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Fleu — new restaurant and shop

Today, in the capital, along with the schoolworm, the so-called «new Moscow kitchen«In the trend of farm products: fat sour cream, ground cucumbers, cottage cheese, flavored boiled pork.

Flay exploits this particular topic — only farm specialties are fed and sold there.

The restaurant was opened by charming people — one hundred percent enthusiasts of clean food and healthy food.

Initially, only the store was intended, but quickly enough, the store simply grew into a restaurant with a trade window — something that they did not have time to sell today, tomorrow, if the shelf life allows, is prepared for guests.

The restaurant has only one room — in the center are huge refrigerators with sour cream and meat for sale, on the left is a dining area for a couple of tables, on the right is a counter with a cash register, high tables by the windows, a showcase with homemade bread and shelves with delicious canned goods. Bright lighting, light wooden furniture, comfortable fuss of the staff — this is rather a place for quick but good snacks than for a measured feast.

You are unlikely to come here on a date, but you will definitely bring the child to try to feed him nutritionally correct soup or dumplings, in the filling of which there is only meat and nothing but meat.

Kitchen in Flay tiny, anyone can look into it, as the door goes straight into the hall. Sometimes various smells reach.

Due to the fact that there are no blanks in the restaurant, and the chef basically works without sous-chef, orders have to wait long enough.

The restaurant’s menu is printed on one page, it changes almost daily, as the cook comes from the momentary availability of products in stock. The usual restaurant offer — salads, appetizers, soups, pasta, dumplings, hot fish and meat, desserts.

In each section, two or four positions.

We managed to try the following. In a beet salad with squid and pesto sauce (350 rubles) beet is definitely dominant. The warm root crop is cut deliberately carelessly, and its sweet taste is additionally emphasized with pine nuts.

However, mini-squids are also quite good, with taste. This dish is still colored with salad leaves, trying to understand: yes, indeed, they grew freely in the garden, they don’t know the scary word “hydroponics” and the dubious term “mineral fertilizersI». In the same way, the leaves grow in my grandmother’s country house; when cut, they quickly lose their presentation, but on the plate they smell like earth warmed by the sun and rainwater.

In a regular store, you can not buy these.

Spring rolls with beef and vegetables (330 rublej) — a good snack, nourishing and honest.

Pike perch with steamed spinach (470 rubles) — dietary and somewhat neutral history.

Pork with fried potatoes (450 rubles) — controversial dish. Pork too resembles a table dish called «fry«- just thin slices of meat, just themselves in their juice and a lot of onions, soft and sweet.

And the potatoes are beautiful: thick, perfectly roasted slices, light golden crust on the outside, tender flesh inside, salty enough and not in need of accompaniment to sauces. You can convince yourself that the potato is exclusively dietary and anti-cellulite, because it is prepared from environmentally friendly tubers, so eat it (straight arms) can be completely without a twinge of conscience.

In general, the feeling of correctness of food does not leave.

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