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Good mood without antidepressants

We fuss a lot, eat wrong, move a little — no wonder that in this situation more and more people notice signs of depression. And trying to treat it with antidepressants. Of course, there are cases when without the help of a doctor and pills can not do.

But there are ways to solve the problem of «little blood».

Stress is a healthy response to changes in the environment.

But prolonged stress can bring a person to this depression. All this can be explained at the level of physiology. Under stress, the pulse speeds up, and rapid heartbeat affects the brain’s production of signaling substances that play a role in the development of depression.

So don’t spare yourself time — find a way to relax when you are “in the pen”.

Depression is easier to prevent than to cure.

Therapist Henning Sell, working in St. Hans Hospital Roshille (Denmark) and who studies the connection between depressive and anxious states and physical activity, unequivocally recommends fitness as a remedy for depression — for example, morning jogging.

The movement has a positive effect on people prone to depression.

Therefore, patients of the Hospital St. Hans prescribed running. In addition, it has been observed that exercise reduces the need for drugs.

Henning Sell emphasizes that fitness alone cannot cure depression.

But the lack of physical activity may well cause it. So even if you want to crawl under a blanket, gather your courage and put on your sneakers.

A half-hour run twice a week can give you a good mood.

Eat potatoes, carrots, cabbage, pasta, rice, honey and bread.

These products are good for the psyche, because vegetables and bread contain large amounts of carbohydrates that increase insulin levels in the blood. The effect is as if you took a kind of natural «pill of happiness.» Insulin increases the permeability of cellular membranes for amino acids, in particular for tryptophan.

Tryptophan — that brick that underlies the production of such an important signaling substance of the brain — serotonin.

Serotonin It has a great influence on our mood.

After taking carbohydrates in the blood, the concentration of tryptophan increases, which enters the brain, where it is converted to serotonin.

Serotonin, in turn, reduces the effects of stress and improves mood.

To achieve this effect, it is important that carbohydrate-rich food, which has an anti-receptive effect, does not contain a large amount of proteins, because under their influence the concentration of tryptophan is reduced. Of course, the “pill of happiness” effect that food provides is not strong enough to cure depression.

But he can mitigate its manifestations and, perhaps, prevent a nervous breakdown.

If some products stimulate the production of serotonin, others block it.

These products include, in particular, an artificial sugar substitute. aspartame, containing the substance phenylalanine. Released in large quantities in the body, phenylalanine inhibits the transport of tryptophan to brain cells, as a result of which the brain produces less serotonin. Several years ago, in the course of one experiment conducted by American scientists, the participants in the experiment were divided into two groups.

Both groups received aspartame.

The difference was as follows.

The participants of the first group never suffered from depression, while the participants of the second group were previously depressed.

Aspartame has not had a noticeable effect on those who have never had depression. But participants in the second group, after taking this sugar substitute, developed symptoms of depression, and so pronounced that the experiment had to be interrupted.

So do not put a large amount of aspartame in coffee, especially if you have a predisposition to depression.

Combined oral contraceptives can adversely affect a woman’s mood. Under their influence, the brain cell production of the norepinephrine signaling substance is reduced.

Norepinephrine, like serotonin, plays an important role in preventing depression.

Therefore, experts advise to refrain from taking oral contraceptives for women prone to depression, or to stop taking them if they feel that birth control pills affect their mood.
If you belong to a risk group, for example, there have been cases of depression in your family, you are advised to choose another type of contraception.

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