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Georgian cuisine

Georgian cuisine can be compared with the Georgian song: it is just as soulful, «many-voiced», it is incredibly tasty! Khachapuri and Satsivi, Chakhokhbili and Tkemali, Lobio and Kharcho — we know the names of Georgian dishes and what is meant by them.

It remains only to choose what exactly of Georgian cuisine you would like to build on weekends in the country or outside the city «on barbeque».

By the way, about kebabs: Deli. Ru offers several options for Georgian kebabs — the choice is yours.

A couple of years ago this dish became very popular in Moscow. It is understandable: almost no effort, and.

This wonderful sauce is named after one of the many types of plums, although in addition to fruits.

Suluguni — brined Georgian cheese from the Samegrelo region. It is with him that khachapuri is most often cooked. .

On ajapsandali easier it will take you no more than half an hour, to the most difficult option, in which everything.

From which only do not cook phali.

We are from young cabbage. The main thing — to comply.

Delicious dish of Georgian cuisine.

Fragrant, nourishing, spicy!

Chkmeruli — chicken cooked in garlic sauce. There are several cooking recipes.

Chakhokhbili — a dish that can be an alternative to already slightly burnt kebabs. Everything, .

Satsivi is the name of both the sauce and the popular dish that is prepared in Georgia. Satsivi sauce can be.

For baking usually choose juicy vegetables — peppers, potatoes, onions, eggplants. zucchini. Such vegetables in.

Very easy to prepare Suluguni roll with vegetables. Excellent alternative to the traditional.

Fragrant, with a savory taste, such a vegetable salad with walnuts is suitable for meat, and to.

New potatoes are usually cooked — it tastes better. But Mamia Jojua, the chef of Kazbek restaurant, knows.

No dishes easier and tastier than baked potatoes. Mamia Jojua, the chief of Kazbek restaurant, is cooking.

Ajapsandal is a hit of Caucasian cuisine.

In each region it is prepared in its own way. And chef Mamia.

With the right approach in 10 minutes of effort, we get remarkably juicy, tender and fragrant.

The most classic Khachapuri is from the part of Georgia called Imeretia. From the same place.

"Kindzmari" consists of two parts: "Kinji"i.e. cilantro and "dsmir".

Trendy now in both capitals Georgian dish! And its popularity is easily explained: young.

This is a very simple vegetable soup — but at the expense of the beans it turns out to be nourishing and at the same time light. .

Try to find a special grilled suluguni in the form of a long sausage, but you can also use it.

Pork neck — the most suitable meat for kebabs. Marinade will give kebab extra.

Usually lobio cooking takes you half a day, if not more. Albeit not active — because.

Meat for such a kebab can be taken from any part of the lamb carcass. For example, we cooked.

A fragrant, tasty, healthy and rich dish — this is lobio. Lobio is not very prepared.

Did you know that "gozinaki" — originally Georgian dessert? Moreover, in the original version.

These dry and sweet macaroons, most likely, were baked by Tiflis’s gossips many years ago.

Kveri with cheese is essentially the Georgian equivalent of dumplings. But the thing is in their stuffing: kveri.

Two in one: khinkali and pasties prepare from one dough with the same filling. To dough for.

Dough for khachapuri requires a special approach. It should be soft, but at the same time must keep.

Buy products in the required quantity for cooking. And do not forget to give a new life.

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