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Food for 2013

Foods, in addition to their energy value, have energy that can strengthen intuition, or reduce or eliminate it.

As a result of a decrease in intuition, partnership, as a rule, suffers in all spheres of life — at home, at work, in school.

In order to maintain the level of partnership in 2013 at an acceptable height, it is worth paying special attention to the products we eat. In 2013, I recommend to exclude from the diet of food from cereal and legumes.

In the first place — dehydrated, sublimated and dried products. For example, all that is made from dry dough, or products dried as a result of processing.

These are dry bread, crackers, drying, dry biscuits, biscuits, waffles, chips, crackers, cornflakes, popcorn.

This also includes dried fruits — raisins, dried apricots, prunes.

As well as all kinds of nuts, including seeds.

And products whose ingredients contain nuts — such as halva (it is made of sunflower seeds) or baklava, it has nuts. Or, for example, ready meals — Georgian pkhali or sweet peppers stuffed with walnuts. In 2013, these dishes will be quite intense.

It is better to eat them in November 2013, but in small quantities.

Another product that seriously dulls the level of intuition in 2013 is cheese. Both hard and soft varieties.

From an energy point of view, these products seriously increase physical strength. They will be good for those who do real physical work.

For example, he is digging the earth, waving a scythe, beating a sledgehammer or working on the land in his plots. For people of such professions, the energy from the consumed products will be spent in the form of physical strength (loads).

But for people who are engaged in mental work — students, students, managers and managers; for people of creative professions — journalists, advertisers, PR people, where an important mental activity, this product will reduce communication skills and the ability to communicate with people.

All the listed products have the same properties in other years, but in 2013 this action will be expressed most clearly.

Their danger is that they seriously reduce the level of anxiety, and anxiety is the basis of intuition.

Consequently, with these products we reduce the level of intuition.

In order to maintain the level of intuition in 2013 at the proper level, practically everyone should have dishes prepared from fish and seafood in any form. This may be fish cake, salted fish, fish, baked in the oven or on the coals.

The same applies to seafood — the range is not limited, you can cook them in different ways. The third product from the same series is kelp (sea ​​kale).

Seaweed salads will seriously affect the level of intuition.

In 2013, it is also worth refusing from cereals.

Millet, barley, and barley porridges will also seriously reduce the level of intuition. Those who want to have children (intuitive occupation) I, on the contrary, recommend in 2013 just such a set of products.

Cereals — millet, pearl barley, barley; nuts and dried fruits (raisins, dried apricots and prunes), as well as dried fruit compotes.

Also in 2013 you should not abuse chocolate, it has a soothing property and lowers the level of intuition. Especially if you are a creative person, engaged in mental activity. It is also worth severely limiting the presence in the diet of all cocoa bean derivatives — chocolate ice cream, chocolate butter, cocoa (like a drink), curd cheese curds, ice cream with chocolate and other desserts made with chocolate.

All these products have a sedative effect.

Forecast for the winter months

December 2012, January and February 2013 — this is the time when intuition is maximally acute, it does not need to be blocked. December is good for planning the future, building your life strategically and planning events for the coming year. Lowering the level of intuition is dangerous, Main products for December, January and February are fish and seafood.

The only fish that I do not recommend is dried, withered, for example, roach. The remaining products on the principle of reasonable sufficiency.

The heaviest product in these months is chocolate, in the winter it is better not to abuse them.

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