green contains a lot of zinc, calcium, carotene and other “bricks» of health. 100 g of green onions — the daily rate of vitamin C.

Curd dip with green onions can be served to almost any vegetables, fresh or baked. This sauce is perfect for baked red fish.

And quite a simple, but tasty option snacks: dip in a curd sauce fresh, with a crispy crust, bread.

Curd Dip with Green Onions

Tarte with sour cream and green onions — a wonderful snack for a summer holiday

Tart with green onions is a wonderful option for a summer holiday snack.

We added gruyere to the dough for this tarta, but any hard cheese will do.

Tart with sour cream and green onions

Tofu-teriyaki with green onions, suitable for fish, meat and chicken

Tofu-teriyaki with green onions is one of the variations of the popular Japanese dish, fried soy cheese with teriyaki sauce. Tofu-teriyaki can be served to almost everything — vegetables, fish, chicken, meat.

With brown rice you get a vegetarian dish, nourishing and at the same time light.

Tofu-teriyaki with green onions

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