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Great Summer Festival — Oh yes! Food — in Petersburg

July 23 and 24 in St. Petersburg (TsPKiO them.

Kirov) will host the Great Summer Festival "Oh yeah!


Delicious food, music, workshops, sports activities, street art and family fun — the event will be the main city picnic this summer.

In 2016, the Great Summer Festival "Oh yeah! Food!" has already been held in Moscow (June 11-12), Yekaterinburg (June 18-19) and Nizhny Novgorod (July 2-3). The festival will also be held in the center of wine tourism in Russia Abrau-Durso in the Krasnodar region.

July 23 and 24, the festival will be held on the Elagin Island in St. Petersburg.

For two days, the concentration of top chefs, the best restaurants of St. Petersburg and shops with farmers products at the festival will be off scale. Master classes of the best chefs of St. Petersburg and Moscow in "Gastronomic Theater", among them Zinnat Akbashev (The Boat), Alexander Belkovich (Ginza Project), Ilya Burnasov (Goose Goose), Igor Grishechkin ("Cocoko"), Anton Isakov ("Gastronomy") and many others, children’s cooking school "Young locor", first autographed cookbook "Library "Oh yeah!

Food!", unusual gadgets on "The kitchen of the future", summer cinema — this is just a small part of the program that the Big Summer Festival has prepared for its guests.

On "Culinary scene" culinary battles will be held with the participation of restaurateurs, food bloggers and well-known sportsmen and TV presenters, at the end of which blind tastings will be held for guests of the festival.

For everyone to prepare their own meals under the guidance of an experienced chef will work Kitchen "Oh yeah!

Food!". On July 23 and 24, at the Barilla site, chef Fabio Ancelotti will hold cooking classes for cooking Italian pasta. Harry’s American Sandwich chefs teach you how to cook delicious sandwiches, and visitors "Oh yeah!

Food!" will be able to take part in the culinary competition and receive gifts and prizes from the brand. At the restaurateurs school "Expresso" Leading experts, including Aram Mnatsakanov (Probka), will share their experience and knowledge by giving a course of lectures for beginning restaurateurs and those who plan to open their own business in the restaurant industry.

BUT "The kitchen of the future" will present the latest fixtures for cooking.

As part of the Big Summer Festival "Oh yeah! Food!" There will be several mini-festivals. BBQ Festival will bring together restaurants specializing in cooking steaks and BBQ.

Here will be held master classes of Texas chefs — guests "Oh yeah! Food!" learn the secrets of cooking the perfect marinade and choosing the best meat.

"Oh yeah!

EcoFood!", on the contrary, it will focus on a healthy lifestyle: next to the lecture hall, where Human 3000, RaWellness, "Dill", Stretch Me and other participants will tell all about new trends in this area, will settle down shops with food products.

AT Gourmet restaurant for cats from GOURMET Four-legged gourmets will indulge with real delicacies from the GOURMET brand, and the hosts will be able to take part in an interesting interactive program: cooking classes with stars, prize draws from the GOURMET brand, as well as the opportunity to receive a magnet with a photo from memory.

In the summer cinema will be held showing your favorite food films and film festival, organized jointly with the Doors to Hollywood Academy, — according to the results of the preliminary competition, the best works that can be seen at the festival will be selected "Oh yeah!


Another point of attraction of the festival will be music scene, where will the band perform «Pizza», Manizha, Yegor Sesarev and other artists. Nine-time winner "Golden mask" — theater "Shadow"that fits in "Ambulance Theater Aid" — a small minibus, converted into a theater hall, will bring three performances to the Big Summer Festival.

The sports program will include crossfit training, yoga raves, volleyball team competitions, picnic sports tournaments — the pet woman, frisbee, badminton and much more.

The spectacular spectacle will be "Cook run" from I Love Run: its participants will be easily recognizable by the white caps.

July 23 — 24, 2016

12.00 — 22.00

St. Petersburg, TsPKiO them. Kirov, Elagin island

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