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Get rid of freckles and age spots

Well, it is not strange: all winter we passionately dream of hot sunshine, in the summer we do not miss a single opportunity to sunbathe, but closer to the autumn with sad doom we begin to count the number of solar “bunnies” on the skin.

Only now the dream is changing dramatically: from the sultry mulatto I want to turn back into the owner of aristocratic pallor, the color of English cream.

Freckles and pigment spots — this is the price of beach arbitrariness, from which even the most reasonable lady cannot resist. They appear as a result of the natural reaction of the skin to ultraviolet, therefore, it is rather difficult to control the mechanism of pigmentation formation.

But still possible, if you understand the intricacies of the entire biochemical process.

It is no secret to anyone that we are obliged to the tan of all shades of chocolate by the pigment melanin, which is produced by special cells — melanocytes.

In Europeans, melanin occurs in the deepest layer of skin, but under the action of ultraviolet, melanocytes grow, and melanin begins to accumulate in its uppermost layer.

In fact, this is nothing more than a sun protection system: melanin absorbs excess radiation and thus protects the skin from heat stroke and damage.

So the scattering of freckles indicates that the skin has done an excellent job with its task.

But what then to do with these pigment spots?

Catherine Deneuve: "It is not enough to have good skin.

It is important to keep it in top condition. I never expose my face to the sun: why should I age my face for two years in order to look good for some two months?"

Science knows many ways to get rid of this scourge, and imagine, some of them can be found in the culinary field.

And, as is often the case, the most effective recipe is the simplest: to bring the skin into a state of “creamy” harmony, you need, as in any diet, to temporarily abandon those products that make it difficult to cope with the problem.

So, first of all, we will inspect the contents of the refrigerator.

Here they are candidates for an exception: Soy products.

Soy is rich in genistein — a substance that promotes the accumulation of melanin in the cells.

And if you want to quickly bring the skin in order, about soy milk, soy sauce and tofu have to forget for at least two weeks.

Peaches, apricots, carrots, mango, papaya, pumpkin, spinach, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, sweet corn. All this splendor combines a high content of beta-carotene — it is he who gives the skin a dark shade even without the participation of sunlight.

Therefore, it is better to abandon these products, and for a long time, and eliminate their combinations with each other altogether.

Almonds, sesame, avocado, bananas, peanuts, red fish, egg yolk, dark meat, seafood.

In small quantities, these delicacies are quite harmless, but if you get carried away with them, freckles can become even more.

Tea and coffee stimulate pigmentation no matter how often and how much tea or coffee you drink.

If you are seriously concerned about the condition of the skin, try to be as little as possible in the open sun, especially at a time when you are on a diet.

Take vitamin and mineral complexes, in which in addition to the standard set of components there is also copper, zinc, sulfur and iron.

Any carbonated drinks, including diet cola.

They fall into the risk group because of the artificial sweetener aspartame, which contains a substance called phenylalanine — a direct «relative» of the same amino acid, which as a result of long oxidations turns into melanin.

Semi-finished products, as well as products containing food dyes. They are added to some types of yogurt and sausages, to instant soups, and sometimes even to meat and fish (usually imported). They do not improve the complexion, but they can even help to show pigment spots.

Before buying, be sure to read the labels on the labels and pay attention to the too intense color of meat and fish.

Saturated fats. The so-called «harmful» fat is found in the mouthfuls of the ham or oily beef, chicken skin, butter and margarine, fatty cheese.

Besides the fact that these fats are not useful for many reasons, they also increase the severity of pigmentation.

We advise you to make your menu so that the basic ones are those products that in one way or another contribute to the smoothing of skin tone:
Milk, yogurt (without food dyes), chicken protein; onions, asparagus, white cabbage, savoy, Brussels sprouts, broccoli; garlic, daikon radish, horseradish; apples and green grapes.
Sulfur, copper, zinc and iron contained in these products inhibit the reactions leading to the formation of melanin.

To preserve these nutrients, vegetables do not need to digest.

Better yet, eat them raw.

Wheatgrass, whole grain cereals and bread not only help to overcome freckles, but also prevent the appearance of age spots.

Parsley, thyme, thyme, basil.

The essential oils of these plants, first, lighten the skin, and secondly, act as antiseptics.

Lemon, orange, mulberry, wild rose. Ascorbike champions are the best fighters against free radicals.

Thanks to vitamin C and organic acids, they neutralize the damage caused to the skin by the sun, and inhibit the work of melanocytes.

Nuts, vegetable oils, leafy vegetables — sources of vitamin E, without which the renewal and regeneration of tissues are impossible.

Sophie Marceau: "The secret of good skin: sleep more and spend less time in the sun".

Beans, lentils, green onions, figs, potatoes, eggplants, rich in vitamin PP (nicotinic acid), reduce the susceptibility of the skin to ultraviolet radiation.

Vanillin, cinnamon, cloves.

They contain substances that whiten the skin no worse than vitamin C. Focusing on the list of useful products, try to create your own “diet from freckles.” Or maybe you will like our option:

First breakfast
1. A glass of milk, egg, cereal bread (50 g).
2. Broth hips, cottage cheese, honey.
3. Grape juice, soft curd cheese, croutons.

1. Apple or 100 g figs.
2. Half a cup of orange juice.
3. Fruit salad of kiwi, orange and strawberry, seasoned with lemon juice (100 g).

1. Baked no fat veal chop (200 g) with thyme and pine nuts, boiled potatoes (100 g), sauerkraut, kefir or yogurt
2. Boiled or baked without fat pike (200 g), salad with radish and green onions (100 g), baked potatoes (100 g), sprinkled with parsley, grape juice.
3. Chicken, baked without fat (250 g), asparagus or broccoli (100 g), steamed and sprinkled with grated cheese, fried eggplant with garlic, orange juice.

Beatrice Bron, head of the Lankom Beauty Institute: "Conditions for perfect skin: no sun, no alcohol, instead of tea and coffee — mineral water and relaxing herbal teas".

1. 100 g cottage cheese with green onions, squash fritters, green tea with thyme.
2. Jellied fish cooked from 100 g of fish fillet, salad with radish, greens and cheese, wheat croutons (50 g), rosehip broth.
3. Milk cream soup of cauliflower or lentil soup, low-fat curd cheese, chamomile tea.

A few tips for Snow White

Ask for help to herbs.

From decoctions of bearberry, licorice and yarrow make excellent whitening lotions for the face. Regularly make vegetable applications and fruit masks, such as white currant and mulberry.

Remarkably whiten the skin and such mixtures: onion juice with honey or vinegar; juices of lemon, grapefruit or sauerkraut, diluted with water; vinegar, infused with horseradish and diluted with water.

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