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Fondue — cooking secrets

Most commercially available pots for fondue cannot be used for literal purposes.

That is, first you need to melt the cheese in some kind of a separate pan, carefully pour it into the pot, set the fire under it and then begin to take the liberty that you are sitting somewhere in the Mont Blanc region.

Because if you decide to put ceramics on a strong fire, it will crack. If you try to melt the cheese on a tiny burner, then you will die of hunger, waiting. I will make a reservation: it is quite possible to cook in the pots described above fondue from chocolate.

Apparently, they are designed for this.

Meanwhile, if we turn directly to the essence fondue, Leaving aside the words about the culinary game and other bourgeois excesses, one can find a rather realistic, austere, high-quality dish similar to cheese soup.

From the special equipment, you need a mobile electric stove with a single burner, a 2-liter saucepan with a thick bottom, and a whisk.

Products include cheese, dry white wine, garlic, nutmeg and, if you prefer, cream.

The most interesting thing here is that the quality of the products does not play a key role (although, of course, you should not cook mud from the mud). You can buy a big piece of cheese of average quality and add to it better cheese residues.

For example, four hundred grams of Russian and a slice of parmesan, and a dried half of a brie mug (just do not say that you always throw away the half-eaten brie). The requirements for wine are even simpler: if you don’t want to spit it out immediately, it will do.

Tip: Take the wine in Tetrapack, in fondue he is the place.

So, you cut a clove of garlic in half and rub the bottom of the pot with the cut.

Then put the saucepan on the included tile, throw the cheese cut into small pieces there and pour so much wine so that it covers the pieces of cheese for two thirds of their height; the cheese must look out of the wine just as the islands look out of the Aegean Sea. After that, you should take up the whisk. The mixture must be stirred until it becomes one — do not worry, it will happen very soon.

Thereafter fondue It is necessary to season with a big pinch of nutmeg and, if you like, pour in half a cup of cream.

In principle, done.

Reduce heat to a minimum, mix again and sit down to lunch. Yes, do not forget the bread and forks.

And try not to drip over yourself and your neighbors with melted cheese, it acts according to the same pattern as napalm — it keeps the heat for a long time and sticks to the skin.

Personally, I am fondue once saved from colds and starving fainting in the winter Crimea.

My friends and I had a summer cottage, electricity, a few pieces of disgusting industrial cheese, half a bottle of local wine, garlic and a piece of bread, gray as an overcast sky. Neither the nutmeg, nor the cream of speech was not — which does not mean that they are not needed.

You can add something else to the basic ingredients: olive oil, a slice of bacon, some herbs, or pepper.

Just do not try to throw everything in the kitchen.

Poverty — it can also be beautiful.

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