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Gazpacho, step by step recipe with photos

  • lemon — 1 pc
  • salt — to taste
  • olive oil — 1 tbsp. l
  • 2 sweet red peppers
  • 1 kg of fleshy tomatoes
  • red wine vinegar
  • garlic — 2 cloves
  • a few drops of sauce "Tabasco"
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 hot red pepper
  • 1 bunch of thyme
  • 1 loaf of white bread

And I did not like ((I do not even understand what the matter is ..

If ever I get ready to cook it again, I will not add thyme for sure!

a real gazpacho-andalusian..where does he come from, if you didn’t know. all other sluggish imitation. -tomatoes (fresh..nothing to do.) -Guhrica -green pepper -green -green -bread slices -l.oil, salt-pepper vinegar to taste everything in a blender to mix. Mineral water to the desired consistency.

Instead of a blender and a sieve, I pass the tomatoes through the juicer and the squeeze into the resulting juice. Cucumber juicer is also 99% in a liquid turns, leaving only the skins.

Pepper is similar.

I wanted gazpacho at the beginning of December what to do, in the supermarket tomato juice and all ingredients in powders are sold; and corn finely chopped blender for spiciness you know what to add, for a male audience add vodka, it will be a nourishing bloody mary, all moderate imagination is limitless the main thing is to have delicious

I want to share my version of this soup.

1) I make white bread croutons with garlic and olive oil in the oven.

2) Vegetables: tomatoes, peppers, onions, baked in the oven in the form, oiled, then under the film to remove the skin.

3) Cucumbers 50/50, fresh and milky, peeled and in a blender with croutons.

4) Peel the tomatoes and peppers from the skin together with onions cut and in a blender to the cucumbers with croutons.

Spices, salt, olive oil to taste.

In principle, you can use ready-made grated or chopped tomatoes (sold in stores), they are just without seeds. Natural and tasty and much better concentrates, such as tomato juice.

Dear Hostess — tomatoes need to be doused with boiling water, then placed under cold water and of course remove the skin. then grind in a blendor.

Tabasco on such a volume would need more. I dropped about 10 drops and would add more.

Vaapche I do not understand why grind everything to baby puree! Just the peel of a tomato is very good for the intestines.

And I cut cucumbers into the ready-made soup, so that at least I had something to chew on, and I do not rub bread, but I make crackers in the microwave and sprinkle it on top.

The main thing is to use the main ingredients of classic gazpacho, and there you can fantasize according to your taste!

Well, about tomatoes is really a matter of taste!

I just clean the skin with boiling water and it seems to me that the taste gets some other shade and I don’t remove the seeds. Just when these recipes were invented, there were no such cool modern devices like a blender or a combine)))

I agree with the previous arators: why suffer so much with tomatoes?

I also use either a mixer, or take a plastic (child) grater, it is very sharp, rub the tomatoes on it, and the skin just remains (vykidyvatsya), and as for the seeds of tomatoes, I just can not imagine how they can be separated from the grated flesh!

And most importantly, why?

"Throw everything in a blender and it turns out super-delicious for 1 min.!" And no. No tasty food at all if you take normal fresh tomatoes, normal sweet peppers, chili, cucumbers, bread and so on. Of course, you can cook gazpacho very quickly, but then you need to use ready-made tomato juice and canned baked peppers without skin and seeds.

Cucumbers still have to be cut, but this is not for long, and bread can be soaked in the same juice. As a matter of fact, in Spain they often do it this way — they don’t have reverence for naturalness and authenticity there, as we do 🙂

Throw everything in a blender and it turns out super-delicious for 1 min.!

Guest, someone blender does not erase the skin into dust. In addition, tomatoes are not always crushed in a blender, and cut into slices and then the skin is an annoying hindrance.

In general, this is a matter of taste. Do not want — do not. 🙂

Here, here, I was also a little surprised .. cut, hands, then stretch in the blender and even wipe through a sieve. why so many stages?

Forgive me, the same question always hurts when it comes to processing tomatoes: why does it take so long and tedious to process tomatoes (pour boiling water, peel.) When the blender wipes them literally into dust? I never spend time on it, especially if I take a grade"Bull heart"

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