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Gastronomic journey in the Vladimir region: from the fairy tale to the Cucumber

Gastronomic journey in the Vladimir region: from the fairy tale to the Cucumber

In the project’s boundaries Gastronomic map of the Vladimir region Olga Zakharova, Gastronom magazine columnist and site editor, set off for a one day rally Moscow-Pokrov-Vladimir-Suzdal-Moscow. Just one day, and how much was able to see and learn. How many tried food, asked questions — as they say «and do not count.»

Although the number of stops along the route is easy for the account.

They were 7. We present to you the first three: Restaurant Fairy Tale, the plant that produces the Pokrovsky gingerbread and Petrusino agriturismo.

In “Fairy Tale”, I was pleasantly pleased with the attentive attitude to the menu, which is not always expected from a restaurant located on the highway.

The food here is cooked at home, as in the «good old days.»

The check, of course, is not “Soviet”, but quite democratic.

This year the restaurant celebrates the 45th anniversary of the opening. At present, there are no dishes with a long — Soviet — history, but the plans are their appearance according to restored recipes.

Although, all the pastries (and eatery, and sweet) — the most faithful and accurate greetings from the USSR.

Eclairs, rolls, cake «Fairy Tale», a variety of cakes and other sweets — nourishing and tasty, as in childhood.

The food here is nourishing, the portions are decent, so it’s better to come here hungry.

In the «Fairy Tale», you can safely and safely feed the most fastidious eaters of children.

There are no hastily fried meat and chicken, dubious fish.

The menu is extensive and it is always possible to choose something for the little ones.

There is also a children’s recreation area.

The historic interior has retained its charm and value.

Elegant lamps with the emblems of the cities of the Golden Ring, forged and hand-carved wooden interior details, stained glass windows are remarkable details of the entourage of the past.

The “surroundings” of the restaurant are rich in additional services: a small pond and even a mini-waterfall, flower gardens, a tea house, an interactive program for children and adults in the open air under the shadow of a fairy tree in company with Baba Yaga.

Tourists and representatives of the tourist business are well aware of this restaurant. Every day, especially in the summer season and holidays, sightseeing buses stop here for lunch.

Plus, weddings are often celebrated here and birthdays are celebrated.

Although the restaurant is quite large (up to 120 seats) my advice is: if you plan to eat at the Fairy Tale, call and clarify the information about the fullness of the halls.

Or feel free to come without a call, but do not be surprised that you will be surrounded by Chinese comrades traveling in Russia.

Recommendations on the choice of dishes: meat steak with mushrooms, served on a cast-iron skillet, fish soup with two types of fish and seafood, “Three heroes” pancakes (with tongue, chicken and pork), sea buckthorn juice and potato cake

Restaurant «Fairy Tale». Opening hours from 9 to 24 h. Vladimir region, Petushinsky district, Kirzhach village, FAD M-7 (at the very beginning of the Vladimir region, in the direction from Moscow)

The traditional holiday symbol in Russia, the gingerbread, has in recent decades lost some of its former greatness and significance. It is good that now they are talking about him again and have become actively popularized.

Buyers have learned to distinguish gingerbread cooked in different areas of the country, and they have their own favorites.

Pokrovsky gingerbread with characteristic red in the color of dough, soft and fragrant — a favorite for many. As it turned out, the assortment of fillings of the Pokrovsky gingerbread does not end with boiled condensed milk with walnuts.

There are condensed milk with prunes, condensed milk with raisins, apple and apricot confiture. Recently, printed cakes from the XXI century dough have appeared: it is lighter in color and more delicate in texture.

Prepared from the same products as the classic dough, only he has a different ratio of ingredients.

As for the number of forms of gingerbread, there are not just a lot of them, but a lot of them. New boards-forms are cut constantly.

Today, «Pokrovsky Gingerbread» is more than 1000 product names!

At the same time, printed cakes are always made by hand.

The factory also produces gingerbread (weight and print), gingerbread cakes, houses and paintings.

Now in development — chocolate and 3D gingerbread.

The factory has about 100 employees. For a shift, an employee must paint an average of 150 gingerbread. The size of them, of course, different, but the technology of painting is almost always the same.

First, a thick white glaze (based on dried egg white) is applied contour.

Then manually this contour is filled (filled) with more liquid and colored glaze.

From above, if necessary, gingerbread is decorated with colored sprinkles and left for a day.

The icing froze, the gingerbread is packed and it is ready for sale.

All these stages of production can be seen by yourself during the tour. For those who are curious, workshops were erected with a small corridor (suspended tunnel) with glass walls, along which guides now lead guests.

After the excursion — a master class on painting gingerbread and tea with tasting gingerbread.

Recommendations for choosing gingerbread: for yourself, you can buy cuts of gingerbread, which are sold by weight, as a gift — printed or glazed gingerbread for lovers of the classics, for originals and people with a sense of humor — “pryanburger”. It is made from the classic gingerbread dough in the form of a real burger, but only with a filling of boiled condensed milk with walnuts, decorated with pieces of marmalade and painted with colored sugar glaze.

Very spectacular edible gift!

Factory for the production of Pokrovsky gingerbread.

Vladimir region, Petushinsky district, settlement Nagorny, st.

Vladimirskaya, p.


Meet Vladimir Potapov, head of the estate, Sergey Razvodnov, general director, Nadezhda Artemyeva, livestock breeder, beekeeper, livestock specialist, and Nadezhda Sycheva, who is in charge of receiving guests of the estate.

And all together — the farmstead «Petrushino».

What a warm and hospitable reception made our noisy company on the farm. Fed excellent soup with nettles and mushrooms, pickled tomatoes, boiled potatoes, freshly baked pies with cabbage, egg + green onions, sorrel.

The latter, by the way, now I will always eat with meadow honey — so much as a wonderful couple. For dessert, Nadezhda Sycheva presented an excellent dish: fresh home-made cottage cheese + sour cream + pear slices + cinnamon.

So that would take a bowl with such a dessert and under a blooming apple tree or on a green slope, since they are full of local landscapes.

Sit in the sun, squint, slowly eating a delicate dessert, and dream.

The hosts gave us fresh milk, tea with herbs and black fruit.

To say that all yours is not worth it. How else?

Otherwise it is impossible!

And then there were answers to all our questions, a tour of the estate and the surrounding area.

The Agriturismo is not a big farm, but Vladimir Alekseevich Potapov has something to show and something to boast about. 22 black-and-white cows, 9 sheep, 36 families of bees, plus greenhouses, where even the vines grow and the ovary of the grapes is already there.

The plans — the purchase of 3 pigs and 20-30 curia.

And the guests of the estate, of course, can buy farm products here: fermented milk, vegetables, berries and honey.

In «Petrushino» there is meadow, buckwheat and fatselium honey.

As the saying goes «drink, feed.» only they didn’t put to bed, and then — for now there is no place for the guests to sleep. If only in special cabins, where in the very near future you can undergo the procedure of aero apitherapy (non-contact, air treatment with bees).

About her in more detail.

The device of the booth (apidomics) is quite simple: bees below live, on top of a mattress filled with natural herbs (here — flax) a tired, nervous, painful and stressful resident of a megapolis is laid on a pillow with buckwheat. The doors are closed and the person is left alone with the bees. The procedure is completely safe, because the bees can not «get» to the person, and he — to them.

But their relaxing, monotonous buzzing and microvibration, hive air full of the aromas of propolis, pollen, honey and wax envelop the person completely.

It is known that during the main honey season, nectar flavors spread tens of meters from apiaries and disinfect it.

What is there to talk about close proximity to hardworking bees.

The biofield of the bee family also acts favorably on our body. Many diseases can be cured in such houses: from rheumatic and dermatological to nervous and cardiological. They treat bees and chronic diseases, eliminate insomnia and help men be a man.

For good results, you need to undergo at least 5 sessions of aero apitherapy or as it is called in the estate “resonant bee-therapy”.

Undoubtedly, before such a procedure, it is necessary to undergo a consultation with a doctor and it is contraindicated for those who are allergic to honey.

Agriturismo «Petrushino». Vladimir region, Sobinsky district, village Petrushins

Ekaterina Shapovalova, author of tourist concepts and head of the Agrotourism Russia project: To project «Gastronomic map of the Vladimir region» includes the most interesting places associated with food (cafes and restaurants, farms and food production). The addressees are located in several main areas, diverging from the city of Suzdal — in the direction of Moscow, Kovrov, Yuryev-Polsky, Gus-Khrustalny and Murom.

They present the guest not only food as such, but also other useful entertainment options: master classes, seminars and practices, excursions, meetings with interesting people and so on.

Initially, out of 140 recipients with tourist potential, a working group led by the mayor of Suzdal Igor Kekhter and me selected 40 seats.

During the four expeditions, in the company of several experts we traveled around the Vladimir region and personally checked and tasted everything, communicating with farmers, entrepreneurs, restaurateurs and chefs.

As a result, the “Gastronomic Map of the Vladimir Region” should include 25 addresses of the most worthy, proven and reliable partners.

It is to them in the coming season that the main flow of tourists will be directed.

Having worked in the tourism business for a long time, I understand that now you can’t surprise anyone just with food and comfortable accommodation at a hotel. What is important is the concept and unified program — the original tourist product of today.

Such as the «Gastronomic Map of Russia».

Often, farmers, restaurateurs and chefs in a series of troubles and worries do not even notice all the opportunities that can be obtained from the site. A vivid example is the farmstead «Petrushino».

It is located in a wonderful beautiful place, not far from the Klyazma River. The farm was originally focused on a healthy lifestyle. The products here are only natural, the water from a deep well and the air is fresh, because the village of Petrushiny is far from the road.

Plus, one of the farm staff is ready to engage in Nordic walking with guests and even give a couple of yoga lessons.

Therefore, I have come up with an option for the farm such as “agroyoga” and soon, I hope to bring it to life.

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