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Full freezing: how and why to freeze food

Full freezing: how and why to freeze food

The freezer is not only a storage for nameless and forgotten products. It is also a place for an incredible amount of experimentation. Do not be afraid to put there bread, and cake, and even olive oil.

And in order to do everything right, read our tips.

1. To make home layered cake looked like from a pastry shop, freeze it for a while. Then you can easily cut off the top layer to cover the cake with cream or icing.

It will be very neat.

To make the top layer of the cake easier to cut evenly, briefly freeze it.

2. Many have not even thought about freezing bread.

We offer to try to make toasted frozen slices, the taste is completely different!

Just remember that before you put the bread in the freezer, you need to cut it, divide the slices with baking paper, wrap everything in foil, and only then freeze.

Otherwise, you will often ask yourself why there is no saw besides a knife in the kitchen.

3 Greenery it fades quickly, but there is a way to always have fresh greens on hand. And not only parsley or dill, but also spinach or arugula. Wash the greens, dry, slice, lay in different packages for freezing and send to the freezer.

Use as a basis for salads, an additive to rice dishes, noodles, pasta.

4. Frozen meat It is much easier to cut into thin translucent slices, and for this you do not even need to be a skilled chef.

15 minutes will be quite enough for bacon, a little more will be needed for fresh meat.

Olive oil can be frozen together with various herbs and added to salads, hot dishes or during frying.

5. In case the broth is needed. vegetables, Keep a separate bag with frozen “scraps”.

Portions of celery, carrots, and even the legs of mushrooms, unnecessary for dishes, are quite suitable.

6. If the broth in freezing bags is not uncommon, then fat, remaining after frying bacon, frozen in ice tins — something new. Store such frozen cubes in a separate package. This method is also suitable for olive oil.

Heat it with herbs, let it boil and remove from heat.

Pour into molds, freeze and reach for a couple of minutes before you need to fry or fill.

Zest without a bitter white part is easier to get if you pre-send a lemon or lime in the freezer.

7. Freezer trick is perfect for the whole citrus — orange, lime, lemon.

They are frozen to then get the perfect aromatic zest, without the bitter white part.

8. When you are making a salad, quinoa and other cereals Sometimes you need to quickly cool down, and the freezer here is an indispensable tool. 5-10 minutes, and the temperature drops to room temperature.

The same technique is suitable for nuts, who are slightly overworked in the oven.

To completely burn them out, freeze them.

9. Homemade jam and jam can be stored in the freezer for up to a year.

Fresh fruits boil in water with pectin, sugar, spices and spices for a few minutes, cool, and then pour into jars.

Do not forget to leave some free space in the bank, because the volume of liquid in the frozen state will increase.

The most useful and tasty ice cream is easily made from frozen bananas and berries.

10. If you do not want to experiment with freezing different foods, just try banana ice cream. This is an incredibly useful and tasty alternative to the usual creamy dessert.

Frozen bananas are sent to a mixer with berries, nut paste or simply without additives to get a gentle cold cream.

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