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Grandmothers always know what’s best! Pasta Recipes from Italian Pensioners

Grandmothers always know what’s best! Pasta Recipes from Italian Pensioners

Traditional Italian pasta recipes are on the verge of extinction.

And to save them, writer Vicky Bennison launched a youtube channel where Italian grandmothers show how to make real pasta.

Writer Vicky Bennison is a big lover of delicious pasta and soulful human stories. And she knows like no one else. better than Italian grandmothers nobody will cook Italian pasta. It occurred to her to write down the recipes of Italian retired women she knew, but as a boring cookbook, and how youtube video blog.

This wiki format for cooking notes was not chosen by chance — she believes that lovely grandmothers, amazing authors of pasta recipes, should know everything by sight.

Cheerful 95-year-old Giuseppia from Sardinia and her marigolds

The very first heroine of the blog Vicki Bennison was 95-year-old Giuseppia from Sardinia.

She knows from experience that the beneficial properties of pasta are not a myth, but a reality.

Perhaps it is thanks to the pasta Giuseppia and lived to such a respectable age healthy and cheerful.

Giuseppea prepares pasta called Macaroni de Ungia.

Recipe pasta macaroni di Ungio recipe Giuseppia Porco

1. Cooking homemade pasta. Gradually mix the warm salt water with wheat flour from durum wheat.

It is important to knead the dough well before starting to make pasta. Giuseppi sculpts with the help of a special board weird pasta, which in Sardinia is called "marigold". Blind are the same in the Russian reality, you can hardly, but try to make similar you quite succeed.

The main thing is to make pasta of a similar shape to a shell, thin and small.

2. Cook the sauce.

Fry the onion, add to it the pulp of tomatoes, trade winds and fresh herbs (basil, oregano, spinach).


Cook the pasta to the state of al dente.

For homemade pasta should be carefully monitored so as not to digest it.

4. Serve.

Sprinkle the boiled pasta with grated hard aged cheese and mix thoroughly.

Pour the sauce over the top, sprinkle with fresh basil and set it on the table for your favorite guests!

Bright sisters Maria and Rita from Marché prepare unusual ravioli.

Another bright stars of the video blog writer steel Sisters Maria and Rita from Marché, who made unusual ravioli with cheese, chicken and cinnamon.

Sisters Maria and Rita prepare their raviolli.

1. Cooking dough for ravioli from the calculation: 100 grams of flour per 1 egg.

Stir the dough thoroughly for about 10 minutes.

2. Cooking meat stuffing. Boiled chicken with broth, ground cinnamon, soaked bread and a small handful of peanuts are ground in a blender.

Add cheese and some egg white, mix until smooth.

3. Sculpt ravioli.

Roll out the dough and cut into strips.

We lay out the meat stuffing, divide the strips into pieces and sculpt something like dim sum.


Cook ravioli in plenty of salted water until ready.



Pour the ravioli with melted butter, sprinkle with grated, firm, seasoned cheese and pour over tomato sauce.

Italian grandmother makes homemade pasta

We hope that Vicky’s video blog will help preserve the tradition of passing recipes from generation to generation.

Such different and tasty recipes from our grandmothers should live for many years, as a continuation of their love for us.

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