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Gastronomic shopping list for June — strawberries, young potatoes, honeysuckle, green peas and carrots

Gastronomic shopping list for June — strawberries, young potatoes, honeysuckle, green peas and carrots

In June on sale appear strawberries and young potatoes, which are complemented with strawberries, cherries, honeysuckle, young green peas, carrots, cucumbers and zucchini.

At the turn of May-June, the first garden berry ripens — honeysuckle.

You can buy it on the market. Incredibly vitamin honeysuckle can be eaten raw with ryazhenka or cottage cheese, and if it is cooked, then it is advisable to be very careful not to deprive the berries of all the beneficial properties.

From honeysuckle turn out great compotes, jams, preserves and desserts.

In June wonderful gifts of summer appear on sale — berries: Strawberry, wild strawberry, cherries, cherry.

The situation with strawberries is as follows: in early June, the market offers berries from the Krasnodar Territory, and at the end of the month local strawberries appear.

It’s hard to say how tasty and fragrant it will be — it depends on the weather, but the jam from it always turns out to be exceptional.

The fragrant and bright star of June is wild strawberry.

Unlike strawberries, some varieties of which can bear fruit almost to the first frost, strawberries are a berry with a very short season. Therefore, as soon as you notice it on sale, immediately buy! Do not wait for later; then will not be.

Want — eat it with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

And if you want, bake a strawberry pie, make a smoothie or strawberry ice cream.

Strawberries can give charm and taste to anything.

In ponds, creeks and other artificially created reservoirs begins to beat with a tail pond fish.

It is small because the fry carp, carp, pike they start for free grazing only in May or at the very beginning of June, but wildly tasty, and also not requiring special fuss — quickly clean, a little salt and in a frying pan.

In addition, unlike river pond fish, there is no such violent smell of mud; You must agree, this is wonderful.

As mentioned above, young pond fish is prepared elementary.

But even such simplicity allows for variations. You can breach it in salted wheat flour, or in semolina, or in fresh breadcrumbs of white bread with finely chopped greens.

Or you can generally not breaded it, but wrap it in foil and cook it on the grill.

If you do not really like vegetables, June is the time to reconsider your views.

Young carrot, young green peas young zucchini, young beet and finally, cucumbers are tasty and very healthy food.

And its preparation does not require a lot of time or heroic efforts.

For example, young carrots can be served with a cheese plate; it looks most impressive with brie and camembert, but it goes well with seasoned cheeses from classic gauda to classic parmesan.

Add a handful of nuts and a cup to complete the composition. sweet clover honey (he, by the way, also in the June season).

Of the young, the size of a little more than a palm of zucchini, you can make a lot of things, but the fastest is to pickle them with lemon juice.

It is done this way: squash should be cut into circles about 3 mm thick, put in a colander and place over a pan of boiling water, covered with a lid. After 7-8 minutes, place the zucchini in a large bowl. In the same bowl and at the same minute you need to squeeze the juice from half a lemon, add a generous pinch of salt.

Then the kabchka should be allowed to cool, stirring occasionally; it will take about five minutes more, and that’s it, the appetizer is ready. You can serve it with shashlik or fried chicken.

And it will be beautiful.

Speaking of June vegetables, it is impossible not to mention them. tops. Beet and carrot tops, firstly, are no less useful than the vegetables themselves, and secondly, goes to cold appetizers, first courses, and pastries.

In particular, beet tops can be put in borscht and salad along with other greens, or build a curd casserole with it, as the Bulgarians do.

Greens on the summer table takes the same place as the «Olivier» on the New Year. Of course, you add it to all salads and appetizers, you sprinkle on it any hot and any soup. However, so that the greens do not become boring, we advise using it in a “different manner”.

Shred the bundle green onions, few leaves spinach and / or sorrel, bundle parsley and a few twigs dill, Fork a few eggs with salt and a spoonful of milk.

Stir the greens with the egg mass. Cook an omelet.

What, you already did?


Go on and on!

Add chopped parsley to the chops for breading. Equally, crackers and parsley, 1 tablespoon of mustard, 1-2 egg whites, mix — and ready.

Perfect for lamb chops, for pork chops, or even for Kiev cutlets.

Prepare pesto — and eat it as often as possible.

And do not dwell on the green basilica — Try parsley, dill, mint, arugula, purple basil and all the other spicy herbs that will fall.

Use good and tasty olive oil and nuts.

Undoubtedly, the greenery and shoots are young garlic. They are a miracle as good in fried. To taste, this appetizer resembles fried mushrooms, and the recipe for its preparation is simple.

Garlic shoots need to wash, chop and fry in vegetable oil.

Ideal as a side dish for meat dishes and baked or fried potatoes, and are tasty in themselves.

Mint and basil give incredible freshness to summer drinks.

Put a few slices of mint in homemade lemonade and leave it in the fridge overnight. Add to cold tea with lemon on a sprig of basil and mint.

Put basil and mint in cooled compote.

Just do not forget to pull out these twigs, otherwise the drink will be bitter.

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