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French onion soup, step by step recipe with photos

  • Mozzarella cheese — 1 cup
  • butter — 2 tbsp. l
  • pepper and dried leaf of thyme — 1/8 tsp.
  • beef broth concentrate (I make mine) — 600 g
  • water — 1.5 cups
  • bay leaf
  • onion — 4 medium onions (cut into rings)
  • grated parmesan cheese — 1/4 cup
  • French baguette — 4 slices

Onion soup has been popular in Europe since ancient times, and it was mostly cooked in.

15 years cooked onion soup, and classic, and "French"and polish version. None of the recipes have anything to do with yours.

By the way, with any of the above cooking options, onions with such a quantity of ingredients need one and a half times more. And with the option of soup "French"perhaps the only onion is not just fried in rings, but diced, and of course not 35-40 minutes, but simply until golden.

And why precisely French baguette, and precisely 4 slice. White bread can be absolutely anyone who likes more.

And in the very, so to speak, the original version, the toast for the soup was simply used by the Nemer — the more, the better.

And this is how many servings is obtained?

Vilgelm, oh sorry, please, I am stupid now (

I don’t eat it at all that way, so I don’t care for your cheeses)

"..Mozarella in warm form? Nonses. " => sorry, but you eat a cold pizza.

Osakhan131, whoa-whoa, yes, we have a culinary critic here.

If you do not like it, no one forces you to cook it) Personally, I took this recipe as a basis and the cheese was not Italian, if that would comfort you xd "Mozzarella in the form of heat", omg! Paphos is a lot, but the rules of punctuation have not been learned. Yes full "nonses "hdddd

Oh, how many praises!"Soup will take pride of place. ". And Italian cheese, and bread, etc.

Mozzarella in warm form? Nonses.

Very tasty soup turned out!

Thank you for such a good recipe, everything is very clear and simple.

Now this soup will occupy an honorable place in my cookbook, I will return to it more than once. Even my dad liked it, although he is still fussy)

The recipe is very good, the soup turned out very tasty in France

Why French onion soup with parmesan, Italian cheese ?!

And we all really liked it (family plus guests who came by chance). They ate it all in one sitting, despite the fact that the cheese was only ordinary, but it also melted perfectly, and not "drowned".

Thanks for the recipe!

Chose from several.

This seemed the simplest and did not disappoint our expectations! I also want to note that if the onions are fried and stewed exactly as indicated in the recipe, there will be no embers! On the contrary, there will be a wonderful golden tasty soup base.

And if we consider that because of the speed, we had to use a bouillon cube — just cheap, tasty, fast and unusual! And my man (who does not praise any food) said that this is the most delicious soup he ate! (well, this is for those men who refused to try;))

Well I do not know.

The husband refused, I have finished, but I will not do more. It turned out davolno freshly, onions with water (((Plus, for some reason, the cheese sank and did not freeze with a crust (

Very tasty. Sorry a little 🙂 even liked the child !!

what is broil mode? I have a regular oven

Guest, with so many onions in the pan, nothing terrible will happen. The recipe is wonderful, thank you!

10min fry the onions, and then 35-40min! Have you ever tried? It will remain from the embers!

tried onion soup in Yegimta, well, sooo liked. Husband asked to find a recipe and cook. Thanks for the recipe I will go to cook, I hope to like it :))

Hooray! Onion soup without alcohol!)) But seriously — it turned out very tasty! Beef broth picked up freshly brewed, butter is a little smaller, and mozzarella was accidentally eaten during the cooking process.

But for the rest — what we need!

I love onion soup! I like the croutons to be not quite sodden, so I do this for myself: I fry the bread slices on one side, turn it over, sprinkle with grated cheese very thickly (with a hill), put it in a roaster, and already with 2 pieces of melted cheese soup. :)))

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