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Gazpacho in Moscow restaurants

Gazpacho in Moscow restaurants. Restaurants Fridays, Mamma Mia, Los Banditos, El Parador, Bellagio

Spaniards generally enjoy unquestioned authority in tomato matters — tomatoes are part of the vast majority of local cuisine. Gazpacho soup is not an exception. In Russia, five years ago, the places where he was served could be counted on fingers.

Today, tomato soup «rooted» in most institutions, even very far from the ideas of Mediterranean cuisine.

It is believed that a single recipe for gazpacho does not exist: in his homeland, in the Spanish province of Andalusia, each hostess has his own secret.

One thing is certain: it always contains tomatoes and garlic.
At random, choosing five restaurants that declared this wonderful soup in their menu, we were convinced: for gazpacho, it is no longer necessary to fly to Spain.

Garibaldi Street 23, tel .: 779 42 10, from 12.00 to 00.00
Huge New Zealand steaks, megaburgers, strewn with potatoes, noisy companies and merry waiters — all this, according to restaurateurs Fridays, normal attributes of Friday reigning here daily.

There are all sorts of fajitos, burritos, hills of fried chicken wings, draft beer and very loud music. But there is no gazpacho.

He is not, even if the girl-hostesses will assure you otherwise.

You can make sure of this by asking the waiter to bring it to you: the substance in the plate and in appearance, and to taste will resemble hot — whether eggplant, or squash — caviar.

Hot vegetable caviar is great, especially if it is served in a Georgian restaurant and it is called "adjabsandali".

But that’s another story.
Strange non-gazpacho — 175 rubles.

Pyatnitskaya street, 34.

From 9.00 to 24.00 Oh, someone who, and a portly Mediterranean mother should know a lot about gazpacho. So for certain the person who is going to have dinner in this plain trattoria will think.

But the old woman is proruha.

First, be ready to wait for your tapas (snacks that precede the main dishes) for 10-15 minutes — and this is despite the empty tables and bored waiters.

The long-awaited gazpacho (200 rubles) may well turn out to be too salty tomato juice, and the small side dish traditionally accompanying this dish, for some unknown reason, will consist of a strange mixture of traditional cucumbers, bell peppers, crackers and — unexpectedly! — planed on a grated boiled egg.

The waiters are swift, helpful and sometimes even shy. Feel free to order Andalusian gazpacho — and immediately (after the crispy homemade bread!) The soup will be served in all its glory.

A plate of tomato soup surrounded by five rosettes with side dishes (finely chopped cucumbers, celery, Bulgarian and Chilean peppers, croutons) awakens the appetite by itself. Perhaps the right mix of celery, garlic and shallots makes it so expressive. Maybe the matter is something completely different, but it does not matter.

The important thing is that in a restaurant Los Banditos cooking is inspired, for which many thanks to them.
Price masterpiece — 405 rubles

Tverskaya st., 12/2, tel .: 629 36 71, from 12.00 to 24.00
Chef Aleksey Markovsky vigilantly observes gastronomic festivals in Spain.

In the restaurant entrusted to him El parador days dedicated to certain products, one after another: the waiters do not have time to change the menu sheets, offering octopus dishes, as the turn of steam veal comes.

However, having served their good-quality pieces of cardboard can always be floated — for kindling a real Spanish fireplace-brazier, in which delicious steaks are cooked here. The holiday of La Tomatina could not ignore this institution: tomato battles here, of course, does not happen (although at each table next to the spices lies one red-faced specimen), but you will surely be given a sample of original tomato-grape as a compliment gazpacho. However, the “classic” gazpacho, which for some reason is served with crabmeat, is also original.

Crabs in tomatoes do not improve the taste of an already not very expressively cooked soup, but they make it significantly more expensive. The Andalusian dish obviously lacks something.

Perhaps the point is not a particularly successful batch of tomatoes delivered to the restaurant.

But all this can be forgiven for the fierce flamenco performed by Marina Koto Sapico and live Spanish vocals, which the restaurant El parador pleases guests five days a week.
Crab in tomatoes — 350 rubles.

Mosfilmovskaya St., 8, tel .: 143 88 87, from 12.00 to 24.00
Surrounded by snow-white tablecloths, cream curtains on huge windows, luxurious wrought-iron furniture, you want to stay at least for the evening (if not forever).

In the restaurant Belaggio on Mosfilmovskaya as good as and expensive. Random visitors rarely wander here, but business meetings and offers of hands and hearts in these walls are usually doomed to success. You should not puzzle over a weighty menu: absolutely any dish will be turned into a masterpiece here (Italian Antonio Rizzi heads the kitchen).

All that is required of you is to choose fish, meat or any other direction of your meal. As for gazpacho, there are two of them: green "cucumber" and classic tomato.

Both will enjoy the impeccable taste and considerable size: if you are not very hungry, feel free to order half a portion.

Green gazpacho can be called cold cucumber cappuccino — because of the light cap of foam that towers above the plate.

And his red tomato sibling can rightfully carry the title "gazpacho worthy of imitation".
Gazpacho — 704 rubles.

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