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Food for boys: the rules of the game

To feed children is not an easy thing. And it’s impossible to make the right dishes for the boys to eat. Nearly.

How to behave in such a situation, tells Olga Shenkerman — a popular culinary blogger and mother of Dani and Matthew.

I have two children: Daniusha, 5, and Matyusha, 3. I am not quite a standard mother. Someone even call me a bad mother.

Thoughts about what I feed my sons today do not clog my brain with a running line.

I do not think how to turn a fish into a chicken, to have a child eat it, or how to hide zucchini in mashed potatoes. Do not think that I got the perfect children who eat everything.

I have the usual boys with the usual children’s moods. Just once, I realized that I didn’t want to go crazy because of «right» child nutrition. Who knows how it is right?

Theories about healthy eating come and go.

And children are a great joy, and only in happy families grow good people with an abundant appetite.

I was a child from Odessa. The origin imposes certain obligations: be good to grow a plump, red-cheeked, healthy girl. I was skinny with eternal bruises under my eyes.

My parents fed me hard: they cooked a rabbit from chicken, dived into soup after cabbage, and rolled chocolate balls in curd. But there are many, and with pleasure I became only by the age of 12. And it did not happen thanks to the titanic efforts of the parents, but because the time had come, hormones began to play.

And in a family like mine, it could not have been otherwise.

We always cooked deliciously, loved to eat and discuss what was eaten.

And even if at first I only looked at everything with large, full of sorrow eyes, then later I myself became a participant in this culinary orgy.

Now I know for sure that my boys will eat well and their boys or girls, too, because from the very childhood in our family children are taught the culture of food.

Want to teach your baby to eat? Show him an example! Even if at first he eats almost nothing, it is important that he sees how well the parents do it.

Let him hear your talk about food.

Eat yourself what you want to feed the baby, and try it in front of him. This is unlikely to give instant results.

But, if you constantly show children that this is normal, tasty and right, the effect will certainly be.

I urge all parents to include common sense.

Children are ordinary people, only small ones. Obviously, anyone should eat right. It doesn’t matter if he is three or thirty years old.

The difference between adults and children is that children are very conservative.

No need to wait for them to enjoy the new, wholesome and varied dishes that you prepare. It is enough that the diet will be fish, meat, cereals, vegetables and fruits in reasonable quantities.

It is not necessary to cram a new-fashioned quinoa into a child if he does not like it.

Enough of his favorite buckwheat. Does not love buckwheat?

Let him eat rice. Doesn’t want currants? Surely love raspberries.

Loves french fries?

Believe me, nothing terrible in this, if in moderation. When I offer my sons bulgur and chicken liver for lunch, and they don’t want to eat it, I don’t force: I don’t want to forever take away their chance to love their liver.

Just tidy up the plate, give yoghurt with good cookies and send to sleep. They will not die of hunger, but will be hungry for dinner and will no longer be so picky.

But you should not completely abandon products that are undesirable for a child — try to offer them again, but not immediately and without fanaticism.

Kids love to play. Turn food into a game, do not try to be too serious.

Let the spoon be an airplane, a front loader or a daddy’s car. And do not forget to feed the dolls. Most readily the children absorb food cooked with their own plump or not very handles.

When Danya gets up on a stool to throw multicolored pasta into the pan, and then he catches it with a skimmer, he is guaranteed to eat the whole plate.

If I make a curd pan, it breaks eggs and sprinkles sugar.

In the process, I tell you what products I use and what I do with them. Not very detailed.

The main thing — to cause interest in the baby. Do not expect that he will immediately cook something with you from beginning to end.

Do not be discouraged if he loses interest in the middle of the process or does not eat what he asked you to do.

But do not try to please the child.

Better go with the children for groceries, tell what you buy and why, involve them in the process.

And finally, a recipe for a dish that my boys are ready to eat 365 days a year.

Maybe he and your children will like it?

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