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Five minute jam

The season has arrived five minutes.

Those most numerous recipes that our mothers exchanged annually. The point was to minimize both the boiling process itself and its sugar content (annual seasonal problems with sugar have become irresistible after the Gorbachev anti-alcohol company). And basically it was about currant, since it had to be harvested on a strategic scale.

The unspoken Soviet «Code of six hundredRead: on 2 black currant bushes — one white and one red, gooseberry and raspberry.

But it was all akin to the endless shifting of old winter clothes from one suitcase to another. It was relatively easy to part with the summer rags, but everything that could warm in the cold, even the old and shabby, was kept for years. If tomorrow is war, if tomorrow is a campaign … Genetic memory.

Well, currant here was an indispensable resource — vitamins, etc. And it rolled over with sugar (rarely sour until spring), and jam cooked, and compotes, until we found the best option — five minutes, and in a variety of options.

In syrup or in own juice, for which the berry had to be sprinkled with sugar in half in smaller quantities than for standard jam, let it brew and let the juice run.

In the old recipes, it was recommended to sprinkle the whole thing with vodka or wine.

Then, after separating the formed juice, bring it to a boil and dip the berries there, if not for five, then for a maximum of ten minutes.

In fact — yummy, only stored not more than a week in the refrigerator.

And if it is sterilized in half-liter jars, then it is possible all winter, opening a jar, to enjoy a really very fresh and lively product.

And what is best to spread on fresh bread and butter? Personally, I have a top three — honey, five-minute currant and orange jam. Requires fatty oil of deep, complex and astringent taste.

Therefore, duck — with oranges, and delicate river fish — with lemon. But somehow it became embarrassing to fall into the traditional schemes — any European morning «Buffet»Will offer you both honey and orange jam. But without currants!

Instead, it will be banal strawberry confiture, and it’s terrible.

You can not cook strawberries, it is better — while the season — eat it live.

Strawberry fans jam I still could not meet. I know fans of apricot, cherry, raspberry …

Personally, I have an extensive list: apple, lingonberry, watermelon-short — and this is just the beginning.

Those who like to tea with homemade jam and will not spare the time and money to create their own winter collection, it’s time to decide on your list.

But if we seriously take up this matter, then it is worth considering the intricate options.

For example, white sweet cherry with lemon rinds or cinnamon apple with walnut quarters. The cherry itself is a laborious thing, but if you add a dozen more nucleoli extracted from its bones, both the taste and the aroma will be much richer.

And ahead there are watermelons, quinces and rowan, but this is a completely different season.

But now the princess — black currant.

It doesn’t matter whether you have to collect it or buy it on the market at your dacha.

Cook five minutes.

Buy good fresh bread and high-quality butter.

Invite friends and put a couple of currant and cherry leaves in the teapot.

How delightful evening in Russia…

Anna Aristarkhova:
“If we apply a well-known literary anecdote to my relationship with cooking, I’m not a Chukchi, that is, a reader, not a writer. I like to read about food more than cook it. I even like to eat more, but who doesn’t love this thing?

About what gazpacho is and how it is eaten, I happened to find out in the shaggy year 79 of the last century from the best women’s magazine I have ever read — Polish Uroda.

The famous sports commentator Tadeusz Olshansky, who describes his culinary journeys there, pointed out to me the main thing: gazpacho is not just a cold summer soup, it is a concept with an unlimited number of variations. Since then, the search for culinary conceptuality has become my main hobby.

No less exciting is to discover new technologies and new combinations of tastes, to understand the principles of their interaction and how the practical experience of many generations develops into a culinary culture. The subject of my many years of observation is the historiosophy and psychology of our relationship with food.

Mania and phobias. Tradition and experiment.

Trends and fashion. Something like this…»

Jam Recipes:

Berry Jam

Summer is in full swing, which means it’s time to make jam.

Remember that jam should not only be tasty, but also keep as many vitamins as possible, because they are.

See below.

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