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Fruit pilaf in pumpkin, step by step recipe with photos

  • white medium grain rice — 3 glasses
  • pumpkin — 1 pc., large (5-6 kg)
  • butter — 75 g
  • raisins — 200 g
  • sugar — 1 tbsp. l
  • salt — to taste
  • large apples — 2 pcs.
  • prunes — 200 g
  • vegetable oil — 2 tbsp. l
  • dried apricots — 200 g


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Pumpkin — one of the most picturesque vegetables. Round, smooth, bright and brilliant — such we are.

When culinary historians (including Pokhlebkin), finally, began to study the recipes of pilaf.

Pumpkin dishes are very popular all over the world. In Europe, pumpkin soup is cooked, casseroles are prepared,.

What about onions and carrots? He began to do and decided to add more fried onions with carrots.

We’ll see what happens.

Unfortunately, the recipe does not indicate the variety of rice, and this is not an unimportant detail. Because each variety has its own water absorption !! From here and different komenty. Someone turned out for the specified period by the author, and someone took 3 hours.

And the author forgot to write that ANY variety of rice should be washed 5-6 times, then soaked in warm salted water for at least 60 minutes, and with certain varieties of rice and up to several hours. And then immediately, before rinsing, rinse rice We must not forget that you are cooking PLOV !! In fact, ANY recipes from RICE require understanding and time.

Sergey is a stupid wife who calls her husband a jerk, especially when he cooks food. Immediately cuts all the wings.

I don’t want to do anything for her anymore.

Let her cook, since her hands grow from where.

Just a shame for you.

Gorgeous get pilaf.

For the first time at your own risk cooked a son on the DR, 10 years ago.

Guests, even privirady, were completely out of touch))).

Today, on the 16th birthday of our son, we repeat. Aesthetic, great and tasty.


Sergey, do not worry!

Unfortunately, not all women are endowed with wisdom. There is a desire to create — create, and who is not happy, can always pigosy SAM))

Armenian dish called Hapama, very similar

The pilaf could have been tasty, but the rice, as hard as it was, remained so, baked for 2.5 hours.

What now to do with all this I do not know. My wife said that I was a jerk and could not do anything. .

Great recipe! But instead of rice, I prefer millet and do not add apples.

In addition, for one and a half hours, my pumpkin is not baked; in the oven it really costs 3 hours at 180.

Found what I was looking for. Once they were treated to such in Armenia. Everything turned out delicious and beautiful.


For lovers of sweet pilaf — just delicious.

Thank you very much.

Very foolish recipe. It turns out a whole pumpkin unsalted rice with dried fruit, disgusting, it is better to cook classic pilaf

Thanks for the recipe.

Recently did similar.

Very tasty turned out.

Only I took rice (steamed) twice less, put together a cut pumpkin (fruit that was scraped) together with fruit, and filled it with milk.

You can take any kind of fruit: grapes, melon, currants, etc.


A wonderful recipe, I also cook a pumpkin, here in Armenia we call this dish Hapama. I have such an addition: a glass of rice is a little less than a glass of water, and the second is to smear the pumpkin with vegetable oil outside — it will be shiny .. I add honey and a little cinnamon instead of sugar. Good luck

Loved the recipe, but there is one thing. My pumpkin was baked in the oven for 3 hours already, since the rice was hard.

It is better to cook the rice before half-ready, and then spread it in the pumpkin.

Guest: before falling asleep rice and fruit, boiling water (already cooled) should be poured.

But in step 5, the rice is again filled with hot water.

Please write: after the first stage, when the boiling water in the pumpkin cools down, should it be poured before falling asleep rice and fruit, or should it all be laid directly in the cooled water?


Thanks for the recipe author. The dish is very tasty. I make rice with apples without pumpkin, and everything else also adds spices (ginger, cardamom and cinnamon) and called my recipe "rice pudding with a surprise".

This combination of ingredients is very interesting, and most importantly tasty.

I advise everyone to cook it.

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