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Great again: unusual barley dishes at Moscow Restaurant Week

Great again: unusual barley dishes at Moscow Restaurant Week

Perlovka is back in fashion: with this boring, at first glance, cereal, Moscow chefs invented new dishes for Moscow Restaurant Week.

We chose the ten most interesting.

Few people know that pearl barley croup — it is barley cleared of shells, and a beautiful name appeared because of the similarity of the grains with pearls.

Usually, barley porridges are made into boring cereals or soups, but until March 25 you have the opportunity to try something new in 75 Moscow restaurants.

Guinea Fowl with Mushroom Pearl, Quince Puree and Peanut Ground, AQ Chicken

In the restaurant AQ Chicken Creative chefs Adrian Ketglas and Andrei Zhdanov staged a gastronomic collaboration of cereals with poultry meat.

Perlovka was given the main role in risotto with porcini mushrooms, to which they served gooseberries, cooked at low temperatures and fried to a crisp (740 rubles).

AQ Chicken, Trekhprudny Lane, 11 / 13s2

Guinea Fowl with Mushroom Pearl, Quince Puree and Peanut Ground

Barley / Beetroot / Garnet, Margarita Bistro

Chef Margarita bistro on Patriarch’s Dan Miron likes to experiment with different textures of a product in one dish. His pearl barley with beetroot and pomegranate (520 rubles) is an ode to beetroot: the cereal is stewed in beetroot juice, then served with baked beetroot and its fresh leaves.

Pomegranate seeds in the feed is also very helpful.

Margarita Bistro, 28 Malaya Bronnaya Street

Crispy egg with pearl barley and porcini mushrooms, Haggis pub & Kitchen

In Dmitry Zotov’s gastropub Haggis pub & Kitchen Barley is in the regular menu: this cereal is often used in recipes of Scottish cuisine.

During the festival, they offer to try an egg in batter with pearl barley and porcini mushrooms (440 rubles).

Haggis pub & Kitchen, st. Petrovka, 15

Crispy Egg with Barley Porridge and Porcini Mushrooms

Barley with cod baked in kvass, Luciano

Italian Chef Luciano Andrey Koshkodan prepares barley with celery root, mascarpone cheese and white wine.

It is served with cod, baked in bread kvass, and decorated with apple onion (490 rubles).

Luciano, Smolenskaya Square, 3, TDC Smolensky Passage, 1–2 floor

Barley with cod baked in kvass

Baked King Crab and Barley Porridge, I Like Wine

In the wine bar I like wine pearl barley served in crab claws under a baked parmesan crust.

Chef Dmitry Parikov combined cereal with biscuit, carrot fresh and crab meat (550 rubles).

I Like Wine, st. Pokrovka, 16

Baked King Crab and Barley Porridge

Barley Casserole with Barrel Cucumbers and Dried Beef, The Mad Cook

You will not see the usual barley in this dish — chef Maxim Volkov tried to change it beyond recognition: he punched in a blender, added pickles and made a casserole.

It is served with dried meat and with the same barrel cucumbers (440 rubles).

The Mad Cook, Color Boulevard, 2

Barley casserole with barrel cucumbers and dried and torn beef

Barley with cuttlefish ink and squid meat, Vladivostok 3000

In the restaurant Vladivostok 3000 Barley, naturally, met with squid and ink of cuttlefish (460 rubles).

Chef Givi Khatisov r takes this dish according to the recipe of a classic risotto: add white wine, thyme and parmesan.

Squid is grilled and served whole.

Vladivostok 3000, st. Tverskaya, 7

Barley with cuttlefish ink and squid meat

Perlotto with seafood, «Swallow»

Italian chef Domenico Filippone prepares this dish from selected pearl barley on langoustine broth.

In perlotto, served in a restaurant on the ship, of course, collected seafood — Mediterranean mussels, squids, shrimps and lagoscins (950 rubles).

Restaurant-ship «Lastochka», Luzhnetskaya Embankment, Berth «Luzhniki. Northern»

Perlotto with seafood

Perlotto with Porcini Mushrooms and Parmesan Mousse, Butler

Another perlotto, but from another Italian chef, Giuseppe Davi, is cooked with porcini mushrooms, parmesan mousse and parmesan chips (920 rub.).

Never before has barley with mushrooms felt so chic.

Butler, Trekhprudny Lane, 15

Perlotto with porcini mushrooms and parmesan mousse

Mushroom soup with pearl barley, baby spinach, tomatoes and herbs, Baltschug Kempinski Moscow

And finally — mushroom soup with pearl barley in one of the most expensive hotels in the city Baltschug Kempinski Moscow (500 rub.), Which is served with young spinach, tomatoes and herbs.

Chef Maxim Maksakov tried to make a dish that will appeal to all segments of the population — and lean, and satisfying, and not ashamed.

Baltschug Kempinski Moscow, ul. Baltschug, 1

Mushroom soup with pearl barley, baby spinach, tomatoes and herbs

Gastronomic festival Moscow Restaurant Week last until March 25th.

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