Главная » Cooking » Gastronomic shopping list for October: root vegetables, cabbage, apples, cranberries, cranberries, pumpkin, grapes, dogwood, oysters, walnuts

Gastronomic shopping list for October: root vegetables, cabbage, apples, cranberries, cranberries, pumpkin, grapes, dogwood, oysters, walnuts

Gastronomic shopping list for October: root vegetables, cabbage, apples, cranberries, cranberries, pumpkin, grapes, dogwood, oysters, walnuts

First of all, October is the season of root vegetables. This is their time. They matured, gained weight and taste.

Carrots, beets, root (aka tuberous) celery, parsnips and turnips.

Write out these names on a separate piece of paper and, when you go to the market or to the store, be sure to buy at least a little of the first, and the second, and the third, and if you are lucky, then the fourth with the fifth. You can bake them in the oven or boil.

Or boil, pour some cream sauce and bake.

In the end, you can cook the most delicious of the year. borscht; Moreover, there is a chance to cook it with turnip instead potatoes — believe it is much tastier!

By the way, good borscht unthinkable not only without good beets, but without cabbage. And she, too, is starting the season now.

So, going to the market, do not forget about the cabbage. It is clear that the idea of ​​independently fermenting a barrel of cabbage requires, first, courage, and secondly, a place where you can put this very barrel, but, nevertheless, we cannot keep silent about the fact that the time has come for this.

In the end, if you do not have a barrel, ferment the cabbage in a ten-liter tank.

Right now is a good time to seriously study the German, Polish, Alsatian and Scandinavian cuisine — in each of them cabbage plays a very important role. Svargante icebine, or shukrut, or bigos.

At the very least, you can cook a so-called “Moscow hodgepodge”, that is hodgepodge in the pan.

We believe this is absolutely necessary.

By the way, if you decide to make sauerkraut, do not forget about the additives; many of them. Apples, cowberry, cranberry — All this is also now in the season. Well, it is near the end of lingonberries, and in cranberries it starts in mid-October or near the end.

A good idea is to buy a bilberry and cranberry for the future, decompose into portion packs and freeze.

In the midst of winter, you can cook juice, or sauce, or five-minute jam.

Not much, just enough for one Sunday dinner, or for a couple of family tea parties.

Yes, and the apple season is still going on. Moreover, October 21 is celebrated around the world. Apple Day. In particular, in the UK, competitions are held on this day, during which it is necessary to cut off as long as possible a strip of apple peel.

For our part, we advise you to buy apples of local varieties, to cook charlottes, cook apple jam, and bake pork, ducks and chickens with apples.

October International Emblem — pumpkin.

And not only because Halloween is held in October, but also because its season is coming right now. In Russia, the pumpkin is known, but God knows why not very loved.

Meanwhile, it is easy and fairly quickly prepared, combined with a variety of products and, in the end, quite useful. So, the Japanese, who, since the time of the explosion in Hiroshima, have been searching around the world for products that remove free radicals from the human body, have included a pumpkin in their list of super-healthy products.

In general, eat it at least once a week.

If in October you go on holiday to the Crimea or the Caucasus, or find yourself in the Volgograd region or in the Krasnodar region, do not neglect the local markets. They always please their eyes with their abundance, but now two products are sold there, almost never reaching the more northern latitudes. it grapes and dogwood.

It is clear that imported grapes can be bought in the supermarket all year round, but in October, Russian and Ukrainian grapes begin to be sold, possessing the quiet charm inherent only in it.

As for the cornel, it produces incomparable preserves.

Yes, and the last. Although in principle it is believed that walnuts No season, it was in October that their new crop appeared on the markets.

You can eat them by yourself, or you can cook something from Georgian cuisine.

For example, satsivi — the benefit of the season of chickens and turkeys is also in full swing.

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