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Fitness without a club: on the way!

Is there a shortage of time for sports? It is not necessary to go to the gym or spend precious minutes for morning exercises.

You can perform useful exercises on the way to work: in the car, bus or subway.

Who said that in a crowded cabin you can only look forward to stopping or dozing, if you happen to sit down?

Morning jogging for the departing bus, high-speed ascent run on the escalator, besides a considerable number of calories is consumed from feelings when we are late.

Complete the «training willy-nilly» with strength exercises — and a slender figure is provided for you.

For the «cubes» of the press
This exercise can be performed both sitting and standing, and almost imperceptibly to others. Straighten your shoulders, put your legs shoulder-width apart and draw your belly.

Hold this position for 2–3 seconds (you can gradually increase the time to 10 seconds).

Relax your abdominals.

Repeat the exercise the maximum number of times.

For the muscles of the arms and legs
In the standing position we hold on to the top rail on the bus or subway. Place your legs wider than your shoulders, slightly bending your knees for stability. During braking, before the next stop, move the weight of the body forward with the muscles of the legs and the press, as if restraining the movement of the body back by inertia.

You can imagine that you are standing on a snowboard or are struggling to keep on the surfboard.

The driver of the car is very limited in movement and, moreover, must keep the situation on the road under control. It is better to refrain from experiments while driving — safety is paramount!

But stopping in front of a traffic light or in a traffic jam, it is possible to do some simple exercises.

For the press
Looking straight ahead, not turning your head and keeping your shoulders motionless, try turning the body to the right and then to the left.

The movement should look exactly like an attempt — it is very important to carry it out correctly, only with the middle part of the body, as if something is stopping you.

Repeat the maximum number of times.

Thinker pose
With one hand hold the steering wheel and the other squeeze into a fist and support the chin.

Press down with effort, as if keeping your head down, in which case the muscles of the front of the neck are involved.

Change hands and repeat.

This exercise, by the way, will help preserve or correct the shape of the face no worse than modern cosmetics.

Passengers of the fast train have coupe, corridors and all vestibules.

And sometimes a few days of travel to keep fit.

On tiptoe
Without taking off the socks from the floor, knock the heels on the floor: separately right and left, and then two together. The exercise involved the muscles of the front of the leg and thighs. It will also help to establish blood circulation, if the legs are numb.

Change position: alternately with each leg, and then simultaneously stand on the heels, taking the socks off the floor.

Work the calf muscles.

Several hours to be spent in flight, you can spend on talking with fellow travelers, reading or sleeping.

And so that the muscles do not numb from the long sitting, do a few simple exercises.

Push ups
Put your legs shoulder-width apart, straighten your back, arms pressed to your body, put on the armrests.

Leaning on the socks, squeeze the chair. Repeat the maximum number of times.

Too easy?

Complicate the task, completely lifting the legs from the floor.

For abs and leg muscles
While sitting, hold the body straight, not leaning on the back of the chair.

Alternately, and then simultaneously lift your legs. Do the exercise slowly, try to linger at the top point, so that tension in the abdominal muscles can be felt.

Repeat the same movement, but do not lift your legs in front of you, but alternately right and left — your obliques are involved.

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