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Gifts for February 14: 14 reasons to say about your feelings on

14 ways to talk about your feelings on Valentine’s Day

In our opinion Valentine’s Day — a holiday of cute little things, spectacular details and elegant nuances.

Sure, you can buy expensive gifts, fill up a loved one with flowers, go on a romantic trip.

But it is equally interesting to create a romantic mood in a single apartment or just at the table.

You intended to mention St. Valentine’s Day and openly state your feelings.

A commendable endeavor.

One may speak about disregard for this holiday, about the “pernicious influence of the West,” but why not make a pleasant one for a close and dear person.

Do not want to celebrate February 14, use our tips later — create your own Valentine’s Day!

We do not offer to turn an apartment into a Barbie and Ken lodge. It is very easy to overdo it with pink color, “hearts” and other “mimic” attributes.

Do not get carried away with an excess of thematic symbols, get carried away with each other!

1. The most proven method: breakfast in bed. Remember that in this case it is important not so much to satisfy your hunger as to declare your romantic intentions. But still, this year February 14 fell on a working day, so you can do everything easier.

Your half likes to cook for breakfast scrambled eggs or omelette?!

Spray the eggshell, add a heart and now you have created a wonderful mood for the whole day.

The shell as a clean sheet for heartfelt confessions

2. Regardless of where breakfast is served, a great option for it is toast. You can even bake the bread yourself, for example, original bread with honey and lavender.

And you can simply buy ready-made high-quality bread and jam, and, armed with cookie cutters or a sharp knife, prepare these sweet sandwiches.

Jam Heart Toasts

3. We propose to supplement breakfast with a classic inscription laid out with chocolates on a cutting board or plate.

It is even possible to arrange a kind of «sweet» correspondence.

Love confessions of candy

4. What is breakfast without a cup of coffee or tea ?! Take care of the dishes in advance.

Buy the most ordinary cups without a pattern and markers for painting ceramics.

Draw eyes on the cup (open or closed — choose it yourself), paste hearts of wood or thick cardboard to it and you will have a real “hot” kiss.

Handwork: talking about the tender feelings of the cup

5. Light in the execution of «homemade» as well as possible complement the romantic table setting.

Let these handmade items be quite simple, the main thing — make them neatly and with quality materials.

Without controversy: in full harmony masculine and feminine

6. As any holiday sets up a special, sincere mood, think over the sweet table in advance so that you can treat your hearty friend over a long tea party.

On February 14, all these wonderful cheesecakes, buns, pastries and cakes are very, very appropriate.

The most simple option: bake puffs from the finished or homemade puff pastry.

Puffs for every taste

7. Love the stove cupcakes, portioned cupcakes or muffins? Bake and collect them in such a pyramid. No, that you — this is not a hint of a wedding cake!

It’s just a small copy of it.

Why not?!

We celebrate February 14th.

Muffin Themed Pyramid

8. You have not forgotten how to paint gingerbread and cookies before the new year holidays ?!

And now you have a proven recipe for the best sugar coating? Here is a reason to bake and paint again.

Just leave some strength for Easter, on this Bright Day, such small pastries are also able to decorate the table and become a gift.

Icing sugar cookies

9. A sweet table will complement well a fruit or a chic fruit plate.

Fruit plate with heart motifs

Strawberries will perform very well, and even better — in chocolate. This is our answer to the classic strawberries with cream, which is usually passionately eaten by the heroes of romantic films.

Chocolate covered strawberries cooking is not so difficult. Only chocolate, choose quality, and strawberries. let it be at least just fragrant.

Prepare such a dish in advance, carefully put the berries on a board with a silicone mat (or covered with baking paper) and send them to the fridge. Let the chocolate completely harden, then pack the resulting candy into a bright box, painted with wishes.

It is not necessary to attach even “hearts” to such a gift.

Strawberries and chocolate

ten. Fruit Salads and Dessert, served in portioned bowls or glasses is also a great idea for a holiday.

The glass will remind that it is still winter on the street — and the icy heart can only melt a real feeling or … panakota.

11. For adherents of healthy nutrition, we suggest not to be particularly wise, but to cook fruit or vegetable smoothies and decorate the drink — again thematic symbols.

Our tip: beautiful hearts come from beets!

Romantic fruit and vegetable smoothies

12. Here we are all about sweets and drinks, and when will there be anything more “serious?” Will be! Virtually any dish if you wish, you can «warmly» arrange.

For example, a popular salad on our site. «Garnet bracelet».

Salad Garnet Bracelet

13. If you want the heart theme to be almost imperceptible — only a light amorous hint, we suggest choosing the dishes to your taste, and reflecting the feelings in the table setting.


Romantic table setting details

Heart theme in interior details

14. And, of course, no one has canceled the main event that can happen on Valentine’s Day.

Let it happen!

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