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Giorgio Locatelli, chef of Locanda Locatelli

Giorgio Locatelli, chef of Locanda Locatelli

Giorgio Locatelli — famous Italian chef, author of the culinary bestseller «Made in Italy», owner Locanda Locatelli — the most famous Italian restaurant outside Italy.

Giorgio was born in the northern Italian town of Corgenot, where his family — the respectable cook dynasty of Locatelli — holds a restaurant La cinzianella, awarded the Michelin star.

So, the traditions of cooking were familiar to the future luminary of world gastronomy since childhood.

Having received the first culinary lessons in a family restaurant, Giorgio Locatelli went to France to train in an old (known from the XVI century) three-star Parisian restaurant La Tour d’Argent («Silver Tower»).

Then Giorgio Locatelli went to London, where he worked for some time in a hotel restaurant Savoy, then in the restaurant Zafferano (which thanks to the chef got a Michelin star), until he opened his own institution — Locanda Locatelli in the Marylebone district, quickly winning a Michelin star.

Locanda Locatelli carries the unofficial title of the best Italian restaurant outside Italy.

In the menu of this restaurant, Locatelli tried to convey the soul of his sunny homeland, having prepared and served traditional “grandmothers” recipes with surprising ease, artistry and inspiration.

The regulars Locanda Locatelli became many celebrities — Madonna, Brad Pitt, Sting, Prince Charles, Paul McCartney, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jamie Oliver.

Many come here with children — we all know that in Locatelli restaurants for younger visitors there are special items on the menu (in this matter Italian Locatelli is an implacable opponent of Gordon Ramsay, who, like most Britons, believes that children under certain age in restaurants Kitchen is nothing to do).

At the entrance to Locanda Locatelli celebrities are waiting for restless paparazzi, so the list vip-visitors, opening most articles about Locanda Locatelli, — the work of the yellow press.

By the way, even Hollywood stars book a table at Locatelli thirty days before visiting his restaurant — there are so many people willing to visit the famous island of Italy in London.

Locanda Locatelli — not the only restaurant by Giorgio Locatelli.

The other is Locatelli’s Pizza — located near the American city of Houston.

One more — Ronda locatelli — works at the resort Atlantis The Palm, located on The palm jumeirah — a fantastic artificial island in the city of Dubai.

Giorgio Locatelli is a bold experimenter. It was he who in March 2008 for the first time embodied the paradoxical ideas of his famous compatriot, avant-garde poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, described in paradoxical «Futurist Cookbook». Marinetti does not provide specific proportions of ingredients, so for chef Giorgio Locatelli, “futuristic” recipes were only a guide to action, not an exact prescription.

However, the dishes created by the famous chef fully corresponded to futuristic aesthetics: guests tasted kumquat, olive and fennel served with pieces of emery paper, silk and velvet in the hall filled with the aromas of cloves to the sound of Wagner, wild jazz and airplane motor .

Locatelli is known not only as a restaurateur. He is the author of a popular book. «Made in Italy», which is a collection of traditional recipes, gastronomic jokes and copyright thoughts about cooking and its place in life.

At the same time frivolous and serious, this book, in fact, tells us that without Italian cuisine there is no Italian culture — and vice versa.

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