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Goa: what to see, what to try

Goa State for a long time was Portuguese, and this could not affect the local life.

The streets of the state capital, Panaji, remind of the neglected towns of southern Europe, the magnificent cathedrals of Old Goa would have decorated Lisbon itself (however, the image of the Virgin in them somehow looks like the Hindu goddess Lakshmi), bazaars interspersed sold crucifixes, flower beads and sculptures of the elephant-headed god Ganesh.

I still terribly regret that I did not buy a small statue of a strange creature — it sat in the lotus position, had a plump, lying on his knees, bare belly, framed with a bandage with a sword, and also a triangle on his head. To the question: «Who is it?

«- I received a stunning answer:»Vasco da gama«.

Shopping is a very significant entertainment at Goa. As for purely local products, for example, I bought an armful of luxurious cashmere shawls (at first they were worth a hundred dollars apiece, but sold them to me for twenty).

In fact, in India you have to pay rupees, which are about $ 55 in the dollar, but many merchants willingly take both bucks, euros and pounds, although I suspect that this is prohibited.

As, of course, any drugs are strictly prohibited.

However, visitors to the famous Goan trans-parties are often neglected by this prohibition — people who come to India with the aim of expanding their consciousness can expand to a thirty-year period.

In general, it is better not to try, there is more than that and one trance music is enough to expand anything.

Goa hippies were discovered for Europeans, and it happened in the late 60s.

Now there is not much left from the former colony of children-flowers, but there are still hippies here — you can buy any handmade items from them at the Saturday night market in Arport.

And reluctance to hang around the markets at night — so go to the flea market in Anjuna, offering hand-made bedspreads and hats, elephants of sandalwood, incense sticks, coconut ashtrays, carpets and beautiful saris, which you later will not know what to do.

And on Goa you can go to the plantation and finally see where and how all those spices grow, with which we so willingly sprinkle our food.

And do not forget to try an Ayurvedic massage at least once — do not trust the beach masseurs, better go for a massage at the hotel.

Though Goa and looks like a little Europe, in fact it is a full-fledged India. That is, the water here can only be drunk from a bottle, the same water and teeth should be cleaned.

Do not ask you to put ice in a cocktail, be careful with ice cream and other dairy products.

Wash the fruits bought on the market as you never washed them in your life, but in no case do not refuse them.

So, the local mangoes are so gorgeous that they should be eaten from morning to night, especially since they are said to be cooled from the inside.

Do not eat on the street, no matter how appetizing the baking parathas, nan, chapatis, puri, vada and other variations on the cake theme look: usually it is not dangerous, but you never know … You can try the same thing in a restaurant.

I especially love beach restaurants — and tasty, and convenient: I ate — swam, ate again, and so at least the whole day.

Moreover, Indian cuisine is a whole planet, the study of which can take a life.

And in Goa the local cuisine is added to the purely Indian cuisine: since Goans are Christians, they allow themselves what the Hindus do not usually eat, that is, meat and even beef.

But I would advise you to start with seafood (lobster, crab, shrimp, shellfish, octopus) and fish — from sardines to sharks.

All this is worth a penny (a gorgeous dinner will cost 20 dollars, and you can just eat at the top five), and it is prepared taking into account tourist tastes, that is, just grilled and without any special spices.

Indian food is spicy, and yet, armed with a bowl of salutary rice, be sure to try the Vindalu — Goan pork, as well as the Ambottik fish curry, the Balcho — lobster, shrimp or fish in spicy curry. All tandoori dishes, all masala dishes, crispy samosa patties, paneer cheese, coconut batik cake …

Indian cuisine consists of heaps of obscure words — fortunately, in many restaurant menus there are not only explanations, but also photographs of the dishes on offer, which greatly simplifies our life.

Well, you can drink food with tea with spices masala or specific coconut or vodka feni made from cashews.

Or goan port — this is another excellent legacy of the colonial past.

Olga Volkova:
“I was born in the summer of June 17th, and probably this is why I hate winter with all my soul, as well as late autumn, early spring, and generally cold, darkness, slush, and snow.

As soon as all these troubles begin in Moscow, I am drawn to go somewhere far and more pleasantly.

Most of all I love to travel, and the profession of a journalist allows me to do it, even if not as often as I would like, but still more often than if I worked for someone else.

My second passion is that I love to eat tasty food, and I am ready to try anything except dogs and cats — I will not eat these for anything, because I love them very much. Like all other animals, by the way, I love them so much that I not only filled my house with them, but I also write articles and even books about them.

And I also speak French, famously drive a car and consider it the most foolish thing in the world to iron socks and shorts. ”

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Phuket — holidays in November

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This country is worthy of a leisurely and thoughtful inspection, and therefore I would have gone right now in your place.

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We must take advantage of the moment: sooner or later, the economic troubles in this most ancient of.

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