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French onion soup with cheese sticks, step by step recipe with photos

  • 3 large onions
  • flour — 1 tbsp.
  • 150 ml of dry white wine
  • 1 liter chicken or vegetable broth
  • 4 slices of white bread
  • garlic — 3 cloves
  • salt
  • Swiss cheese — 100 g
  • 3 tbsp. l butter
  • salt — 0.5 tsp.
  • 0.5 tsp. paprika
  • baking powder — 0.5 tsp.
  • 100 g Swiss cheese
  • flour — 150 g
  • butter — 75 g
  • milk — 0.5 cups

Instead of broth for this soup, you can use ordinary drinking water.

The substances in the onion peel strengthen the blood vessels, and the onion juice has a beneficial effect on hair growth.

In addition, the beneficial properties of onions are used in everyday life. His juice removes stains from clothing.

Cut the onion to remove rust and stains from metal products.

The recipes for soups are incredibly diverse. Hot and cold, light and very nourishing, and transparent.

Onion soup has been popular in Europe since ancient times, and it was mostly cooked in.

Great recipe! And if you break it in a blender — just a masterpiece!

The soup is great!

The family is delighted, even the 10-year-old son!

Skeptical about phrases "onion soup" before this recipe.

The taste is unique, delightful, unusual .. Be sure to repeat, thank you!

This is the most correct recipe — the most genuine French onion soup. I cook it for 8 years for this and only this recipe. Sometimes I don’t add wine when my child is willing to eat French onion soup.

Cook on this recipe and do not hesitate!

I made a good soup

so weird. They do not recommend))) here is a matter of taste. like cook, do not like well, do not cook. why I do not recommend writing. everyone has their own head on their shoulders; everyone knows how to think.

Fox, here is the whole unique flavor gives wine!, Not for nothing, he French this soup.

Wine, along with onions, the main ingredients.

Often I cook soup for the same recipe.

I like my family, I love it.

But I agree that in general the soup is an amateur.

Fox, it’s not a recipe. Do you like onion braised? If not — this is not your dish originally.

Secondly, the wine in the recipe is not just like that: it significantly affects the taste, adding the desired acidity. Third, spring onions may not be of a better quality, to put it mildly.

So again — the recipe has nothing to do with it.

And people have different tastes, you have rightly noticed.

Honestly, I heard a lot of good things about onion soup, but this recipe made me think that people have sooooo different tastes.

I did everything according to the recipe, but without wine.

There is an impossible, the taste is nauseous, the smell is even worse. After the third spoon, everything floated to the toilet E N O S E U U U E E O O R E C E P T

My sister lives in France, often cooks such a soup, traditional for the French, always does on the water and not on the broth, so says, accepted.

And nutmeg adds a pinch to the soup. Delicious!

I really love!

did not like the soup! did everything according to the recipe.

I do not recommend.

Cooked soup strictly according to the recipe!

The result: a very bright rich and rich taste!

Thank you so much "Gastronome" for such a wonderful recipe!

Yes, the soup is wonderful. And about red wine instead of white, then this is not what is needed, if there is no white wine, then it is better not to add it at all.

I know from personal experience, only my mother and I did not add red wine to the soup, but to the carbonara paste, it was also necessary to make white according to the recipe, so the taste of the dish was completely different.

Total conclusion — must be done strictly according to the recipe! 🙂 Or learn by trial and error, which is also useful in life.

I wish you all bon appetite!

I cooked soup according to this recipe several times and each time I add to it the greens of parsley and cream. — it seems to me that these additions give a special flavor.

And at the expense of sodden crackers — but they will not force you, you can also not put them there, or just make small crackers, or as they are called — "croutons"!

Yes, you can not use water instead of broth.

Tastes bad, most likely. It is necessary to cook broth on a piece of chicken or on a piece of beef soup.

And onions — caramelized in butter cream with sugar (some sugar).

Yes, you can not use water instead of broth. Tastes bad, most likely. It is necessary to cook broth on a piece of chicken or on a piece of beef soup.

And onions — caramelized in butter cream with sugar (some sugar).

hmm for lovers of soaked biscuits in the soup. I just do not eat. and add cheese to the broth. the same does not agree .. cheese just dissolve and there will be a cloudy broth with an indefinite taste.

And I would recommend cooking such soup with beef broth, so more traditionally. In the soup itself, the cheese does not need to be mixed, only on the bread slices on top. And from spices, thyme and parsley are desirable.

So it will be more authentic.

belka911: thanks for your comment — 100 g of cheese are also needed in soup

I want to make this soup, but I don’t understand how much cheese is needed in the soup itself.

The sticks are clear 100 grams.

But in the soup ?? It is written half grated cheese, add to the soup, then sprinkle half ..

Half from how many grams ??

Hearty and tasty, if done correctly. The only remark — it seems garlic was superfluous, put 1 clove, but it interrupted the aroma of the wine, without it, it would probably be more delicious

2 Ksyusha, In principle, you can cook without any wine at all, but for heat treatment together with cheese, red wine is rather an exception. If you do not mind cheese and wine, make a cheese fondue with red wine.

I think you do not like it.

Cool soup turned out, Merci for the recipe. But Ksyusha amused. She would have put more condensed milk in it for thrills)))

I laughed for a long time with "cast red for white was not". Duc, self-a garbage out :)))

I did not understand, but how much cheese do you need in cheese sticks?

From this recipe she made cheese sticks. Used gouda cheese.

A delightful thing turned out.

They ate everything instantly))) Another time I added ground ginger instead of paprika.

Also excellent.

We did not like the soup.

The first few spoons were interesting to eat, because the taste is unusual and specific, and then for some reason it became disgusting. We haven’t even finished it. Everything was done according to the recipe with the exception of wine — they added not white, but red (there was no white).

Maybe because of this, the taste has changed so much? Did not like the fact that crunchy, delicious croutons very softened and became gruel in the soup.

But the sticks were pretty nothing.

Delicious, crunchy, felt cheese inside. Probably, we will finish the sticks, and pour out the soup: (

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