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Glazed lemon pie with lemon cream from Delia Smith, step by step recipe with photos

Glazed lemon pie with lemon cream from Delia Smith

  • eggs — 2 pieces
  • juice and zest of 1 large lemon
  • 75 g sugar
  • butter — 50 g
  • rind of 1 large lemon
  • 2-3 tsp. lemon juice
  • 180 g sugar
  • 175 g flour
  • 180 g butter
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • eggs — 2 pcs.

Recipe courtesy of Delia Smith, a famous English TV host and author of 20 cookbooks.

In English easter cupcake simnel, as well as in Russian Easter cake, add crushed dried fruits or.

After reading the recipe, I was very surprised when I found baking powder in the ingredients for making the cake, because I had no idea what it was. «Googling» information, I realized that in fact it is baking powder and it can even be done at home. Moreover, to make homemade baking powder alone will not be absolutely no difficulty, and will not take much time. For its preparation will need citric acid, wheat flour and baking soda.

In order to get baking powder, it is enough to mix all the necessary ingredients in the right proportions: 7 grams of soda, 13 grams of flour, and 2 grams of citric acid.

Baked this cake today — very tasty! My form is big, so I didn’t cut the cakes, I just made two layers, and it still came out amazingly tasty.

I did not quite understand the time with the icing, apparently I had to see the original recipe. Very delicate taste, aromatic, with a pleasant sourness.

So in the recipe, after all, it is written-2 forms with a diameter of 18 cm, no mistake.

Seeing how much this cake causes controversial comments, I decided to cook it. I went to the site of Delia for the original recipe. It turned out that a mistake crept into our recipe.

We have large bakeware in the text, and in the original the diameter of the molds is 18 cm. I suspect that we just have a slip of arms — it was necessary to write "small".

And another difference in the top coat. We have icing, Delia has whipped cream with a spoonful of lemon cream. So, report what happened with me.

The cakes turned out beautiful, I simplified the process and baked one cake in the form of 18 cm, and then cut into 4 cakes, each 1 cm thick.

The cream for my taste turned out to be too rich, so I did it.

Laid out on each cake about 2 tbsp. l cream

Beat 300 ml of cream and add the remaining cream to it. I missed the cakes with the resulting cream and collected the cake.

The top of the cake is also decorated with the remaining cream. He stayed the night in the fridge and was perfectly soaked.

It turned out very rich lemon taste, but not irritating acid.

I will definitely repeat.

It seems to me that the photo is not from this recipe?

Cooked in a split form with a diameter of 26 cm, the test according to the recipe turned out for one cake. Therefore, I made another cake additionally, keeping proportions.

Cakes are not cut, the cream was enough for only one layer.

The glaze did more, and for me it was more like an impregnation than an icing.

The result was very tasty and tender, bright sweet and sour taste harmoniously combined! Loved the house, me too! 😉

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