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Gorky Park as a trend of the season

one. Olive Beach

While the weather allows, it is worth hurrying to the Olive Beach (which is next to the Andreyevsky Bridge). «Olive» — ​​because it is decorated with large tubs of olive trees.

You can sunbathe, and you can have a nice snack right on the embankment of the Moskva River. Kitchen in the restaurant «Olive Beach» in charge of a Moroccan Arbi Shakri.

We recommend: salad with shrimp and avocado, chicken quesadilla, Uzbek shawarma with chicken and homemade adjika, cucumber soup.

2. Central alley

The park regularly hosts free classes in yoga, fitness, qigong, capoeira — choose what you like most.

Three times a day on the Olive Beach, in the evenings — near the Central Alley (opposite the restaurant «Alley»), as reminded by a special sign installed on the lawn. Speaking of park lawns: this is probably the only place in Moscow, where visitors are encouraged to walk on lawns, as reported by the signs: “You can walk on our lawns” and “You can have a picnic here!”

3. Monuments of the Soviet era

Soviet monuments are restored, reconstructed and cultivated in every possible way, because now they are not the end, but the means: design elements, “accents in the interior”.

To cover everything at once, we advise you to stand on the rollers: there is a rental in the park.

4. Tents with «fruit and berry»

Street food in Gorky Park — quite in the style of European fast food.

Sandwiches, hot dogs and local specialty — ice creamGorky Park«: Creamy and fruit-berry, as well as draft juice from glass cones» as in childhood. «

5. Neskuchny garden

This year there are a lot of updates in Neskuchny: a playground, ping-pong tables, and also a chess clubWhite rook«.

Next to chess is bike rental: here you can rent a bike, and surrender at the Pioneer pond, and vice versa.

Mountain bikes and tandems for two are available.
Even in Neskuchny play petanque.

You can also play big cork chess — they are to the right of the Central Fountain.

6. Fisherman’s house

A restaurant «Fisherman’s house» opened in the park this summer. The menu is mainly fish dishes.

And once a week are fish days and gastronomic workshops. Restaurant chef Evgeny Gryaznov says that a fish showcase will soon be on display in the restaurant, and now he offers to try: tuna carpaccio with mango-truffle sauce and chili pepper, green lettuce with stuffed guinea fillet and fig sauce, mozzarella cheese Buffalo with tomatoes and basil.

Wash down homemade lemonade: cranberry, peach, strawberry.

The restaurant offers a beautiful view of the Golitsyn pond.

7. Pushkin Embankment

Be sure to visit: Pushkin Embankment. At eight in the evening, tango lessons are held in the open air!

Teach everyone.

While classes are scheduled until early October, and maybe longer, if the weather permits.

8. Golitsyn pond

On the hill near the pond a squirrel house appeared, in which unique Teleut squirrels, who came from the Voronezh Reserve, live.

And the direct inhabitants of the pond are ducks, geese, swans, white and black-necked. Children will be delighted.

In addition, you can ride on the brand new orange catamarans or boats.

In the development of the idea of ​​a mini-zoo. There is also an internet veranda with free Wi-Fi, equipped with desks and sockets for laptops. By the way, wireless Internet works almost throughout the park.

Plus, bike rental, for example, Conference bike, is an ideal solution for a large company.

Finish the day at Gorky Park the best thing is in the Central Square near the large fountain where Radio Jazz is playing, and in the evenings (from 17.00 to 22.30) the light-music fountain show takes place.

Illustrations: Ltd "Bonnier Publications"/ D. Korobeinikov

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