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Green borscht, step by step recipe with photos

  • fungus mushrooms — 200 g
  • medium-sized beets — 1 pc
  • potatoes — 1 pc
  • fine chopped spinach — 100 g
  • sorrel — 50 g
  • vegetable oil — 2 tbsp. l
  • beef broth — 1 l

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Borsch is a classic dish of Slavic cuisine. Borscht is a thick vegetable soup, the main ingredient.

I confirm the recipe I cook myself.

I’m beans "cook" in a thermos: I bring it to a boil and pour it into a thermos without being afraid that it will burn))). I repeat the operation with particularly hard varieties of beans after a few hours.

And together with sour cream in a plate I put uncut parsley and ramson.

my first borscht in my life :)) boiled 200 g of frozen mushrooms (I poured water for the first time after 10 minutes of boiling, then cooked 40 more minutes in new water, 20 minutes after starting cooking, put the whole potato to the mushrooms, it boiled there). boiled beets rubbed on a coarse grater, mixed with chopped onion, fried slightly in butter, with the addition of mushroom broth. took out a potato, slightly ceiling is not up to mashed potatoes. added potatoes, beets with onions to mushrooms, boiled for 3 minutes. added there 1 crushed clove of garlic. It turned out such a mix of several recipes. very tasty)) color — bright red with a touch of orange, not like an ordinary borscht.

This is red borsch with sorrel :))

In our Ukrainian lands, they do not put Sukklu green borsch, because the color of borscht will no longer match the name .. My recipe, somewhat ennobled, looks like this: on a 3 liter pan: 2-3 large potatoes, a couple of handfuls of beans (soak for the night, boil separately).

1-2 medium onions, 1 small carrot — fry in sunflower oil. In a boiling water add a tablespoon of a pile of dill seeds, a couple of white peas, black and allspice (to taste). Boil the potatoes to a high degree of readiness, add frying, beans.

Add chopped sorrel, quinoa, green leek, dill.

Boil no more than 5 minutes.

Boiled chopped eggs can be added either to borscht, or directly to the plate. Add borsch sour cream.

Enjoy your meal!

Can I give you a recipe for my grandmother’s green borscht?

I cook it the only way. In the meat broth (put meat) put 5-6 whole potatoes, cook.

Shred the onions, fry in fat (if there is little sorrel, add a little tomato to the fry). We take out the finished potatoes and push it a little (not mashed!). Pour broth into a bowl.

Put the potatoes in the pan, fry, cut all the greens: sorrel, parsley, green onions and young nettles (who loves), put them in the pan and boil no more than 5 minutes, less is possible. Pour 1-2 eggs into a bowl of cooled broth and stir in a saucepan. Green borsch is ready!

Before serving, fill with sour cream!

Enjoy your meal!

For Clemens Thank you for reading us!

Curiously, what exactly do you see imitation? And could you give an example of a present, in your opinion, green borscht?

You can do this as a comment, or simply by giving a link to a published recipe.

Larisa is right!

This is not a recipe for green borscht!

I do not want to offend the author, but it is an imitation!

I would not call this soup "Green"

Beets are more convenient to boil for a couple in the peel, you can even a few pieces at once — it is useful, then peel and grate on a coarse grater.

Part of it can be used now for borscht sprinkled with lemon juice or uksukom, and part of it can be frozen in portions and used as frozen vegetables — semi-finished products.

Since most often I use kitchen appliances, which then have to be washed, this option is more rational and saves more time.

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