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Gastronomic shopping list for February: chicken broth, garlic, citrus fruits, cranberries, chili pepper, honey

Gastronomic shopping list for February: chicken broth, garlic, citrus fruits, cranberries, chili pepper, honey

When compiling the shopping list for February, we faced an absolutely non-gastronomic, but very important problem.

This problem is almost a constant flu epidemic raging on the open spaces of Russia since the end of January.

As a result, the logic of our selection of products was somewhat mutated.

We offer you to eat in February, while improving your health.

Saturated chicken bouillon — the most useful dish for both the body eaten by the flu, and for the body only getting sick. The best broth comes from the most bony chicken, also called soup. Such a literally blue bird can be bought in any decent market.

Scorch it, put it in a large saucepan with cold water, add a pinch of salt. Put the pan on a strong fire and cook, carefully removing the foam, until this foam stops being separated.

Then add peeled carrots, peeled onions and a bunch of parsley (this is the minimum), as well as celery stalk, a couple of thyme twigs, and any vegetables you like (this is optional, but good). Reduce heat to low and cook for 2 hours.

Then strain the broth through a sieve.

You can cook noodles in this broth, or you can serve it as is, seasoning it with spices to taste.

The most disgusting quality of a flu epidemic is its recurrent nature; people fall ill two, and then three times in a row.

therefore garlic , traditionally recommended by any pediatrician and therapist to strengthen the immune system, from the product of the desired turned into a necessary. It is not necessary to eat it raw and five heads a day, but to add a little to all hot and cold dishes — we strongly recommend.

The same can be said about onions — if you do not know how to cook any of the thirty recipes onion soup , it’s time to learn.

We should not forget about citrus . Eat oranges, tangerines and grapefruit ; very tasty sprinkle grapefruit with vanilla sugar — the residual bitterness of grapefruit turns from a lack to an interesting detail. Add citrus pulp to salads ; for example, simply mix a packet of salad leaves with coarsely chopped orange, pour with olive oil and lemon juice, lightly salt, mix, and place chicken breast roasted on a grill pan on top.

Include fresh juice in the composition cocktails and smoothies.

In the Middle East, in eateries, it is customary to squeeze a large slice of lemon into a bowl of chicken noodles, and this additive improves its taste incredibly — we advise you to use it.

If you have frozen stock cranberries and cowberries , it’s time to let them go.

Cook from berries mors , Add honey to it and drink it to your health. A glass in the morning, a glass in the evening.

And if you want, drink juice and lunch.

In addition, we advise you to prepare a simple sauce from cranberries and serve it to meat and poultry; Americans cook it for Christmas and Thanksgiving, but on other days it is equally tasty and healthy.

Mentioned above honey — Another of the drugs tested for centuries. Actually, this advice is a bit late, but still: with the onset of the cold season, every morning you need to eat a spoon of honey and drink a cup of tea with lemon, and then most of the ailments will not stick to you.

Such is the popular homeopathy.

The advantage of this rule is that it works — and that it is quite tasty.

Minus — this should be done every morning, without interruption, and in the end tea with lemon and honey can get you tired.

Now a little about products that can never get bored and no one. About chocolate, hot chili peppers and bananas.

Chocolate and chilli cheer up, no wonder in Mexico, all are so funny. In addition, chili, both fresh and dried, hellishly boosts immunity.

And at the same time, unlike garlic and onions, antisocial odors do not emanate from you.

In addition to pure chili, we recommend that you use a mixture of spices and spices that include it, such as Thai curry paste (it is red, yellow and green, the last one is most acute) and Indian curry powder.

Bananas — the main source of magnesium in nature. It would seem, what have the flu ?! There is no direct connection, but the lack of magnesium in the body aggravates stress, and this with the flu is completely unnecessary detail.

Eat at least two bananas a day, and it will be easier.

And the last thing in the context of the flu epidemic is simply not to be mentioned: milk . All the peoples of the world, if they catch a cold, bring it to a boil and drink it with various additives. The Irish and Scots add to it a small spoon (and then a large spoon) of whiskey, Mexicans — a pinch of vanilla and cinnamon, and the Russians — a spoonful of honey and a piece of butter.

It is impossible to resist the advice to try it all in turn. Be healthy!

And, after all, bon appetit.

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