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Gastronomic shopping list for July — crayfish, cucumbers, gooseberries, raspberries, currants, cherries

Gastronomic shopping list for July — crayfish, cucumbers, gooseberries, raspberries, currants, cherries

The July menu is great. It is like the July star-fall. Each seasonal product is a star that can illuminate any dish.

Vegetables, fruits and berries in July in abundance. Cooking them is easy, eating is healthy and very tasty.

We focus on cucumbers and we eat them not only fresh, but also slightly salted, we lean on raspberries, currants and cherries and do not forget about tomatoes. Yes, and also river crayfish — they are also a sign of July.

As for how to cook them, you want something light, not requiring long standing at the stove. Therefore, in our July menu, we necessarily include cold soups ( okroshka, botvinia, gazpacho), vegetable salads, and for a snack — fresh vegetables, salted and pickled.

By the way, to cook salted cucumbers or pickle sweet peppers, you will need not only the usual parsley, but other herbs are thyme, tarragon (tarragon), oregano (oregano), cilantro (coriander) and chives.

Need to say that spicy greens It is especially useful in the summer heat, when our body is dehydrated, losing a lot of useful substances, including mineral salts.

Spicy grass will help to fill their shortage.

At the peak of the season of spicy herbs, there is nothing easier than to make a quick, almost instant seasoning out of these very herbs.

To do this, finely chop the herbs, add a little chopped garlic, salt and dilute the mixture with vegetable oil.

This seasoning will have to be the way, if you decide to cook river fish.

She, unlike pond and sea, has a sharp smell of mud, which is quite difficult to kill, but it is possible, for example, with the help of sauce.

In July, the fishing season opens. louse, ruff, gudgeon, bleak, busters, white bream and roach.

These fish are quite small, with lots of bones, so it is better to cook them entirely — on an open grill or in the oven.

Only one thing can be said about crayfish: they should be loved to cook and eat. River crayfish is a great beer snack, but this is not the only culinary field of these crustaceans.

Recipes with crayfish are many and varied: they are wok soups and dishes, salads and pastries, julienne and pasta.

Go to the sweet table.

Berry abundance in July is an excellent occasion to cook not only berry sorbets, granite, compotes and fruit drinks, but also soups and salads.

We advise you to pay special attention to currants, cherries and gooseberries.

Of currants You can cook not only jam, currants are added to a variety of dishes. It can be added to a salad of young beets, cooked sauce for baked chicken breasts, stuffed fish with them or cooked sauce for it.

Currants are great for cooking jelly, tea, fruit drinks and stewed fruit.

In addition, excellent cocktails are prepared with currants, both with and without alcohol.

Cherry — the berry is almost unique.

In the form in which we know it, exists only in Russia and the southern countries of the CIS.

And, by the way, translating the English word “cherry” into Russian as “cherry” is fundamentally wrong. In fact, European cherry is a sweet cherry.

When it comes to cherries, it is customary to use the term “sour cherry,” that is, sour cherry.

Many Europeans have no idea what the taste of cherries really is.

An important exception here are the Germans and Austrians, who treat cherry with all due respect.

Suffice it to recall their famous Kirschstrudel — cherry strudel.

What just do not cook from gooseberry — compotes, jelly, jams, confitures, and all sorts of desserts and meat sauces. In England, for example, gooseberry sauce is served with fried goose.

In addition, it is the only berry that is used in cooking at any degree of maturity. Most gooseberry varieties are too sour to eat berries just like that.

Only purple berries are noticeably sweeter, as well as gooseberries, taken from the bush slightly overripe.

But since it is practically impossible to transport, it can not be bought either in the store or on the market.

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