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French cuisine

Refined and simple, luxurious and economical, complex and logical, French cuisine has undoubtedly influenced the development of all modern European — and not only European — cooking.
Is it possible to imagine our diet without French sauces and salads, baguette and brioche, soups and stews, cheeses and desserts?

The pride of the French sharkuteri, all kinds of meat terrines and baked pastes have become an economical homemade alternative to sausages and ham.
Home French cuisine is a provincial cuisine dictated by local products and related traditions.

The cuisine of Alsace differs from the cuisine of Bordeaux, just as the cuisine of Provence differs from the cuisine of Burgundy.
However, as stated in her book “The Kitchen of the French Provinces”, the English writer Elizabeth David, real French cuisine can only be in her homeland, everything else is imitation.

Perhaps it is, but this is no reason to deny yourself the pleasure to cook according to French recipes!

The traditional French onion soup is not always cooked in meat broth. On the water.

Shrimps baked in the shell, on the one hand, retain all their juice in themselves, but on the other.

The wonderful taste of this solid soup depends on a good strong broth and slowly.

Onion soup in Lyon is very simple: a lot of onions and water. Taste and depth give him sherry and dry wine.

This is a great soup, what can we say. How many soups with seafood and on the shores of the Mediterranean?

We called this marvelous soup a non-marseille bouillabaisé that’s why. Although according to legend.

The ability to cook several dishes from one chicken for a whole family is valuable in our time. Cook.

Tyan — absolutely laconic, monastic not only by origin, but also by restraint,.

Excellent lunch or dinner, cooked in just 20 minutes.

This stew is full of taste and energy. The best thing .

People are divided into two camps: those who hate spinach, and those who adore him. Our recipe is gratin.

Large purple plums in caramel, baked in homemade puff pastry, with spicy wine glaze.

Croquettes — snack balls of minced meat or vegetables, rolled in breadcrumbs and fried in.

Light, crispy cakes with a delicate cream inside, covered with shiny glaze. Yummy, and yes.

Salmon tartar is as popular as beef. The chip of this tartare is in the original feed.

French crisp pie, peanut butter salinity and plum sourness unusual combination,.

Klafuti is a famous French dessert, its classic version is with cherries. And.

Juicy thickened fennel stem, similar to an onion, boiled, baked, put in soups and stews. .

Provencal oil or beurre provencal is good to spread on hot bread, flavor it boiled.

Gluten-free pastries have several advantages: they do not get better from it, it is suitable for.

In the original version, the desert called Dacuaise is a cake originally from France. AT .

Small, graceful and such spectacular paratours, undoubtedly, could only come to us from Europe. .

Little life hacking in the preparation of this dessert: for a spectacular shine, cover the berries that decorate.

Of course, this dish is not for every day, but doing it 1-2 times a year is also extremely wrong -.

The most French way to use potatoes. The name translates as "gratin in style.

Sour cream in the recipe can be replaced with ricotta or mascarpone, they also add to the cottage cheese tenderness. And honey,.

For profiteroles with orange cream scalded "buns" can be cooked by yourself. .

Cooking custard takes time and attention, but the result is worth it. .

To cream in profiteroles did not seem very cloying and got a fresh and bright citrus.

Mackerel and cream cheese mousse is perhaps one of the easiest and most delicious snack fillings.

The most difficult thing in the preparation of profiteroles is actually the profiteroles themselves. In order to .

Usually the toast in the onion soup is sprinkled with grated hard aged cow cheese of the Gruyere type,.

Fricasser is a French verb, which translates as “cook” or.

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