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Grapefruit — product description on

Grapefruit — citrus fruit is from the Caribbean islands, a close relative of orange and pomelo. Externally, grapefruit fruits are similar to orange fruits, but their flesh is sour and with a bitter aftertaste.

Grapefruit — citrus fruit is from the Caribbean islands, a close relative orange and pomelo.

Externally, grapefruit fruits are similar to orange fruits, but their flesh is sour and with a bitter aftertaste.

The name of the fruit is derived from the English.

grape (grapes) and fruit (fruit), as the fruits of grapefruit often gather in clusters, thus reminding clusters of grapes.

Grapefruit also contains antioxidants that lower cholesterol. One grapefruit per day helps to normalize cholesterol levels in the blood. This is especially important for people with ischemic heart disease and circulatory diseases, for whom elevated cholesterol is another risk factor.

According to some data, grapefruits with “red” pulp contain much more cholesterol lowering substances than grapefruits of “yellow” varieties.

Grapefruit is not recommended to be taken simultaneously with drugs, as the substances contained in it can neutralize or enhance the effect of various drugs and thereby cause an overdose effect.

Grapefruit juice increases the acidity of gastric juice, so grapefruit is recommended for people with low acidity and, at the same time, is contraindicated in various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Practically everywhere where grapefruits are grown, they are eager to protect them from pests and various diseases; make it different chemical compounds.

Most of the chemicals with which the fruit is treated are localized precisely in its skin.

In addition, in order for the fruit to stay fresh longer, they are covered with special compositions that the fruit is resurrected, which gives them a neat «lacquered» look.

All this should be borne in mind — and not to abuse the grapefruit peel.

There are about two dozen varieties of grapefruit.

They are divided into two large groups — whites (or yellow) grapefruit, with yellowish flesh, and red (or pink).

Red grapefruit (Ruby, Rio red, Star ruby, Flame) were withdrawn in the middle of the XX century in the United States.

As a rule, the more red the grapefruit pulp contains, the sweeter it is.

There are varieties with a lot of seeds in the fruit, as well as completely without seeds.

Grapefruit hybrid with pomelo — suite, which in the rest of the world is known by the names oroblanco and will grind.

Grapefruit hybrids and tangerine certain varieties — mineola and tangelo.

Grapefruit is eaten raw, used as an ingredient in fruit and spicy salads. Grapefruit is well combined with seafood, fish, poultry, young cheese. Jam is made from it and juices are crushed.

Essential oils of grapefruit are used in confectionery and distillery production.

Before eating, the fruit of a grapefruit is usually cut with a sharp knife.

The core in each half with a part of adjacent films is removed.

To completely get rid of the bitterness of the fruit of the grapefruit, you need to remove the translucent leathery film covering each lobule of the fruit, in which mainly the bitter substances are concentrated.

Cooks call peeled slices supreme, and in the home kitchen they are better known as «fillet«.

The main countries producing grapefruit are the USA (the states of Florida, California, Texas, Arizona), Argentina, Brazil, the countries of the Caribbean, Australia, South Africa, the Mediterranean countries, including Israel.

Grapefruit is cultivated in relatively small quantities on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, in Western Georgia, and Abkhazia.

In most countries, the grapefruit season is late autumn, winter and early spring (main season — from November to March).

In another hemisphere, in South Africa, the grapefruit season falls by JuneOctober.

Grapefruit must be whole, intact.

Pay attention to the weight of the fruit: the juicier the grapefruit, the more it weighs.

The taste of grapefruit depends on the amount of beta-carotene in it.

The brighter the rind of the fruit, the greater the amount of beta-carotene, the sweeter it will be.

In addition, red grapefruits are for the most part much sweeter than whites.

Do not be intimidated by fruits with a brown or green tint.

Orientation when choosing a fruit should also be on the flavor.

The ripe and juicy fruit smells very strongly.

Red grapefruit has the maximum amount of beneficial properties due to the content of a greater amount of lycopene, which is an excellent antioxidant.

To keep the fruit fresh longer, they are covered with special compositions that resurrect the fruit, which gives them a neat “lacquered” look. Therefore, when choosing a fruit, pay attention to its appearance.

Choose fruits with a matte skin that are not covered with special formulations.

Fresh fruit is not recommended for long storage.

The more ripe the grapefruit, the less it will be stored.

For these fruits, the lower shelves of the refrigerator or special compartments for fruits are best suited.

The maximum shelf life of grapefruits is 10 days.

After they dry up, which spoils their taste and aroma.

There are four groups of orange varieties: ordinary — fruits with yellow flesh,.

Mandarin fruit is a valuable dietary fruit that increases appetite, improves metabolism and.

It is believed that lemon is very useful because of the large amount of vitamin C contained in it.

Lime in many dishes perfectly replaces the lemon, although the taste of the fruit is different. As well as .

Grapefruit juice — sweet and sour with a spicy bitterness. Depending on the variety.

Salads with grapefruit do not have to be dessert at all! After all, this citrus with white or.

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