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Ginger apple jam, step by step recipe with photos

  • Sour apple — 1 kg
  • water — 200 ml
  • large lemon — 2 pcs.
  • fresh ginger (root) — 3 cm
  • brown sugar — 1 kg

We can confidently say that fruit desserts are the easiest and most pleasant end of the meal. .

very tasty jam, insist — it’s jam. I cook that year from different apples, but never saw the jam. this time made a jam following the example of others: using a blender.

Lida, with brown sugar (especially with Demerara) in the jam will be a pleasant caramel color on the palate. But you can take classic sugar and it will be good too)

Please tell me how important it is to use brown sugar? in baking, I know that it gives not only color, but also gives a different texture and baking does not get stale for a long time.

And what about the jam — why is brown sugar important, except for color?

Made from sour Antonovka. But I, in the middle of cooking, sent the mass to a blender, whipped everything, it turned out to be amber-colored jam with the taste of a lemon stuffed from Soviet caramel. From 1 kg of apples out 0.8 l. jam

And yes, poured hot, then it becomes uncomfortable to pour over lumps.

Assol, you are right.

If there is a place in the refrigerator or cellar — there is the place for blanks.

Cook year 4 already, but every year I keep in the refrigerator. Tell me, in what conditions do you save until winter? Will it spoil at room temperature?

I do not want to risk leaving just in the basement.

@ Olga Zakharova, a type of golden type of apple. These apples are not suitable for jam. I cooked the second control portion, this time removing the peel. and again I got a great, very tasty jam with hard cubes of sliced ​​apples, but not jam.

Lucida, specify which apples (variety) you used.

Warn others not to repeat your mistake.

no jam, only skimpy pieces of a drop of undigested apples. may not be suitable grade. oh yes, or because she cut along with the skin. sadness / sorrow, so wanted to jam jam.

I cook the second season in a row, very tasty! The first time I had two varieties of apples, it turned out great, those that softer and sweeter turned into a homogeneous mass, and those that were firmer and sour than the slices, this and that was great. I’m just boiling up not 20 minutes, but 30! I recommend to everyone who loves apples in any form! 🙂

I agree, very tasty jam is obtained, thanks

Cooking for the third year in a row. Delicious!


Jam turned magic!

When she cut the apples, she sprinkled them with lemon juice, the pieces were not all but preserved, although there shouldn’t be any of them in the jam.

Lemons and ginger give a special flavor to jam and sourness, very tasty!

I cooked from winter apples, which were collected at the end of July — the branch from the tree was broken off. Those. Apples are not something unripe, but frankly green.

All remained nippers, the truth had to cook longer. Now I’m thinking how it will survive until winter … such good taste, everyone just piled on this jam.

And the juice from the slurry turns out just magical. Thanks for the recipe

Jam is very tasty. If you want to keep the pieces, squeeze lemon juice on them. Not everything, but many remain. If you do with brown sugar, it turns out very dark.

You can mix the sugar. Doing it all fall. Thanks.

Although the result looks different from "Pictures" and there are no slices of apples, but the jam turned out to be very tasty, unusual, and with the smell of Christmas!

I added cinnamon stick and some cloves to my taste.

It is a pity that it is not described in detail how and what to do, I am new to blanks. It turned out very tasty, although sugar can be smaller! I used plain sugar, not brown.

Thanks for the recipe!

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